The Crucible of Stored Trauma: New Release

The Crucible of Stored Trauma

This here is a combination of The Internal Alchemical Crucible.

This combines a few processes and techniques to create a new internal alchemy,
It gathers the impurities and negative thinking the core of your being, and burns it, while transforming and transcending the level basal energies into a clarified nectar for the lake of the mind.
I guess we can call it an internal basal energy transformer, but it also involves the body itself in this process, so it works on physical and energetic.
(an enhanced digestion and processing of internal poisons)
it is an expanded work of
Mula - Uddiyana - Jalandhara bandha with a wider scope of energy drawing for transformation and elements of tummo and internal body processes.

Added to this base field is a unique process that works on the transmutation of the stored pain in the body, in areas that have the memory of pain, a gentle way to transform and replace,

in a sort of crucible into love and appreciation.

A little more details.

So what it does, is target all the areas that may have had this stored pain, like trauma areas, even old wounds.

and sends a deep appreciation to those cells, now the idea here is, within this work… the cells do not give up the ‘stored’ pain without a reason or replacement, the appreciation sorta ‘thanks’ it for all that has happened and it has been through.

which softens the ‘hard storage’ of it and allows it to be ‘given up’ as it is being given up, we will use that energy and convert it into a strengthened sort of unconditional love and give in back in return.

Works on physical trauma areas not too much mental, as that is a whole other approach.

But there may also be some help in these areas also.

Use 2 - 3 times or as needed.




Wow, amazing, wholesome concept! :heart_eyes: In the process of my healing, I had been pondering about this aspect actually. So I’m super glad and grateful to be given the opportunity to effectively clear ‘these things’ up for good with the aid of this field. I think this might be crucial for healing and super helpful in tackling more stubborn or persistant physical issues. I’m excited to see and hear about the effects in us users. Thank you Captain! :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Wow, Super Important Field :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

Thanks a lot Captain :white_heart:



:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:


My idea was that traumas are all interconnected on all the different levels. So when the physical ones are healed with this field it opens up the potential for a much easier healing on all the other levels too, since the energy can now flow more freely and there is a positive feedback-loop from a more freed body.


Ok fine.
But you keep saying things like “my idea, my belief” etc in these types of posts, but it’s clearly written out that this is for physical traumas with maybe, possibly some side effects with mental/emotional traumas.

That’s written by Captain_Nemo, the field creator…
He has a pretty good idea of what concepts he used to create the field.
And he also a pretty good idea about how traumas are “all interconnected”.

At this point, your post is kinda misleading.


I see.
Sorry about that.
I will delete my post and be more careful with such statements in the future.


I can feel this working. Maybe because there’s a lot of pain in my body. I’ve been getting random mini-orgasms in my body, some opening up at the back of my head, some in various areas of my body, and so on. There’s a deep purification going on at an energetic/physical level for sure…


So good!
Can i play it before listening to „trauma release and healing“ or is it both the same and I only need to listen to this one here?

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I dont remember any one saying they felt an actual energetic burning sensation with the other Crucible, it always worked for me but i never felt anything physical going on while listening.

But this one here wow…

I played it twice last night and immediately from the first go i felt my chest on fire and the middle back, imagine how strong it is, it was a niceee burning of course.

And it lasted at least 1 hour.

Then my ears and sides of the neck.

I slept great.

And of course i cried a bit haha as some of you know my heart had been blocked and closed off for like 5 years so now i know this field is burning all left that remains buried deep in it :relieved::slightly_smiling_face:

Feels really good. :heart: Thank you Captain


beautiful music just as well. Really fits the emotional concept of the fields purpose


No man, i have healed my physical many times but pain from trauma come back when stressful situations happens. The body has a memory of stored trauma it doesn’t go away easy.

Luckily i just bought this field.


Exactly! Just the same here. Is the Video from YouTube different to the version of Gumroad?

Gumroad has additions


And the „Trauma Release and Healing“ did not work for you?

Could one say then: New perspectives works on the mental aspects while this works on the physical aspects, making the two aforementioned a mind body trauma release therapy ??


How do you know if you have physical trauma stored within

Not much.

Needle or knife like pain when ever hard situation occurs. It similar to anxiety but trauma is more physical, anxiety is more mental.