3 Day Sale - Spring.com Only

Love Sapien Medicine? Then take advantage of this 3-day sale!

Use the promo code MARCHWELLNESS at checkout to get 15% off all Sapien Medicine merch. Sale ends March 24th at 11:59 pm, so get shopping!





Thanks :blush:
Hope to see this on other platforms too :slightly_smiling_face:

I am considering Abundance luck and divine blessings tumbler but I can’t see any post on that release on spring … did anyone try it ?

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That’s cool… But I totally wish that they also release on the others platforms too ( Gumroad, the NFT one).


It’s 5:49 local time on March 24th and I get an error that the MARCHWELLNESS promo code cannot be applied to my order. Did it expire already?

Strange that Spring doesn’t specify which timezone the sales are based in.

because I am pretty certain this wasn’t really done by them, more like the Spring site itself per say. which makes me want to say, in the future please don’t post potential sales if it’s not done by either of the duo. out of respect.