Sales Growth - A Touch of the Gods

Disclaimer - This is created by a third-party vendor and not by Sapien Medicine. Third-party products are not vetted directly by Captain.

Let this Mandala be the bridge between your business and patrons.

Successful sales integrate different layers, from people feeling attracted to your products/place/website (any product, business, physical or virtual) to feeling happy, satisfied with zero buying remorse after.

With a high dose of Unconditional love and loyalty to your business from clients, spontaneous desire to push your business by talking to others about it.

Exponential growth through sales, but will grow hand in hand with the effort, honesty and love you put in your sales.

Strong protection against Piracy but also the Mandala will not work if you are trying to scam or take advantage of people through illegal or harmful sales. Can be shared onky with Parents, Spouse, Children, Siblings.

How to activate it:

You could either write down in a small piece of paper the name of your business and the address, or the URL of your website/Social Media, or type of merchandise if you offer miscellaneous from home, or the service you sell.

Place it over the square with the number 7 then place your hand over and say :


Live your hand there for a couple of minutes while visualizing lots of clients buying your products.

Or if you have pending quotes, contracts etc place the mandala over those papers then place your hand in the center over the 7 and say the same.

It also encourage you to venture with the businesses or product and to grow your portfolio.

One activation a day is enough



Can someone post their results from this?

Audio added!

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Catchy tune! Thank you!

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with audio just meditating on the end result?

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Yes! just listen to it with intention.

And you can loop it in your business.

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Is it on gumroad?