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Seeking to complete completely shake current scientific understanding

Masterwork Blueprint of Height works to ascend the height of an individual at an unprecedented rate. With what we have learned from the last two height boosters, this production will work to move your body towards the atmosphere at a rapidly. Height and frame benefits are included. Masterwork additions guarantee perfection and comfort Sapiens new techniques allow us to bring us something truly definitive. Using this, you will ascend to the your most masterful bone structure. You will become a new piece of living art.

Tailored to the individual in question, man or woman, its intelligent design will allow any individual to grow proportionally and quickly. Incorporating sleep benefits, the audio should be calm and able to be played overnight if desired. An audio of ambience and calmness will allow for the user not only to meditate, but rest overnight with the field active on their whole body, creating a physical masterpiece as one sleeps.

Treatment of scoliosis, postural perfection, symmetrical metamorphosis included

:statue_of_liberty: Move up a level to mastery, get this to Dream! :statue_of_liberty:

Audio and Mandala included. An ambient track will be used, either of rain or one similar to ego dissolution for easy looping while relaxing or sleeping


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Best of Luck with this project to You and to Everyone who needs it/results.


Se oye muy bien, estoy a favor, nose como funciona esto solo espero que sea accesible para todos (economicamente hablando).

Mi ingles no es perfecto asi que espero que no le moleste que hable en otro idioma


The project should be very cheap if I have a say in the price, group welfare is my welfare and not the dollar

El proyecto debería ser muy barato si tengo voz en el precio, el bienestar del grupo es mi bienestar y no el dólar


Muy bien hombre, gracias


Numero Uno Fren

I’m down for the idea, especially with what happened to skyscraper, I’m bumping this, wish you luck man.


bump. updates to description made, and pictures added


The votes didn’t show who voted. There’s a check option under polls to show voters. Anyways sign me up. Thanks

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Voter didn’t show but I would like to sign up for this.

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How do you add it

When u add poll look for options, then check show voters

I need it. :pray:

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Then spread the word around :heart_eyes:

We NEED more people, get @Dreamweaver IN! HERE!


COUNT ME IN…178 cms Hold My Beer :grin:

Love the idea. Would be great if it gets made🙏🏼

Need it. Interested

Definitely will be buying this if it gets released on gumroad!

What happened to skyscraper?