Memory was wiped?

So tonight I attempted to travel again as I’ve been on a daily. I’m getting closer and closer to where I literally feel myself moving like through some sort of tunnel.

This might not make sense it doesn’t make much sense to me either but I’m able to understand since it happened to me lol. I can’t remember much at all. All I remember is exactly this step by step.

1.) I was on the phone and decided to get off and attempt to travel. My partner wanted to go to the store first I said no give me an hour.
2.) I laid on my back and my partner grabbed my hand to hold to sleep and I said not to as I was attempting to travel.
3.) I remember feeling that insane energy again but this time it didn’t hit my body only my third eye and it grew painful but different type of pain I can’t explain.
4.) I focused harder and dug deeper and called onto my higher self like usual.
5.) I remember telling my partner that I thought I was finally going to travel that I felt like I was going through some tunnel and that I felt that pressure on my forehead again and that it was more intense and I saw these like colors. It was like there was a world in front of me about to be revealed like I could see it but I couldn’t. I don’t know how to explain that either lol.
6.) Now this is where my memory goes. I just remember blacking out and can just remember meeting people and I can remember everything was full of colors I don’t know how to explain it.

7.) My partner tried to wake me up multiple times and didn’t even budge. Usually I’ll wake instantly. When I finally woke up it was like I couldn’t if that makes sense. I got up I felt weak, I had this insane headache, It was hard to think, hard to walk, I felt like I was heavily sedated or something.

8.) I get these flashbacks and when I try to focus it goes away like I can’t even think like i can’t even explain it as I don’t even understand how its happening. I don’t understand how I can see this flashback but when I try to explain or look into it it just leaves my mind instantly.

What I’m asking for is 3 things.
1.) Has this happened to anybody else?
2.) How can I get this memory back and relive what happened?
3.) Obviously I’m sure there’s beings that don’t want us in the astral but is it possible for them to wipe our memories? I know there’s technology just don’t know all of what’s really there lol

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the weakness, headache and lack of coordination with the physical body may have been because you were waken up forcefully, suddenly, by your friend, from a very deep state of consciousness, and your subtle bodies weren’t aligned with your physical body.
The lack of memories, or weak, fleeing memories may be because you are not able, for the moment, to be fully conscious in the astral plane, as it happens a lot with dreams that cannot be remembered after waking up (astral plane also).
With practice and spiritual practice, one would become fully conscious in the astral plane and be able to be aware of the “surroundings” and control the “traveling”.

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