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I am sorry to do this, but i have read many posts on this before asking this, but i am still unfortunately a bit confused.

Is anyone able to tell me what constitutes the latest Point of no return stack? I have followed what some posts recommended but i feel like i was getting better results in some ways when i had a much less educated set of tracks.

Now ive compiled a playlist that goes

Amygadala healing
Internal alchemal crucible
Nullify negatice planetary effects
Subconscious limits
Gratitude and abundance
Depression be gone
Become more kind and patient
Amplify positive planetary effects

Im having some lovely effects but i have this intuitive feeling that if this was fine tuned or i had some advice and maybe one or two added or cut, it could be absolutely amazing.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

With love



Then go with what you feel. That’s always the best way.

The posted stacks are the ones that have been created for “most” people who might be going through that PONR. However, you might be going through that experience in your own way, with your causes, and you know best for you. So, do that.

It might be helpful for us, if you were to share with us your thinking behind your unconventional ordering for your fields, so that our “thoughts” can take your thinking into account.

That’s really all that matters.

“Fine tuned” in what way?

Here’s the thing. You’ve sort of asked this question a few times before (that’s all right) and now you’re here acknowledging that, saying,

“Look, I know I’ve asked this before and I’ve read the different threads. And having done that, I, for my own (undisclosed) reasons, have decided on my different approach (Aside: and all of that is all right). And I’m having some lovely results. (Aside: Yay!) But now I’ma ask you all to fine tune my independent thinking.”

Don’t you want to join me in saying, “Huh?” Especially when you’re not telling us anything behind what a successful or satisfying “fine tuning” would be like for you. You’ve done that dance with us. You’ve gotten our answers. You’ve done your research. And, more importantly, you’ve listened to your own needs, preferences and guidance and come up with your own unique creation that IS working for you! Don’t make “perfect” the enemy of “good enough.”


Thankyou… youve reminded me to trust my instincts here… amazing thankyou.

The only question that this leads me to is when you said i had arranged them in a strange order or sequence, is there a rule for what type goes best… maybe the ones for removing negative at the start and the ones that amplify the positive at the end of the stack?

Or is there more science behind it?

Thankyou once again friend :heartbeat:

With a smile


That was my intention. I’m glad you found that helpful.

No rule, no. There are very few “rules” when it comes to morphic fields.

However, since you’ve looked at the various stacks with that name on this forum, in your analysis, you may have found that they’ve followed a certain consistent order.

ETA: If you’re wanting to know more about creating your own great stacks:

Awww i absolutely love this forum

Thankyou so much… ill look into this :slight_smile:

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In my opinion the basic PONR with a few tweaks is the best. As others have stated, its best to choose what’s best for you. I decided to start listening to the PONR again with few other fields of my choice so this is how it goes:

Aura clearing
Exorcism (for the first week)
Ego dissolution
Subconscious blockage removal
Love, gratitude, appreciation
Depression the relief
Amygdala healing
Trauma release and healing
Internal alchemical crucible
New perspectives

From my experience, it is a matter of observation of yourself and how you feel with certain fields. I for example have noticed that listening to depression the relief a few good times gives me the feeling of hope and happiness so i want to stick to it once again (cause I keep dropping the field when I start feeling better). Mental health album fields are also amazing so I’d recommend generally to listen to them for a while, maybe after the PONR stack.

As of your stack, I’d personally drop the amplify positive planetary effects and become more kind and patient person. But that’s just my opinion. Also someone, in another topic have shared their experience with basic PONR and they said they’re more loving and their relationships with others have improved just from listening to the stack consistently.

Lastly, the amount of repetition of fields also depends on you. Sometimes listening to the shorter fields like Love, Gratitude, appreciation 5, 10 times works better for me than 3 times.

Sorry for the long post but felt like all of this wad important. Hope it helps, and good luck :blush::four_leaf_clover: