The River of Life - A Touch of The Gods

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This is a energetic aproach to a Samurai mindset. Using the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi, this creation gives you the mental calmness, the mind placed in the present and the spirit moldable like water.

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) was a legendary Japanese swordsman, ronin, and philosopher, born in 1584 in the Harima Province of Japan. He is widely considered one of the greatest swordsmen in Japanese history and is often referred to as “Kensei,” meaning “Sword Saint.”

Miyamoto Musashi’s legacy extends beyond his martial prowess. He is revered not only for his skill in combat but also for his philosophical contributions, as reflected in “The Book of Five Rings.” His teachings on strategy, adaptability, and the interconnectedness of various disciplines continue to influence martial artists, businessmen, and thinkers worldwide.

There is some of the Miyamoto principles:

  1. Accept everything just the way it is
  2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling
  4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world
  5. Be detached from desire your whole life long
  6. Do not regret what you have done
  7. Never be jealous
  8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation
  9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself or others
  10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love
  11. In all things have no preferences
  12. Be indifferent to where you live
  13. Do not pursue the taste of good food
  14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need
  15. Do not act following customary beliefs
  16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful
  17. Do not fear death
  18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age
  19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help
  20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor
  21. Never stray from the Way

This field has propelled me forward towards exactly this, sense of peace.

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