YellowFlash’s Journal

A journal meant to share my experience and thoughts to whomever it may resonate with. Frankly speaking, I hesitated to proceed with this, but I’ll give it a try.

All my journal entry will showcase vulnerabilities, realizations and gradual improvements. I only hope to elicit a deep desire within you to improve yourself, for the better of you and others.


Entry: October 26, 2023


Prior years of anguish and fear plagued my life everyday. I was homebound due to feeling anxiety and depression, the two biggest culprit of my life. Everyday I tried my best to cope with the day being against me, thinking “what will the next negative outcome be this time?” and this scenario has always replayed physically in my life. Home, work and school, weren’t a safe place for me and I knew I needed something good to happen or at least a miracle to escape from the dark hole that keeps dragging me back in.

It was not until the year 2017, I discovered subliminal and from there, I gained new hope, and learned about the subconscious mind. I felt I discovered a new life with sheer joy and happiness, but it didn’t last too long. Nothing really changed much because I didn’t use the subliminal to my advantage. At the time of usage, I was programmed by society to look this a certain way or trying to get that dopamine of validation, not knowing years later trauma and lack of self love was the reason for my detrimental path. I knew this but I didn’t bother to work on it, I was still heavily programmed to reach society’s standard.

Fast forward 2 years later I discovered sapien, but wasn’t fully on board, I was scrolling through the audios like I was at the store viewing all the amazing toys, not believing this. I was skeptical but as time went on I was on board and entered this forum and was amazed. Reading experienced user’s thread and learning from them. Learning how manifestation works, how the universe works, our soul, etc. It completely changed my life.

Once I fully understood this life was given to me to collect all my lessons and expand my consciousness I looked at life differently for the first time, it was as if someone went deep inside my heart and allowed me to feel something once again that was deeply locked in for a long time. I didn’t hesitate any moment and focused on clearing trauma and loving myself. Learning more about life and learning more about myself.

I am eternally grateful for @Dreamweaver @SammyG and other forum members for gifting their knowledge in this forum.

This is the first entry or in this case my introduction. I would love to share more but when I feel called to input new entry, I will input it with thoughtfulness.