The Welcomed

Yes, self-sabotage, this enemy with which we often become familiar and support ourselves more or less consciously. Excellent reflection, thanks


Thanks for all of your insightful posts on this thread, Luna. :hugs:

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I love this field so much.

For the past 3 years ive been working from home and i grew tired of it and being a Hermit hidden from the world.

And all the process from interview to working had been over zoom, emails, phone etc.

Today i had an interview face to face :sweat_smile:

I was feeling great and all in my mind and heart, with confidence and certainty. (At home before heading there)

But you know with all these beautiful tools we have i always want to use something for extra kicks and just in case my hidden introvert shy side would decide to show up in the middle of it and cause a mess lol

I honestly didnt know what to use, i went first for the lucky ones we got this am, but i kept skipping them on my way there, then i said, lets go with the always - never - fail - Probability of Luck & Alteration, but for the first time i was like nah, this one it isnt either! Then i thought ahhh Blarney Stone it is… nope didnt feel its what i wanted.

Then i remembered this one and i said yesssss this one it is, i looped it at low volume all the way there.

Saying the HR Director made me feel like if they had found the most precious unknown gem out there is an understatement!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Everything was welcoming.

The office
The air
The energy
The employees
The HR Director
Her cozy office
The views

Even the chair i had to sit while waiting on her was welcoming it had two big plants on each side and the leaves come all the way down like I was literally sitting there looking through the leaves haha
It felt like a hug.

Whatever my answer to each question was she was looking at me almost mesmerized and nodding in agreement and excitment for having me there.

She walked me all the way to the main entrance and thanked me for coming.

Instead of offering she was asking me what i wanted, what i expected, would you like this position or this other one? Or you could start on this one, so youll know all about this company from the core then in 3 months if you like we sit an negotiate again and i put you as “x managing position”

Tell me where you go to an interview and come out with a job and a promise of a promotion in just 3 months?

A first time for me for sure.

I use this field so much and its like every time i discover or figure a new way to use it.

Whatever mood i am in that is not the best one?

It welcomes me right back to a great one

Feeling confused or lost not knowing what to do next in whatever?

It welcomes me back into this life, world, dimension with so much love and reassurance.

Its like it morphs into whoever, whatever and wherever i need to be lovingly embraced for the first time or again.

Thank you!!


Thank you dear Lunita for your feedback and congratulations on this success!

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From a person who loves to welcome I should allow myself to be welcomed more. Putting this on right now! :slight_smile:


Thank you!! :partying_face:

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I went today to ultimate details.

I had to take pics and share with you, its so funny and cute :grin:

To my left:

Looking up

Right on my face

And i dont know if it was because i sat there acknowledging the Plant even more that i felt like a warm weave surrounding Me.

I think ill sit there every morning before starting my job maybe take the 1st cup of tea under it, be grateful and set the day in motion to be awesome. Yeah. I will :green_heart:🪴


Which sorcery is this :open_mouth:
I was looking for a field for job interviews and job search, in this thread like everybody got a job through this field. Amazing


So fields work at a distance, online? Through text also?

how is that?

like texting in a business scenario?

look, from experience this field simply creates a very thick strong “atmosphere” around you that grows from within and expands wide, whoever, wherever, doing whatever, will welcome you fully open, fully trusting you, fully embracing you, grateful for your presence, etc.

we are in a quantum pool no matter the distance.

we can expand and reach whoever with intention and connect, so by this it means that your aura and consciousness can expand as far and out as your mind and intention allows it, normally but if you add to that the energies we integrate through fields that boosts that expansion, then we can pretty much say it can travel.

specially energies that are precisely to affect your surroundings = the people, places and circumstances in your reality, like this field, push that expansion wider and strongly.

for example, I play this audio x 2 every single day.

lets say there are like 10 loops of other fields before this one on my way to the office, i get to the office and people is normally pretty nice to me, the ambiance is nice, etc but each one doing their thing.

My cubicle has the Quantum Love Node Mandala, The Draw Luck Mandala and The Mantra Meditation Mandala i also always have a scented candle lit. i feel all cozy and comfy.

but by the time the 2nd loop of this audio plays people starts coming to my area, smiling, striking up a conversation, asking me about my day the day before, offering me chocolates, the guy behind me asking if ac is too cold or its fine or if i want it lower or higher, and im like looking at my computer busy and it just feels like i have sweet little bees flying around me, i turn around and is always one or 2 from the surrounding areas just literally standing there smiling haha and im like… what? :) - nothing, nothing, just that it feels so cozy here and smells so good and… and, they just smile lol that smile is so sincere and affectionate i think they would hug me throughout the day if they could. :sweat_smile:

I know i always have fairies around i see them, i know other audios compound and add, but I see the big leap with this audio. every time.

before this job i used to have one from home and I always felt the difference too, so yeah it can reach others even if they arent right in front of you.