Recommendations for fields to help become a better therapist

I am looking at improving my communication skills as I work with people in a therapy and I would love to understand them on a deeper level so we can work better together.

I am listening to Manhattan Method, Conceptual realizations, A key to Babel to help with this so far.

Are there any other fields that would help?
I am thinking of getting the Conceptual conglomerate, but after that I am unsure as to what would work best.

Any recommendations will be gratefully received :pray:


Recommend the paid feel, “Welcomed”, will help your clients feel comfortable in your environment, which will help you learn more about them since they will be more inclined to open up to you.


The self realization series

Mind settings album too

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I think those fields are already great.

I’d add something love-based. And play angelic intercession in the background. Ask them for help and guidance and the best possible outcome, and then keep looping.

I mean…if I were a client, and since I’m aware of fields, I’d love to know angels are there with us. That would definitely help. They also bring peace and burn negativity so trust is almost guaranteed, but a succesful session too.

If they respond negatively to angels AND love…then you may need to use the psychic, conceptual, brain fields more.

I’d also like to know what powers you have if you can help people that react negatively to that…cause those would be really tough cases…

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I would try the revision fields. Most are free, and I would think that they would help you fill in some gaps so that you’re not weighed down by your issues (not saying they are numerous or debilitating, but most people have some).

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I believe blueprint of psychic mastery is a good one.

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For your safety.
Aura deep cleanse before your playlist to shake off burden and emotions of patients ,clients and in terms of revision of Your mental health after taking care of emotions of others ( sometimes heavy) Personal mental and emotional suppoter from gumroad .

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Higher self connection
Way of integrity
And Heart healer.

Possibly Become kinder field , as that is just magical field.


Wow thank you everyone for the amazing suggestions and advice. It is deeply appreciated :pray:

I had been thinking along the lines of my own brain/communication development fields but these recommendations are far better than that so thank you.

You have helped me to see how I can connect better with my clients by using the fields for their support and to feel welcomed and loved as opposed to just using them on myself.
I am excited to start using these suggestions in my practice :hugs:

Yes I agree this would be beautiful to know, plus as you said it will be a way to see if someone is responding negatively to this type of energy and then I will have to work using a different approach. Thanks for your suggestions.

Thank you for this recommendation. I will definitely get this and I have the Personal mental and emotional supported so I will use that one also.

I will check this out as it sounds lovely thank you.

I have some research to do now on all of the amazing recommendations. Thank you everyone for your help :dizzy:

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