The SorcerySupreme Market Booth

You walk up to the weirdest booth in the flea market. Some guy has a swirling vortex of Dark Matter™ in what appears to be a wishing well.

You suddenly spot a sign on the wall. “Give your money, give your power, give your goods to the Witching Hour!”

Reality has shifted. The man before you says, "Hello, my name is Nathan. PM me to make an offer on any metaphysical service you desire. The rules are thus:

  1. You can ask for whatever you want.
  2. You can offer whatever you want.
  3. You may not create bad karma from what you desire.
  4. You will always pay in advance, and there will be no refunds under any circumstances."

Your head reels with the higher-vibrational downloads. What do you want. What do you seek? And what would you give to achieve it? Suddenly, your mind snaps into focus, and you DM SorcerySupreme with a clear offer appropriate for an autistic person, and a proper description of how you want your reality to change.

The Architect has come.