NFTs missing from my phantom wallet

Most of my NFTs are missing from my phantom wallet which is attached to my chrome browswer on my mac.

Not sure if someone hacked into my wallet and stole them.

Does that mean I lose ownership of the NFTs and they no longer work for me?

Not sure but it works with your subconscious I think. So maybe it recognizes that you didn’t willingly let go of the ownership and they still work because of that. You may not be able to sell them anymore or trade but they could still work. Maybe someone like sammy or captain himself can clarify that

Thanks Thomas for your response.
That’s what I am hoping.

Will wait for sammy or Captain to verify.

My biggest fear with NFTs too. Dissapearing from wallet. Phantom closing down one day. Chain getting hacked.
Not even cold ledgers give me peace of mind since they also use an app that can close down, and the device can get wrecked. They also cost a lot.
Atleast with patreon/gumroad/teespring fields I have backups on dropbox, onedrive, google drive, usbs, and external hdds.

You can add your wallet adress to the end of this link and to see if it’s there or it’s just a visual glitch
Hope you get them back.


After spending half an hour figuring it out, I realised my NFTs are still around. They are just hidden.

Gave me quite a big scare.

Thanks Bultar for your response.


Perhaps you can share here details of where (and perhaps, how) they were hidden, so that forum friends in the future don’t have to live your full half-hour of panic.

I could only see 5 NFTs initially. But when I clicked on the top left NFT, it expanded to show 16 NFTs. It was like the top left NFT thumbnail acted more like a folder than a file. Not sure if you can visualise what I am saying.


I have that as well lol

some nfts go into that folder and some dont

I’m sure anyone who’s looking at what you were looking at will be helped by what you’re saying. Thank you.

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I just noticed that again one more of my nft is missing first was Cosmic intercession and today Yautja.

Can anyone help me please !!!

I noticed awhile back that there is a hidden section that can be accessed at the bottom of the app window. Check there first.

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@Rosechalice Yes yes , I just discovered that is in hidden section just now .

Thank you