Plasma flower experiment

Hello and greetings to all of you forum members and also people how do not have accounts wherever you are on this planet!

I would like to suggest and experiment where we all synchronize the use of the field: Plasma flower node connector.

I imagine and hope to gather many if not all here into this.

It will look so:

From your homes/jobs at a very low volume you will play this audio for exactly 40 minutes on loop at exactly 17:00 GMT starting Monday 11.03.2022. Please repeat this every day until 11.04.2023.

the people excluded from this are those already looping this field 24/7. the can please continue doing so :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am grateful for any cooperation and support on this and will write here and await your results here in exactly one year after 11.04.2022. Before this time is expired i wont write here anymore.

Take care and thank you to all who would like to be involved in this!

@Dreamweaver , @SammyG , @Desiree , @Rosechalice, @LunaMoon2 , @WellBeing , @Maoshan_Wanderer thank ou for your support. this is a heads up that this project exists.


Already looping. Great idea.


I see you looking at old things with new eyes and ideas.
Very nice.



Thank you dear Captain!

And thank you all for your contribution!


Epic man.

What are your expectations of outcome? Things you’d like to measure? :)


The only thing in my mind is the efford of me and all of you folks in a particular time of the day. The field we are working with is created with this intend. i synchronise the wave sort of speak. As of results from it i fathom all the participants in this would see for themselves what happens and also the idea is not to publish any results and only work on it for a whole year.

Then all who participated will be most welcome to share any and everything that happened or not during this time and i will then contue or discontue this experiment after seeing what ha come of it.

main goal is synchronicity. it is not expensive, it draws focus. it is also non dual really.


i don`t have this field but i have the tag The Sacred Flower. would this still work if i play the patreon plasma flower field?


please use the sacred flower tag at the said time for the same amount of minutes i wrote above. it is enough. Thank you very much!

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Any observations to share? I found out about this just now.

well the project was until 04.2023. it worked great for its time and i am still very grateful for the community support i got.

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