Remove Unconscious Clutter - Sapien Medicine

Great field, I tried a couple hours ago and I feel peaceful.

I am pretty sure this will become a must have and will get recommends to everyone in a new Point of no return stack.


First of all beat is :bomb::bomb::bomb:. DESNA knows how to make a pure :fire:

One loop and negative self talk is minimised or even if I intentionally try bringing it up, it holds no weight over me🙏.

I am noticing way more carefree attitude in the aftermath of playing this.

Just imagine how cool it would be if DESNA joined the forum, I am certain we would welcome her with open arms❤️

This is the best birthday gift you could have given us our dear Captain, thank you for always being humble, loving and patient with us🤗


That’s not the one but it is really good. Thank you for posting it.


Higher Self Connection in the mix somewhere?

(This field is quite intense for me already at 3rd listen… ego already fighting

Third eye, brow chakras, crown?)


For sure, a few loops before HSC will help declutter the mind and help you focus more in the moment with your higher self so you’ll have better communion and it will make space for unconscious integration of whatever your higher self want you to integrate while you’re listening


To be honest, feels like this field would pair up better with something that makes space for what you are trying to integrate before you start to make neural connections or conscious behavioral changes etc.

I haven’t listened past the listens earlier today but I already have the ‘clutter’ making itself very known.

So 1-2 fields of your choice that sense to be ‘spacious’ will possibly be a great addition.


Do you mean by that adding some personnality fields?

We’ll be happy if you give us examples of what fields can be added to this one and for what purpose.


I’d like to hear this if you find it. A key piece for sure.

And Dream… thanks so much for helping me/us to detangle our networks. I’ve been desiring something like this for a while

And Desna… :fire: again

And lol @Desiree agreed and I thought the same thing. Already feeling space from this and an expansion of that would be nice. The crucible maybe? I don’t have mental crucible but that sounds ideal


Somebody get Desna on the damn forum :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Kudos to dream and her :100::100:


Yes the space is lighter too! And it keeps on expanding from there on its own, but I feel if we leave this space to act on its own without working much with it-- it can be an explosion! :D

The clutter now has more space to go through! and I want it just outta here!

I think mental crucible is ideal too, but I feel it follows a very similar direction as well; mental crucible can make things float to the surface; while ‘crucibled’, they have a chance of being in the air!

That’s why the fields will be totally something different for everyone! For me, it feels like a field that neutralizes will be incredible! Something like the environmental energy accumulator followed right away by the outlook retrainer. Something like the mana circuits; the energies of the mana/water will cleanse everything away.
Coming to my mind now the five elements balanced actually.

I always use Reiki field as a space maker, a space where the energy has more medium to go through.

rearrangement; a vastu homam always does that for me. it puts everything where it needs to be.

It’s what interacts best to you at the moment while creates a space and a medium for the energy to travel through into the better counterpart. For me, right now, it’s definitely the energy accumulator with the outlook retrainer. Can’t leave the chaos hanging for too long! :D


Remove Unconscious Clutter => Crucible of Mental Space => Memories of Joy = Goosebumps


This really mellows me out

I added it to my clearing/new perspectives stack and wow

I don’t think I could whip out sass if I wanted to

Might be helpful for the peeps concerned about aggression etc

I know that question has popped up in a couple of threads


Hi, I think that the ‘Your self love’ field would be a good complement to this audio and would work synergistically in cases of self-sabotage. If you love yourself, you are less likely to want to sabotage yourself. I think that another one that would accompany well would be something to strengthen self deservingness though I don’t know if there is any field for that.


a word of caution here, a lot will surface especially for those adventurers who believe in looping this one. A lot of BS of the past, negative self talk, self defeating assumptions, subtle self sabotage parts of routine will be made known to you by yourself, so drink water, take some rest and please please acknowledge any and all crap that you comes in you and release it immediately. For release you can try any release audio of dream or maybe spirituality zone has a hopononnono file but regardless engage in a physical real process to actually acknowledge and release.
And yes fill your brain with positive activities(not just fields or subliminal messages) for good to make over that space, your ego wont let you have that space vacant, so be resolute in this.
It’ll suck probably and headaches will pursue but post the purge it ought to get better.
This is what ive observed so far so let me know how it goes.


Pairing this with the Silent Mind would also be a good idea I guess


This field is wow, thank you for that gift Dream :pray:

I’ve joined a meditation retreat a few days ago, and the first 24-48h were unexpectedly unpleasant.

A couple of loop of this + deep brain magnetic stimulation + the mindfulness field and my mind has already gone through a very noticeable upgrade (much more peace & depth).

I’m actually looking forward to the next formal meditations now.


Idk if it’d because of this cause I listen to a lot of fields. (Guilty, I’ll cut down soon)

But today I finished an important official task I’d kept pending since a fortnight. I feel very clear headed.


Thank you, Captain, for another awesome field!
It’s okay to listen to this one after other fields, right?


Sure. Why not?


I was asking because I listen to many fields (well, not a hundred :joy:) and perhaps could be considered like a sort of mental/unconscious cluster as well (?) …

Wow, that’s a great way to explain things!