The Inner Pillar of Power

I put this on while meditation my hand start to shake. I could swear I felt an urge to slap my self very weird. Anway I just accidentally slept with this on for 3+ plus

What brought me to this was a video I seen which I will try find.


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When i first started listening to this (i was perfectly fine btw), i couldn’t finish because a few mins in i felt an agonizing and unbearable stab of pain in my heart area (a bit towards the left) that kept going for what felt like 5 to 10 mins and intuitively i switched to

And bawled for a while…


(had many traumatic memories to address and somehow my grandma reached out to me while i was screaming "how can i forgive?!, she said that what they did was wrong and that they didn’t know what they were doing. This was without experiencing Wisdom of The Dying. I believe it was Ancestral Knowledge instead)

I had some relief but it was still there then i realized it had a lot to do with not receiving / accepting the love and worth and faith i experienced for many years of my life and many more aspects of love (Sacred Heart, Hrit Chakra? Left heart?)
Then this helped

Im a bit nervous attempting to listen to it again but ill try. (Ego dis here i go…)

Edit update: Aug 14 - quoted and added link to Wisdom of The Dying

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This would go well with Rite of Passage.

The inner and outer facets of Self-Affirmation


Edit update Sep 3 Links + Pancreas for worry and overthinking or fear

I learned a lot in the past several days. I sensed that this targets within the realms of the solar plexus (yellow) and the heart chakra (green) creating the so called ‘pillar’ im assuming for this case

I noticed at one moment in time where i was full of compassion and love and appreciation at the same time while this was playing and had an easier time taking in the field.

Concepts / themes
  1. Ego / Sense of Self and Other / Oneness / Higher Self
  2. Willpower
  3. Devotion
  4. Acceptance
  5. Faith vs Fear / (Faith; Trust; Pixie Dust!)
  6. Confidence / Conviction
  7. Boundaries / Respect / Forgiveness
  8. Self Respect / Independance vs Codependency
  9. Self Love “I am loved.” “I am not alone”
  10. Unconditional Love vs Hate / Jealousy
  11. Compassion
  12. Acceptance / Self Acceptance “I am enough”
  13. Appreciation / Admiration / Inspiration / Honor vs Jealousy (Lesson: There’s abundance)
  14. Blessings / Gifts “I am worthy”
  15. Joy / Wonder / Innocence
  16. Connection / Wholeness / Harmony / Collective Consciousness / Ancestry / DNA
  17. Surrender / The Art of Letting Go / Freedom
  18. Contentment / Inner Peace
  19. Self Worth / Potential
  20. Grace / Gentleness / Tenderness
  21. Will to move on vs Suicide
General Physical Aspects
  1. Heart
  2. Lungs
  3. Nervous System
  4. Amygdala
  5. Stomach / Digestive System
  6. Pancreas
Readings and related topics

Thank you guys so much! Much love and appreciation of everything.

Shoutout to my grandma who helped me throughout my childhood (when my parents abandoned me) with her tender, loving care, and unwavering strength (man i could’ve sworn she could’ve easily snapped my ribcage with all the hugs she gave). I love you so much… im crying without stuck-pain this time… such a relief and bittersweet feelings

A powerful combo for a powerful you! 👠

Anxiety in solar plexus, it just comes outta nowhere how do I solve this

Heart And solar plexus chakra - #14 by Pythagoras

Love tragedy

The Tower EP (Energetic Alchemy) - #2 by Rosechalice and this and blockage removal and emotional release followed by painbody dissolution

Alpha Affirmations on YouTube for confidence boosting

Edit add: forgot about this too A Practical Approach To Spiritual Development

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Is the video gone ?

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There’s a considerable reorganization of the Sapien organization underway. As part of that, some links at the top of the thread may get broken. In that case, use your favorite search engine to find the field you’d like and make sure you’re on an official Sapien channel (Sapien Medicine, Dreamseeds, Energetic Alchemy, Sapient Wellness–I think I got them all :slightly_smiling_face: ).


Are u saying this is all the things that the audios helped u with?


As a result, yes - for my own case i had a lot of baggage it’s almost as if i had to start from ground zero. I’d say it was more like a catalyst - with this as the starting point The Inner Pillar of Power: New Release - #90 by Divine_Heroine

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Listening to this…and I didn’t expect I would feel so emotional. Reading comments by others show I am not alone.
Is this releasing blocks in the heart chakra?
Or is it because I had lack of true support from those around me and now I am healing from this feeling?

(Edit) reading all the different comments and it could be due to my lack of emotional availability coming through. Ouch, but also good.


I found that a lot of release happened - in relation to inner willpower - when i focused on the concepts of the following… (Used some non-Sapien/Dream Seed fields, but ill share my guesswork-solutions)

Inner Child healing and connection (Crucial Foundation)
  1. Regaining Innocence
  2. Childlike Wonder
  3. Youth Recapture
  4. Belly full of Laughter
  5. Belly Breath trainer
  6. gut healing related audios EBV, Candida and SIBO healing & Acid Reflux
  7. Magician Tarot
  8. Archetype of Parental Love
  9. Wisdom of The Dying
  10. The Star 1.0

The Cosmic Role of the Inner Child (3 STEPS to Begin Healing the Wounded Inner Child) - YouTube

Heart De-armoring (Heart Armor / heart wall) & Shadow Self / Shadow Work
  1. Alchemy of Love album
  2. Love Graviton Challenge - #18 by Divine_Heroine
  3. Depths of Your Soul
  4. Subconscious Limits removal
  5. Ego Dissolution
  6. Etheric Cord Removal
  7. Quasi Crystal
  8. Devil reversed tarot
  9. Tower reversed tarot
  10. The Lovers tarot
  11. Anxiety - Fear release - related fields (Amygdala, adrenals, kidneys, gut, nervous system, past traumas, anywhere where fear is stored, but mainly the heart)
  1. Spear of Destiny

Edit: added The Lovers
Edit 2: added Youth Recapture
Edit 3 Oct 27: Spear of Destiny

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Pair this with Your Self Love and JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 🤍 and Wisdom of the Dying


Uhm… where did the video go?!

Ah… found it:

It’s been up here the whole time with references to other posts


cap can you confirm if my experience was legit? @Captain_Nemo

Lol, I dont know if am going crazy or not. But does the acutally audio have anything to do with a casle or medieval? Because i was listening to it, and i got a picture in my head and the feeling i was in a casle, the music made me feel different it was so strange.

It lasted for only a couple seconds and in shock i quickly looked at my phone to see what i was playing and it was this.
I played this audio for the first time in a while and compelty forgot the picture of this album was, so their was no way it could of been like that. I remember looking at the picture and thinking it all made sense. Very strange.

Its happening again, am listening right now

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I dont remember putting any imagery in it
but I think you are probably just feeling secure and well,
in a castle.


Yeah I don’t know what happens to me yesterday it was all so strange.

But I remember I was In a castle next the wall if felt so real, it last a couple seconds tho. 100% I was not dreaming.

Yesterday was such a strange day. I remember also playing BOlife before it happened and I nearly cried

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The Album cover cover image looks like being inside a castle as well

Hm or is that a church

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But the thing is I wasn’t looking at the album cover, I even dought myself.

But I I remember looking at the album cover after the experience as I went to grap my phone and I remember seeing it and was just laugh to myself, and saying to myself that’s why their is a castle their.

But I am a very visual thinker at times and words turn into pictures, for most dyslexics anyway. But yeah it could be the security dream was talking about and feeing supported


Sounds impressive