Moldavite tag

Had a similar heart pain experience with the moldavite energy video on the dreamseeds channel. Glad someone else can confirm this


Nothing changed for me with BPIL externally, it also happens.

You had a moldavite anyway, so maybe some uprooting/rearrangement already happened through the time you’ve had it :)

I think I would in the next round if possible… though the stone is so beautiful, especially when made into jewellery, it’s my favourite colour! It’s like an even nicer share of green than emerald :sweat_smile:


Getting this tag on Monday and I’m so excited!! Hopefully it doesn’t turn my life upside down.


Hopefully! That’s the reason I got chose not to get it the other day. I had heard some people’s lives changed drastically, and I wouldn’t dare risk losing loved ones. I got two BPIL tags instead, one for me and one for my mother.


Definitely probably good to pair this with nullify and amplify astrological energies.

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Oh I can understand. There was a period of time where things were completely upside for me. My life has had always presented challenges to overcome but at the particular time I was playing the Moldavia’s frequencies but life changed drastically. My boyfriend and I went from planning our future/wedding etc to him becoming very confused and saying he loves be but no longer sees a future with me. He said he didn’t know why and he was crying over it and was really messed up to the point he saw a shrink. We both love each other and were/are very happy but he suddenly switched. My son became very distant and indifferent to his girlfriend and broke up with her. They since are back together (took 1 year, and many tears) and I am with my boyfriend and we are once again speaking of future. I can’t recall exactly how long I used ut for, but it wasn’t that long- maybe about 1-2 months. I’m not blaming Moldavite on this, but that was the only thing different I was doing at the time.
Anyway- after I looked through moldavite testimonials etc., I saw that others had intense experiences as well. So it’s not just you- energy is real.
The way I approach things now, If something feels light and good then use it, if not then stop. I love DW’s frequencies and I so blessed to found his site.


Is Moldavite so powerful? I’m not talking about the tag, but the stone itself. I bought a small piece a decade ago. To be honest, I just liked how it looks, I’ve always fond of tektites, and moldavite has a distinct green hue that particularly appeals to me.
I don’t think I ever took the stone with me for a long time, I just kept it in my drawer. And nothing dramatic happened of course. :joy:

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Different people react differently to the stone (just like with all stones) according to their abilities, practices and skills.

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Navagraha Homam →
Moldavite →
Crucible →

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This is one of my favorite tags because of the one particular reason, it has its ‘own’ mind. This is undoubtedly true. I heard about its effects and its uniqueness before, but only after experience I realized its potential. I mentioned somewhere it is an ultra powerful ascension tag in the initial days, I even don’t know why I said back then. But, I feel its true after ~6 months.

First month was crazy in the way that It let u make to different kind of decisions to take u to fast track ascension. There were conflicts with my boss at the work place and lot of crazy things happened. I wanted to quit but didn’t take that step yet, even today it says to quit …lol;
After some crazy ride, even thought to keep it away for a couple of weeks. But intuitively couldn’t stay long(a day or 2) without its presence on me. My higher self was doing riot’s inside like I need Molavite, I need Moldavite…lol !
Later I talked with it as if it’s listening, made an agreement, that we need to work as a team and progress step-by-step…and it responded well after that. The things were falling in place.
Almost all pendants, the most advanced powerful ones too I get accustomed to it in a week or 2. But this one always nudge me with its presence at the heart chakra.
My experience overall - Moldavite is like having another mind with u, talks with u, dominates u mostly :stuck_out_tongue: ,it take care of u, makes heart chakra ever clearing and expanding with peace and happiness. It makes you enjoy life to the fullest, upgraded my energy sensitivity, live with ease and bring good luck. No doubt, it is truly an extraterrestrial crystal.

Personally, I treat moldavite as my friend! I am loving it!

Thanks Captain for bringing this masterpiece as limited editions and Moldavite deserve that special category in tags.


My moldavite tag disappeared…I was a bit bummed because I’d never lost tag before, and esp this limited edition tag. Looked high and low for it, while looking for it, I came across a large physical moldavite piece I’d lost many years ago. :grinning:…but still very potent. I have found wearing both the physical and tag packs a punch!..Anyway, I had about given up on the tag ever returning to me…when fast foward to yesterday, and the tag showed back up, in an area that I rarely ever go. I am the only one in my household, and no pets either. How it got there, I still don’t know…but just glad it’s back!


Someone told me moldavites are like cats, he might have been very right about that


mines hanging outside my windows right now tho :man_shrugging:

gotta get some sunshine :sun_with_face:


The cat? Or the moldavite :sweat_smile:


maybe both :eyes:


the moldavite of course

don’t have a cat yet :pensive:



Anyone has an update?
@Ryan_Ray have you been using the tag?


I honestly have not worn the tag in quite a long while, though I still very much love it. Now that you mention it I may start wearing it again


I received the tag~3 days ago.

I immediately put it on and went out to a party, it was an interesting experience :sweat_smile: I felt floaty and definitely needed grounding after a few hours.
Some.of my friends asked me if I was okay as I didn’t seem so “present”.
So I’ve been making it a point to use grounding more.

I sleep more since Ive been wearing the tag.

I also have a buzzing sensation in different parts of my body, specifically in my right leg often.

Something notable is that since I’ve had the tag, the sensation of both my body and time have been different.
While doing asanas (2x a day, so a handful of practices), I keep feeling feeling like my body is not aligned. I open my eyes to see that my hands are in fact perfectly aligned as they should be, but e.g. it FEELS like one hand is 20-30cm in front of the other.
This keeps happening in different postures in different ways.

Time itself is also a bit strange, occasionally it feels extremely fast, and other times very slow, like… “I can’t believe it’s only been 30 seconds, it I should be done with the 3 minutes of this by now!”


A few months ago I had the brilliant idea to start wearing this tag all the time.

I thought I was ready, I thought I was balanced.
Oh boy.
Besides the intense flushes, after a week or two of wearing the tag, suddenly my internal world turned upside down. It literally happened from one day to another.
A few things happened in the outside world that were like the spark that ignited the fire - but the whole turmoil was rather an internal one.

The things I suppressed and didn’t want to face came out all at the same time. It was like my mind was set into max gear. All my issues, traumas and insecurities laid bare in front of me and there was nowhere to turn away and no way to push them back down. Thankfully I had the tools to deal with what was coming up, and eventually I got things into order again.

So… I guess my situation is a little less forceful vs extreme change in external circumstances, but… this tag is not to be taken lightly.