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Hey I need little help so I am type 1 diabetic and I’ve been using sapien weight loss series (I’ve been using my own made subliminals too) but I haven’t lost any weight with diet too so I asked sapien on YouTube and he said try diabetes field and I combined all them together and I still haven’t gotten any results neither from fields neither from subliminal. I guess it’s because of Diabetes? Please help me tell me what should I use to lose weight


Hey, welcome !

You can start use this kind of stack :

  • Subconcious limits removal
  • Ego dissolution
  • Diabetes Type I and II Treatment
  • Transform Fat to Stem Cells

You can also read this :

Fields can taking time for working, and it’s also better to continue your diet for losing weight during listening fields. For phisical fields, it’s better to not use a lot. Less is better. And also, it’s better to listen every day the fields, especially the phisical ones.


Maybe the workout fields?
Automated cardio for example but besides fields actual working out would help too

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I do workout

I’ve tried all of these , nowadays I am feeling bit weak so I am not focusing on diet I’ll try doing whenever I’ll feel better but for fields I’ve tried using all of them

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Thank you :)

The thyroid audio might help. An under active thyroid could trigger weight gain and tiredness (ofc it could be something else.) Go with recommendations (2-3 times a day) and may get lucky. In any case, the field is easily felt and a good for general health.

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It’s on Gumroad if you could buy it!

Thank you so much for suggestions I don’t have thyroid because having Diabetes I get checked often so that’s not the case

Research Valter Longo. He known for Fast Mimicking Diet research, which can be very good for diabetes.

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I am so sorry I wasn’t aware. I apologize for my mistake.

What happened?


You wrote “I am so sorry I wasn’t aware. I apologize for my mistake.”

So I wondered what happened!

Yeah actually I asked If they have that paid field so they said I should delete my comment because you can’t ask for fields here so that’s why . I didn’t asked intentionally I mean it wasn’t my aim

Oh I haven’t tried these I’ll start from today . May I ask if it’s ok to use earphones?

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Have you tried adding Pancreas regeneration to Diabetes type 1 and 2 treatment?

If I remember correctly this combination was mentioned as effective in weight loss.

It’s Available to purchase on the Gumroad website I linked previously.

Yeah I did it didn’t helped