Weird phenomenon happening with me lately

Guys, I have been experimenting alot with fields
3. Fields work on me better when I am not overstimulated much by social media/phone

  1. Fields work better when I am on no fap (no porn strictly)

Also this is not just a couple week observations, I’ve been experimenting since past 4-5 months.
Can I get an expert opinion on this?


Hey there is nothing wierd about it.

  1. That’s where your heart chacra i s located. Its responding to fields.
  2. Probably waking up early is optimum for You.
    3.4 . Are pretty self explanatory. You have cut harmful habits, of course fields will work better beacause your whole body,mind is in better state.

Try some Quasi Crystal fields (before your physical fields or fields of your choice), either the free one or those from Gumroad, then some chakras fields and Chakras Work done by Yourself, try some Yoga, etc.

Also, least but not last, there are many other methods, techniques, audios and fields mentioned on the forum, you can apply/try them if you wish AND THEN Your Aura Will Be(come) Stronger and You WILL Absorb Fields Faster and Better.

Good Luck. :pray:


Actually these are really nice self observations. I highly recommend that you note them down neatly in a notebook or journal. Add a date to it and come back to it later to add more or simply observe what changed over time.

As for your observations, let me see if I can make sense of them. However, remember that field listening experiences can vary and are rather subjective in nature.

  1. Yes, the field affects you from anywhere. Your observation here reminds me of many users reporting when they were wearing the dog tags, they felt fuller effects when actually wearing the tag around the heart area as opposed to, let’s say, keeping them in your trousers pockets. So perhaps the heart is a gateway…?

  2. This might be due to the brainwaves naturally being needed into beta states in our focused daily lives where attention is needed. It might also be that that’s the time people start going to work, starting to get ready, etc. So the city is bustling and energies are all over the place. Take that in contrast to a peaceful and serene night, and you can see why maybe a field would work better undisturbed at night than in a busy morning.

As for the amount of sleep, I guess that depends on the sleep quality and amount of deep sleep. But it’s just theories.

  1. This is simply logical. Your subconscious might be able to process millions and millions of bits a second, but unfortunately our conscious mind cannot. So if you put too much attention on social media, the brain is temporarily “full”, and you may need a while to focus back on your task. That’s why you may feel drained after too much YouTube or tiktok etc. So with less outside stimulation, more of your attention can be on the field and it’ll automatically work better.

  2. That makes sense too. Your life becomes better in all aspects on nofap. I’m sure you have noticed that. Even with a mere 10 day streak you’ll notice improved energies. If you often release, you literally release your life force, which has to be recovered. Thankfully we have various fields for that. But yes, life becomes better in all aspects. And with more life force, your capacity for fields increase.

I hope that helps a bit.
Really nice observations ;)


I have no idea what’s going on here, but after reading what Nice2knowU wrote, I think it could be because the cortisol kicks in early for you. Which comes with amygdala activation, but after you get on with your day, this activity gets balanced, so the cortisol becomes fuel energy instead of stress.

Are you also getting sunlight earlier when you wake up earlier? It brings that balanced effect to cortisol.

On the other hand, I think your body would accustom to any schedule you prefer, specially if you have a good morning routine. But yeah, many people are early risers, and wether you are or not, sleepyness always comes at noon so it’s better to wake up early. But 8am is a good time.

You just listened more time to the field so it affected you more. The effects of the field don’t disappear just cause you stop the track midway or re-start it. So think of it as if you listened to it 1.5x, not just once. Or were under the effect of the field for 18 mins, not 12.


Nope, those 6 mins affected you. By the way some people are very energy sensitive and don’t even play fields once. They play like a min and then have to stop. It pays off to be cautious rather than greedy with fields.


Woah thanks for the detailed response, I really really appreciate. You’ve cleared all my doubts.
But if you say the video affected me 1.5x then why stenol doesn’t work on me when I listen it full 2x?
Whenever I use 2 loops the effect either doesn’t take place or its too strong. 1.5x works consistently. What could be it?


There’s no way for me to know. Seems you found the sweet spot for your body and lifestyle :man_shrugging:

You’d probably need more “prerequisites” to get the too strong effect, but if it’s too strong, what for?

When it doesn’t work, it may be because you’re pushing your body too much and then it compensates somehow.

Have you tried unconditional androstenol or the GOAT? You may be able to loop those and still get the effects you wish.

Hi @Apollo369 are you still listening to 1.5x of this? How is your experience now?