Revitalized Drink Charger

My biggest complaint with this product is that I only have one.:triumph::joy:

I like to fill it up before bed and have the water charge overnight, and that has me all set for my morning intake. The Elements one is on the way and I plan to have that as my afternoon drink.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m definitely getting more when the shop reopens.


Awesome report, and very nice gesture!


The mug’s finnalyyy in the house. Have to wait for this for over 3 months due to Covid 19 but I’m soo grateful that it’s arrived without any damage :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m gonna drink the eff out of this :joy: :joy: :joy:


I know I do!!! :sparkling_heart: :partying_face:


Hey, do you have any advice about how to clean the lid?

Can you apply the discount code to the cups?




Just ordered this. Looking forward to it.
Thanks Cap!


For those who want to improve their health in the long run, this is really good,

It’s not like in two month you will change your playlist because you will play another audio,

Normally you drink water every day, and several liters by day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So everyday you will drink some plasma,some stem cells and some infrared light

I have this one since nearly three months and I had detox the first week but I know in one year I will always be drinking this water


Nice , how many times a day do you drink from it ? And do you have the water preparing other beverages like protein shakes , juices and coffee?

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I drink this all day, probably 2 liters

I didn’t drink coffee but you could,
It could be really effcient with protein shakes, the gainz must arrive quicly with this, if you have it charge your shaker with ‘The synergestic elements charger’

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Thanks man , will definitely try that . Currently I take one bottle before going to bed . How long do you charge the water before drinking it , as in what’s the optimal time to charge your water in it ?

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If you can charge all your water, do it, you will see the difference in your health

At least 30 min, sometimes 1 hour during the day, and when I drink this in the morning the water was charged during the night, so approximately 8-9 hours

Some people report that the taste change about 10 minutes in this thread, the longer the better probably

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Thanks buddy , really appreciate it, and looking forward to doing it , thanks man :blush:

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Is this field damaged or still fine?

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Still fine. The fields are self-repairing.

Since the field is held in the image, I would recommend that you take steps (they don’t have to be complicated or expensive) to prevent further deterioration of the image of your charger.


Same thing has been happening to my cup with the image peeling off in bits here and there. The flaking off got so bad I started using clear tape all over. Not the best solution probably but I’m stuck at home and I didn’t have clear glaze paint or Mod Podge or such. Ended up covering it in stickers. I think it would still work. I hope. I remember reading something about the tags that over time the field gets into the metal itself. I hope I remembered correctly.


I no longer put liquid in the glass so as not to damage it during washing.

What I have been doing for some time is to put bottles of water or other liquid around the glass, very close, so that it receives the energies :slightly_smiling_face:.

As long as the majority of the image is still underneath your stickers, it should still work. And even that “majority” doesn’t need to be one single piece. You don’t even need to see the image for it to work.

Mine just arrived today! I like its quality, hoping it’ll last quite long, although already considering getting some protection due to the posts above :O

Helooo Guy’s! Any news testimonials from the revitalized mug??i awaiting for my order :muscle::muscle: