What the fk happened?! strange dream and real life encounter!

Hey guys

its currently 4 am / 4:30 o’clock in the morning and I had really strange dream where my dream characters started following me in a group while I was walking home then a girl in the group behind me hugged me and I felt a strange energy from here.

I pushed her gently away and she looked at me really weird then they dissapeared and a new character got infront of me they also followed me so I started running.

After that I woked up and felt a light pressure on my mattress next to my feet I thought It was my cat because it was the same weight like her but It wasnt my Cat the door is closed and I looked everywhere in my room… nothing.

Whatever it was I dont think it wanted to harm me but It was a really strange encounter and now I dont want to sleep anymore :joy:

I had some strange encounters in the past but nothing like that.

Can someone explain what happened?


Who knows…

There are are multiple explanations, including the possibility that there were a few friends who visited you, from the Astral plane or God knows where :sweat_smile:

Any members around that like to pay friends a visit?
Remote and all…


Oh dear
That reminds me, I woke up in the middle of the night a couple days ago, also after some very odd nightmare. I was absolutely convinced somebody was lying next to me in my bed. I started to feel the creepiness overcoming my body but I accepted it and it dissolved rather quickly. Obviously no one was next to me…


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