New Release: Khǽrnips The Holy Cleansing Water

Khǽrnips The Holy Cleansing Water

Khǽrnips - (Chernips or Lustral Water, χέρνιψ. Etym. χείρ, “the hand” + νίπτω, “I wash.”)

Hǽrnips is clean, symbolically pure water from which to wash ones hands before ritual or entering a temple. Traditionally, hǽrnips is spring water or ocean water.

φιγένεια: First I would cleanse them with ablutions pure.

Θόας: In fountain waters, or the ocean wave?

φιγένεια: All man’s pollutions doth the salt sea cleanse.

Ocean water contains salt, which in itself is purifying , and which symbolizes the Fire-Aithír (πρ αθήρ).

Hǽrnips is placed near the altar in a vessel called a hærniveion (chernibeion, χερνβεον) or an ydrána (hydrana, ὑδράνᾱ). Sometimes hǽrnips is sprinkled with a wisp (aspergillum) called a pærirrandírion (perirrantêrion, περιρραντήριον), to purify or dedicate something or someone.


Using hǽrnips is symbolic of the Aithír or Water washing away míasma (μίασμα), pollution. Its use may seem similar to the basin of holy water found near the door of Catholic churches, but khǽrnips represents ritual cleansing, whereas the Christian holy water has more of a connotation of a blessing. In our tradition, the use of hǽrnips is the general means of simple purification: katharmós (καθαρμός). The ritual of washing hands is mostly symbolic; it is indicative of a change in attitude, as expounded in the oft-quoted phrase engraved over the entrance to the sanctuary of Asklîpiós (Asklêpios, Ἀσκληπιός) at Æpídavros (Epidaurus, Επίδαυρος):

"Into an odorous temple, he who goes

Should pure and holy be; but to be wise

In what to sanctity pertains, is to be pure."


(made exactly to reflect the properties of this, but it has also been enhanced in functions and properties)

This will work on charging whatever fluids with the power and energy of the above mentioned, even enhanced to be a little more defined in structure that the original.

Use as much as needed, simply play the audio with whatever fluid you wish the charge around the sound itself.



This is going to be valuable, perhaps the most versatile one among these new releases. Just guessing, not in the spot to buy and try this yet.

This litany of water series. very refreshing.



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Our 15% off Holiday Coupon is still good! I have been enjoying that!


Very good to take a bath with. I want to have a jakusi or a swimming pool for that.


I never really believed that the cosmetic products of today are bad for ya…until i placed my smartphone playing that audio behind the curtains on my bathtub, started showering and than used one of my body lotions (cheep stuff). The smell and feel from it was emediately changed. I was shoked…after i took the shower i used the black stone shield with the crystal charger…


I am wondering if any of these water chargers would purify toxic chemicals. I’m thinking about the poisoned water supply in East Palestine, Ohio that could potentially even lead to the Mississippi. This is a big problem… but I digress. I don’t want to tag Dream or Sammy right now, but if either of you see this, please do let us know.


Maybe we can do an experiment with a test reagent.


I had to look up what that was. Yea if anyone has one that lives in Ohio that would be great. LOL.

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Just got this! Extremely purification and relaxation. I can’t wait to take a bath with this!


Does this help in cleaning aura of clothes and objects?

if you would put a phone infront of washing mashine yes

for objects more so burnt sage audio.

@Dr_Manhattan hi, can you help me in figuring out if any water charger audio could help clean aura of clothes and objects? I have used sage and salt, physical salt and the audio too, doesnt help.

Hi @Assay!
Glad Welcome

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Hi, saw Dr. Manhattan is on a break. Can you answer my question? Or should i wait for him?