The Golden Light

This is to fill you up with the golden light. Golden light in naturally seen in people that has reached peak of spirituality or at a very high level. This audio will fill your entire being of energetic, mental and emotional bodies so that you can get the nourishing benefits that it has to offer. Also golden light is known as the second divine ray or the ray of wisdom. This light also represents high level of spiritual wisdom. It will at the same time shake all the energetic block in your system with this light and things that are not in resonance with your divine self. So some of you might feel strong blockage as they are being cleared. It might also increase your psychic insight or sharpen them so unless you want it I suggest you dont try this. There’s also a smart filter that will be used to integrate the energy on a level that you can handle based on your own level of consciousness so that it won’t cause any side effects. The higher your consciousness the more you’ll feel and benifit form and uses some protection to deliver energy in a subtle manner in a system.

use it 2-3 rimes a day or more if you can handle it.


Throughout my awakening journey I have experienced seeing this golden light. I also had a dream about a starfish man transforming his body into gold. Starting from his feet and moving up the body to reach the head. Then from his head a golden light emitted out as a golden ray of light. I also have seen the ultra violet light on my journey as well.
If I listen to this video, what can I experience?

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It’s purely on you tbh since we will experience different things. But in general you can expect clarity and better insight, mental clarity, better energy system flow etc. Will also help you to keep your vibration higher. You can try to meditate and see. But if you’re clairovyant you might see glimps of golden light around you.

Thank you , can you share link for download ?.

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Really liking this one. Thank you

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Not possible since I put the field after finishing the video so it’s only in the video’s audio.


You’re welcome

Thank you!! I’m going to start using this when I meditate today. Now that I’m awakening more and more and see what the color light people portray really is. When I first started trying to awaken I was reading too many bs articles and videos thinking I was gaining knowledge to now laugh at it all lol. Just to clarify now I may be wrong but feel this is right. Gold light is the only that can and will protect you. I’ve created a big blast with gold light in this vision. I was like in a war and said enough is enough and created this big blast with my hands using the light. This so called white light that makes the darkness “run” does not. Look at it as uniforms the dark and the light. The only light you should be focused on obtaining is gold. I’ve completely gone away from the lightside/darkside and even came to a conclusion that there is no such deities either but that’s off topic lol

This is really cool. This is going to be one of my main audios.

I used this Golden Light video for multiple loops and I immediately felt discomfort in my chest near my Heart Chakra which makes sense because I have lots of blockages in my Heart Chakra Region. Thereafter, I played the Negativity Burning video for multiple loops and I “Actually” Felt Hot and Warm Sensations Near the Same Heart Chakra Region…wow…Thank You Equilibrium brother for these beautiful tracks. If possible please continue to upgrade these tracks :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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