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For about a month now my dad has been getting random chest pains. It was only once a day and it eventually went up to 3 times a day. He is currently in the hospital now, a stress test will be done for the heart later on.

I played heart restoration audio near him at a very low volume like 2 times and he only had chest pain one time all of Saturday. I played it again two times near him while he was eating this morning before going to the hospital, no chest pain at all. So literally from once a day of chest pain to 3 times a day and now all of a sudden for an entire 24 hours 0 chest pain? I’m amazed.

If anyone doubts these audios, read this.

What makes me sad is I know for a fact if I try to show them these audios they will think I’m doing some black magic when I’m not…so I have to be sneaky…

I will give you guys an update when the stress test results come back.

UPDATE: everything came back normal. What’s odd is that the doctors have 0 idea as to why he was getting chest pains.


you might did more harm than good. Going to the hospital with the condition so he knows what he has and then you can know for a fact what you should do would be appropriate