New Release: Mercury

"The following fields are included in this easy listening 2 minute track:

The highest vibration of OM BUDDHAYA NAMAH vibrated throughout your being
1st Pentacle of Mercury Full Reiki Empowerment
2nd Pentacle of Mercury Full Reiki Empowerment
3rd Pentacle of Mercury Full Reiki Empowerment
4th Pentacle of Mercury Full Reiki Empowerment
5th Pentacle of Mercury Full Reiki Empowerment
Angels of Mercury
Alchemical Mercury
Planetary Consciousness of Mercury
Orbital Frequency of Mercury (141.27hz)
Emerald Ethereal Crystal Reiki Full Reiki Empowerment

Works primarily for the buyer, can be used on anyone remotely using my other “Full Reiki Empowerment” instructions."


Personal reports: small Mercury Retrograde things happening, but I’m getting through them pretty well. (Example, yesterday afternoon I took my roommate to work and drove her car for gig work. I immediately got the highest-paying offer I’ve ever seen from Spark, accepted it, and it didn’t show up, so I accepted an excellent Instacart run with a $10 tip. While on the run I was informed by Spark that I was going to be late for the order it hadn’t let me accept, so I had to cancel it. Still had back to back Instacart deliveries with a $10 and $9 tip, respectively).

Then last night I got a notification that I had 50 free spins at Brango Casino, so I played 'em. Just withdrew $100.47 in bitcoin. Zero investment, and the free spins were $0.30 each at a 10x playthrough.

I’ve been planning something like this for a while, and am excited to see where it goes from here!


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Note that the angels of Mercury include the Archangel Seraphiel, the Archangel of the purifying fire of God.

Approved on ES Marketplace, link has been updated accordingly.

Note that this can be experienced by purchasing the Field Integration Service, even if you do not own it.

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Update: I have added this in a water charger version to my Ko-Fi for Supporters ($11.11/mo and up).

Wednesday I will be doing a Solomonic Mercury ritual to empower this field. Anyone who purchases it between now and then or has done so already can send me a pic to be included in the working.

Was it this one?

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Pretty sure.

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