The Rebuilder

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This mandala is intended to help dissolve and heal any emotional or physical trauma you had during your gestation (while you were in your mother’s placenta) and a create life (and person) with the potential that you should have had without trauma.

And a lot more :slightly_smiling_face:

Audio plus mandala.


Thank you for your kinds words. I really appreciate them.

But, anyways… if you took your time to write your story, you should take time to read all the post and see the disclaimer first before you wrote all that :man_shrugging:


i tried this now beacuse i love " pure love audio " , i like the music for both i will keep listening forever , this creator match my music test! thanks :purple_heart: :purple_heart: " the dreamy vibes that i like "


i felt some saddness and hopelessness cleared from me


Thank you for your reviews! I’m glad that is working for you

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