Reality Transurfing - A Touch of the Gods

Transurfing is an innovative and powerful technique that offers you the necessary tools to manage your destination to your liking. It is not about performing miracles, but about understanding that reality is much more amazing than any fantasy.

Thanks to his fast-paced style in this series, Zeland guides the reader through his daily experiences to reveal a totally new way of interpreting them. The world in which we live is by nature varied and multiform and has a metaphysical structure that encompasses the past, present and future at the same time. Discovering and knowing in depth the space of the variants helps to understand that there are no limits to the possible outcomes of an event.

How to behave then in this world of infinite possibilities? According to the Transurfing proposal, the best way to live is surfing reality exactly as in the sport of surfing you do with the waves.

The transurfer is the person who manages to glide effortlessly between the waves of everyday life and rides life with lightness and mastery (without ever drowning). Free from the bonds of dependency and self-assured, the transferer does not give too much importance to events, which never really influence him. Careful not to waste his energy uselessly, the transfer surfer prefers to be a spectator rather than an actor, and consciously assumes a more detached, relaxed, and objective perspective on life.

This mandala will keep you centered and alert of the present, so you can surf the lucky waves.