Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

Good morning everyone :sun_with_face:

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Can you please elaborate what this means?

The reason why I am asking is because I usually associate everything “past” as outdated and inefficient and everything that is “future” as possibly utopian and more efficient. The past is like something “we’ve already seen, boring and nothing to look back at”, but the future holds all the possibilities open…
That’s why I wonder what Blueprint of the Past means and why we would want any past state to be applied to the planet?


Blueprint of past like past is the now too

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This is a revision of the past.
Humans have caused a lot of harm to the planet, in fact we are the only species because of which the Earth is suffering. Therefore, it is this field that can heal the collective consciousness of people, and of course the Earth itself.
The purpose of this field here is to alchemically change the History* of our planet


Past and present/future are interconnected
You at the moment is the product of your past
We had this idea - We change Past, We change Present. Present changes Future
And it all lead to positive changed in the whole World


What about the Billions of humans who died because of viruses, bacteria and malaria?

I disagree that humans are the aggressors here.


Way faster than me :grin:

This part of the proposal has somewhat a dual approach @JAAJ:
(1) We fix the present and probable future, by aligning Earth with its best timeline and fixing what needs to be fixed with its highest geometry (and other things we may be unaware)
(2) we fix its collective consciousness, and more specifically the past that is weighing us right now.

But again, this part is important

We did suggestions only, then Captain created whatever is in the highest good to our planet.


No, no,
I didn’t mean that
The technological development of mankind in the 19th and 20th (21th of course too) centuries happened so quickly and without proper control that the planet is now facing many problems. Environmental pollution, the problem of global warming
But also about billions of people, this is life. Other species die too
Basically Blueprint of the Past helps in healing these problems too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yo if we are about to launch a cool debate though, let’s create another thread :grin:

Captain knows what it does, I only shared a couple of suggestions & ideas we had for him.

Let’s make this thread nice & clean, so people feel inspired to join this possible wave of positive change for Earth and ALL of its inhabitants.


My understanding is that in a physical universe, life forms and species always fight each other and compete for energy and resources. In some way or another.

Now with humans, we have this phase in our development, let’s say from the 18th Century up to the 23rd Century, where we are doing harm to the planet while at the same time quickly developing our survival technology from being harmful to being aligned with nature – until we then reach a stage where we live in synchronicity with nature.

So in a way, earth is “sick with humans” for 5 Centuries, which is a very short amount compare to the life span of a planet…

Okay, that’s it. I am finished :slight_smile:


Its all good man

it works fine and harmoniously

check it out


Captain just posted the mandala art work for the mass meditation on Patreon. Holy @#%#%#@@%%#… breathtaking! And not just the visual, also the energy!




the destruction of nature is at the root of Western civilisation since Gilgamesh cut down the ancients forests of Mesopotamia and everyone celebrated him as a hero. Ecological analfabetism started there. Ancient Romans cut down the ancient forests, the fertile lands eroded; they died of lead poisoning in Roman waterpipes. Just to show how ecologically total analfabets s the romans were. Our culture lost the connection to nature about 4000 yeatr ago Never too late to reconnect. I do not know if things were betterin som past, so to reinstall some past bluepriunt is meaninless to me I an afraid to say. We have to build up cinnection and a mind of cooperation, not exploitation, and connection tothe other living and non living beings. and the past can not be reinstalled, we have to create every moment anew and different.


Maoshan, @anon32464289, what do I do with the mandala?
Can I download it and just look at it or keep the image near my body/aura? Perhaps only while meditating? - It is a beautiful image.
Thank you so much, Captain Nemo and thank you all who have been involved in the creation of this project.


It’s Live! Let’s do this, For Earth and for all Life! :pray::heart::earth_americas:


It’s on indeed!

Still some work to do around scheduling, as this video will be available only 12h a day due to Vimeo restrictions.

But 12h a day is good after all…

For now, expect the livestream to be on from 6:15pm CET to 6:15am CET

Please refer to this tool to check how your timezone align with it: CET to Local Time Converter


For now, this is ours to discover.

You can always meditate with it, put it as a screensaver or print it and carry it with you.
Experiment and see how this goes for you :slight_smile:

Wearing the Sacred Flower used to be too much for me, we’ll see with this one.

I will personally meditate with it tonight, and I’ve put it as a wallpaper on my phone :raised_hands:


Idk if only western society suffers from this syndrome, the entire world or at least the vast majority has exploited Nature, especially since the industrialisation.
Humankind has been sick for ages, we need to heal as a collective, that way the Earth won’t be something to exploit, but a dear Mother for us all.

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The European industrialization was a result of a much older cultural pattern. It introduced the large scale use of fossil fuels , which caused the climate change, and the large-scale clear cults of ancients forest and large-scale mining. Via colonization, in 1938 Europe had controlled or still controlled 80 % of all land mass on the globe, the West imposed very effectively its capitalist economic model, with industrial large-scale way of producing and thinking as dominant, as superior in the entire world. The life style dream for the poor was and partly still is, to consume and behave like an American. The non -western cultures have not recovered from colonization, they still behave as if colonized I sometimes think. China and India seem to be as ecologically analfabets as the US. Not to speak about Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Read Jared Diamonds books and you can learn how various human societies all over the world and along history, non Western as well as Western, have made a mess of their relationship to natural environment and that disappeared as a result. But they did not dominate the globe and did not impose their style of production.
Climate change on a regional level occured already in the Antique, with forest clearcuts in Mesopotamia and Egypt turned the areas to deserts. Something early Christians already were trying to change. They considered Nature to be free of sin and holy ( like St Antonius in the desert, who became 105 years old) the later Christians, when their faith became the Roman empires state religion in its most militaristic phase, and forgot this ecological side of their tradition. Its almost forgotten until now. Its not only industrialization, its an entire pattern of ideas, values, attitudes and behaviors originating from severe ecological analfabetism, leading dominant elites to collective self-destructive behavior that some associate with the introduction of agriculture. It was then mankind started to dominate nature by breeding animals , keeping them captivated , the same with plants: captivate them, dominate them, control their breeding; . some antropologists idealize the hunter-gatherer societies as the last stage of humankind that was ecologically sound. i do not believe in trying to reverse time and go back to the past, i do not believe everything was perfekt or even better in the past. We have to reinvent ourselves.

the elites nows can not react effectively and can not even think the ecological crisis. They pretend it does not exist, because they cannot conceive that they are depend on the ecosystem , on small crabs in the ocean, bvacteria making oxygen, and trees with mushrooms and so on, and that they cannot control them. They either deny to get knowledge about this or believe they can " fix" the problem easily.
if a virus show s up the elites make vaccines and medication ( lousy but ok)- against the ecological crisis, they fail to act,are stil failing every day… even not trying.

I believe in ecological small scale and large scale agriculture, permaculture and food forests- and justice in distribution of goods, and greening all deserts- our only change to reverse the climate change, get CO2 out of the air again.“The soils will save us” Kristin Ohlson describes that plan. Water can we won out of Sahara humid air by hand made condensation towers and villages in the desert can grow food there and make soil. If there is nno war of course. IN war, nothing constructive is possible.

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