Regulate Hormones (Reduce Testosterone and DHT)

This works towards reducing the production and buildup of male hormones in your body.
It directly tries to stop testosterone production and also will suppress all 3 types of 5α-Reductase.
Use once or twice a day, For both male and female use.

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hi, i was wondering, can i used it with a testosterone booster if i only want to reduce my dht levels ?
And will it regulate my DHT level on it own or should i test my DHT rates before using it ?

This shit is good for when you doing semen retention.

Seriously? Doesn’t it feminize you?

Not really.
On semen retention your body will find its own healthy hormonal balance, i.e. bring it back to how it is supposed to be for you as a man.
Using this field as a man without a medical requirement will simply fuck up your hormonal balance.

I got plenty plenty testosterone. Some days I blackout and get tunnel vision like a hunter and my neck even gets stiff. Women chat me up and flirt.

I play this field to NORMALIZE me. Just ONE listen. And then microcosmic volt 6x.

This works for the hulk that’s in us.

Yes it does, read my above comment.

Okay, I see.

And did you also do a testosterone test with a doctor?
I am asking because there is a difference between testosterone levels that are way beyond healthy levels versus the subjective feeling of having “too much” and not being able handling it. And in most cases, from my experience, only an actual test will tell which one of these is the case.


No, haven’t thought of doing that. I just know this fixes me.
Also, I thought it just takes off the excess and that it didn’t go deep.

Unless a doctor confirms that it is really an excess, you should be very careful.
If you were not on semen retention in the past but are so now, it might simply be that you first need to learn to live with the high testostorene level of a naturally healthy male.

The biggest effects of semen retention does not come from increased testosterone though but from an overabundance of Jing and Chi. The testosterone acts like a filter so that you express the Jing and Chi through a male perspective.

If you have an abundance of Jing and Chi and you reduce your testosterone, what may happen is that you simply reduce the male expression part of those energies, but the energies are still there. I recommend you observe yourself and whether your symptoms come from an uncirculated excess of Jing and Chi or from actually too high testosterone levels.

I know you mentioned the Microcosmic Orbit field, for me personally after day 3 on semen retention it does not really help any further. That energy needs to be proactivally circulated and used.

Also Mana Circtuits field for cleaning and expanding your meridians will help in circulating more Chi through you before it gets “too much”.

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Thank you for thoroughly explaining this to me. I will move accordingly now.

It tends to mostly happen after working out or being in high stimulu environments (I am a musician) so it tends to trigger those sort of effects on me.

But you’re right on the money, I’ll approach it differently.

How crazy bro, just don’t hurt yourself. 🤷🏻

:skull: I’m super fine BTW!