Private FB Group

If you are a fan of my work, PM me @ for access to a private Facebook group where I answer questions and share ideas, post betas and pre-orders, and offer special discounts and otherwise unreleased products. Some things I prefer not to post publicly, and some I prefer not to spam the forums/groups I’m in. It’s free (it only requires that you adhere to the no drama rules), and I highly recommend it. And if you’re a fan of Sapien, then I can share that many of my tools are augmented by no fewer than 8 Sapien servitors full-time.


Why you post on some other creator’s form then ….
It does not look classy… sapien doesn’t do same on yours……

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There’s a classifieds section for a reason, and very little overlap between our products. I have nothing but respect for Sapien and the team and have referred many people to Sapien products.