The Climber - A Touch of The Gods

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This field is designed and inspired to have the body and mindset of a climber.

The biometric model of a perfect climber according to science consists of physical aspects (38%), technical aspects (33%) and mental aspects (29%).

Other characteristics are biomechanical (grip strength and resistance, body stability in changes in the center of gravity, anticipatory postural adjustments, kinematic movements executed with an optimized technique that saves “pull” force)

Physiological qualities (The forearm flexors are the most determining muscle, the elite climbers’ lower oxygen consumption was indicative of more efficient climbing, suspension time with fingers extended and arms locked was also differentially indicative of elite climbers. At an anthropometric level, they point out the low percentage of fat, large pulp at the end of the fingers (the “meat” from the bone to the tip) and a fairly developed forearm)

Psychological qualities: a climber’s personality should be characterized by an “iceberg profile.” That is, being able to maintain control and calm, while remaining focused on the task. In a type of personality shared by successful athletes.

And another addition would be the mental ability to look at the climb and immediately see the most optimal route to climb.

This field will act as an automatic workout, to work all the physical, physiological and psychological parts of the individual.