Payment with PayPal declined

Originally my credit card can use paypal

Unable to use PayPal the next day, payments keep getting declined

I tried to remove the card in the link, it can’t be linked

I asked the customer service staff of the credit card and they said there is no problem.

Has anyone had the same situation?

Have you tried paying as a guest?


Not yet, I’ll try and see

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When your card declined in PayPal, don’t keep trying, as the transactions will be put on hold for some time.

Just logout from the session and try again after some time; you can also try from another browser or device.


no problem! Thank you :relaxed:

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Thanks, I just tried the visitor and it works :relaxed:


Hm, I made a purchase (BoL - $214.11 Cyberweek (Thanks!) $171.29) on Sapien Shop today, cart out via Paypal credit card option.

I didn’t receive any email for my purchase nor see the item in my account.
Is the transaction successful (wait for pre-authorised amt to be cleared?) or should I repurchase this?

@Hermes : Hey, i’d figure you would need to wait a bit?

I would not repurchase. BoL is also not limited in supply afaik . So wait a bit on your creditcard company.


Thank you for the links.

My first time with sapien shop though I had a few from Gumroad.
It’s confusing as it’s usually instant purchase rather than preauthorised amt, this should also show up in purchase history with pending payment status, file accessible after clearance or something.

Now I assume it went thru, and it’ll be done once merchant completes the payment?

@SammyG yes? :grimacing:

Usually goes through when it’s pending status. No worries.