Mass Meditation 2.0 Schedule 🌍

In case anyone is concerned if the mass meditation field is still active on the vimeo, it is.


hello dream would it be possible to do the same thing by asking that the earth is and keeps the same temperature as in 1850

so that nothing changes and that our children can live there well.

would it be possible to think about it

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Hey man, this is the correct thread for such questions: Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

To answer it, yes it does directly and indirectly.

As we work with the field, we help our collective consciousness process things and evolve.
We assist humanity in its evolution and align our planet with its best timeline (woven world aspect).

It is widely recognized that we, as humans, are the main source of global warming.
By helping our collective level of consciousness raise, we will naturally be inclined as a civilization to make the necessary individual & collective actions in that regard.

(While we, as individuals, don’t have to wait to do so)


and I would like to contribute, even if my help will be very small

I love my planet and almost everyone
I can’t deal with all that I feel,
at times I have the impression of feeling, incredible things, that’s why I try, to be with happy people
I’m happy to help if you want

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