A Blueprint of Power (Major) Testimonials

First time listen testimonial from a friend, he listened in the shower:

After 3 loops

"It was beautiful

I listened bro it was so nice, I started feeling chills right away then I started crying haha I felt like I was at the ocean but I was alone, I couldn’t imagine anyone there, I was just feeling emotional and comfort almost at that point, later I ended up becoming the water basically and flowing with the notes"

I’ll give my testimonial In a few weeks, for now all I’ll say is that its changed my life from the moment i got it


Hi! Back with more questions.
Brace yourselves lol:

I know some of y’all have all of the following: exalted states , this one, minor BoP, BoL, alchemical ability, inner pillar of power, and beauty&joy entwined.

How would you exactly stack those up?
For reference, I know some of y’all say:
BoP Minor
BoP Major

But when I throw in the alchemical ability in the mix, I feel like it has to go after blueprint but then , that messes with the Blueprint Series :massage_woman:t3:

And @anon46520955 i really loved how you mentioned that the Danburite & Zircon audio crystallizes the affects - I do feel a more long term affect so thanks. But then, we have the quasi crystal audio, too.
I know that the Major BluePrint of Power entails the Quasi Crystal Element. But Major is not seeming like it is the first audio in this stack
Would you just listen to the crystal audios first? If so in which order- does it matter?

Next : Inner pillar of power and entwining worlds of beauty & joy.

I believe Mao said on the Inner Pillsr thread that said has components of Blueprint.
And entwining worlds of beauty & joy, incorporate inner pillar. Therefore Beauty&Joy, have blueprint elements (right?).

So :

Would that be a separate stack just labeled Blueprint of Power? (Of just Minor, Major, inner pillar, and beauty&joy entwined)?

So yeah long story short I am so confused if my order really matters at this point with this stack.
Or these fields
Which once again are:
A blueprint of power Major
A blueprint of power Miner
Blueprint of Life
Alchemical Ability
Exalted States
Inner pillar of power
Beauty & Joy

Needing to know if I should listen to both the crystal audios prior to these aforementioned fields, or one is just fine.

Please & thank you, I have been itching to ask this question like since the beginning of this month lol
I know I’m so extra but like
I really want to respect the fields & as well, my body

Thank you!

PS: if I listen to all of the above, in one day compiled as a stack, should I , or should I not, listen to any other fields or better yet, do any other energy work- that same day ?


As Captain says…

All reviews are subject to the reviewer.

Having said this here is my latest understanding of this MAJOR FIELD bap bap bap.

Im blown away.

I dont know if its because what ive been experiencing through the exalted state in regards of the Dragon intercession that im finding its essence here and there.

My latest experience and interpretation:

I remember the very first feeling with this field was like “a kundalini awakening”

But it didnt feel like if it were awakening, but my whole spine felt expanding like preparing me for a MAJOR awakening… related to kundalini mi seh to myself… lets wait.

The back of my neck was particularly feeling different, something was being worked up there (i shared some insights about it up there somewhere)

Then some days later and after months of 2 fields being released i felt a strong pull to buy them and use them… specially the Negative Ion Charged Plasma Blood… then the ruby and carnelian… then the Garnet…

I knew something was brewing, i felt all kinds of things that ive mentioned before, but still i knew there was something MAJOR going to happen…

Will put it simple because i obv still know i havent reached to the “but what will i find there when the process reaches its completion?” (And no, i dont think it has anything to do with the “integration” a lot of you guys talk about when selling or looking for this field, and i even said it once “this field integrates A LEVEL then you are on to the next and so on” the real INTEGRATION… not gonna happen over night or in 3 weeks etc.

Wont be getting into details… thats for you to research if you dont know about this

The Kundalini awakening is represented by the rise of the snake (it does not mean when you awaken the Kundalini a snake gon appear inside of you and make its way up to your crown … no. :blush: ) i dont know why i feel like i need to say that but ok. Go find out what it means.

So thats what i knew. And before experiencing my own (kundalini awakening) i thought that after that the ascension would just be a different process… a consciousness leveling up. And or expanding. I am sure a lot of you think that way, awakened kundalini its the completion then its just ascending differently.

Well, maybe we could experience what those who have this field are experiencing but in MANY MANY YEARS IF EVER. ----- IF EVER —‐— without this field but now it is possible.

for those who dont know the snake’s goal or next level or dream lol is to become a Dragon. Or in some folklore cultures it is said, thats how many Dragons ended up after their race disappeared, they stayed here and were dropped to a snake level. Or that if snake remained as a snake it meant that it never “ascended” it didnt complete its mission (that of becoming a Dragon)

Straight up:

Ive been feeling all kinds of changes (i somehow can notice what field is doing what) and i was trying to understand what it was, like there was a piece missing in the puzzle that i couldnt pint point yet so i decided to loop this one with higher self, the exalted state and BoL every night, its been like 8 nights now. During the day barely playing anything lately, Which is weird. But i guess that was my higher self telling me to drop the noise around so i could see and listening what i wanted.

And then last night i came back to this post and read every single comment but specially mine, and stopped at every single gif i shared along my comments and i started realizing what was going on

And finally i went to the picture for this audio and zoomed it every where around it and its when i went like :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

I get it! I get it now.

This field is awakening the next Kundalini i didnt even know existed.

The one that starts above our crown

The transformation and ascension of the snake into the Dragon!

Higher levels kundalini

Isnt that fkn MAJOR???

And then i could see the whole process in the picture!

The snake changjng skin, transforming as it moves up dancing alone in and around the manequi in the pic contracting and retracting like snakes do when changing skin from skin to scales leaving through the Crown asecending merging with the Dragon taking its place
Lifting it
Pushing it higher
Expanding it



I cant wait to see what this awakening

What this new kundalini is going to bring

Major Blueprint of POWER.

enough said.


You see…

The thing is that every combination brings about a different result.

So it pretty much depends on what you are looking for to achieve

And if you dont know and you just want to experiment then do just that and see what happens to you.

In any case think of the crystal as when you have sugar alone and pastries that have sugar in them

Would you throw in the juice a piece of pastry to sweeten it… you know, since the pastry has sugar in it?

No right?

You would use the pure sugar for the juice.

KQ enhances everything even MBoP

Same example if you put more sugar in a coke itd get sweeter, is it necessary? No but who nows maybe you want the coke sweeter. Also maybe youd get a headache with so much sugar right?

Same with so many crystals + a blend with them

If you stll want to put them in your stack then yes at the beggining.


Other than the awesome experiences everyone shared above, my unique experience with this is what I name it as ‘Sublime Mind Morphic’. What I felt is it repeats the thought process at a deeper level. Example, My chantings have been very repetitive since then, irrespective of where I am or what I am doing… Same with manifestations!
Major here symbolize ‘deeper’ to me.


This one feature of this field alone, makes me to never want to sell it ever – not even if Bezos offers me 100 Mio $ :rofl:

This one feature alone means, as how I understand it, that you are pretty much protected from cancer for the rest of your life!

And after my soul, my health is ALWAYS the most important thing than anything else during an incarnation.


A little more than 2 months spent with the field, at least twice a day, no more than 4 times a day.

  • Blockages removed? Definitely. Say, whenever I encounter a limiting situation or are reminded of my limits, I take way less time to admit it. I don’t beat myself to “please the audience” nor get defensive as if I had something to desperately rescue. I appreciate what I have and accept what I don’t have. Yet or ever. It’s not the end of the world or an unrepairable lack. The same goes for reactions, principles, etc. They may still be displayed when facing some scenarios. But just as “habits”. Not because of a matter of death or life.

  • The concept of chakras is not an obscure mumbo-jumbo anymore. Previously, I felt lucky enough to “feel” them when really focused but now… they became no different than any other limb. I sense them just as I sense my leg or elbow. Without much effort nor doubt.

  • Crystalizing the time: I’m a dummy regarding time: I still want/ believe that I should just travel it like in “Back to the Future” or something. Sure, it doesn’t happen that way… but I have less difficulties to reminisce some good old times. I felt quite lost when a close one passed a couple of weeks ago but still, I manage to access times spent with them, the texture, colors, smells, etc. of those past moments more easily.

  • Especially after that “loss”, I went back to a shitty way of life. A lot of booze, smoke, less sleep (and/or lack of sleep), etc. Since this field is in my daily list no matter what (unlike some of the other fields), I guess that it explains why I keep walking the line instead of looking like a zombie. I don’t recommend doing what I do. But one sure thing is that this field keeps you on the rails even if you try hard to derail yourself. Like… You’re in your early 40s but nevertheless you wake up as if you were in your 20s (same level of energy, etc.) even after a trash night. Rested and all. Ready to hit the day-road, healthy and awake.

  • Stopping putting anyone on a pedestal (be it a human, an alien, a fictional superhero… anyone, anything). I wouldn’t say that it makes you take credit for someone else’s accomplishments or belittle what they do in a bragging attitude (like “pfff I could have done it too, so what?”). It’s just that things stop seeming unreachable or impossible. You stop blaming yourself, you just see way more clearly that what you haven’t attained so far is just because of a matter of priority.

The list of benefits is too long, actually. The “everything I have at my disposal” field. The end result is really a question of choice, rather than capability.


Hello. Is it necessary to listen to minor blueprint of power if we have major blueprint of power?
Thank you.

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You can if you want. They are two entirely different fields.



This is an increible good price!!

This NFT is amazing haha oh im laughing because i think a lot of people doesnt really realize how big this is.

I keep finding things, it keeps evolving and growing. Its like you can never reach its end.

Anyway. I hope reaches hands that will trully explore it.

Grab it if you can!!


Has anyone had the experience of hearing Major Blueprint play in the same room you played it in even after you’ve stopped it?

There once was a (true) story:
a man had been meditating for an earnest amount of time in a room. He was a man whom continually recited (the Name).
Anyways, his other friend comes in, and think he’s there because he’s hearing his friend’s voice go “Ram, Ram, Ram” ; the Simran he was reciting earlier
Except his friend was no longer there (in the room) x_x

Meaning to say, his vibrations of his Simran were so intense, it echoed /stayed there for much longer than a moment’s time.

And considering the components to this field… can it be postulated it’s following the same paradigm of the story’s?

I mean I believe the story makes sense as growing up I’d often here prayers going on (even though they weren’t) when I would walk around some parts of the house - and well that made sense because a lot of people would “come by our house to meditate/pray” (idk what the English translation for the quoted part is but it’s called “sadh-sangat”) ( & they only did so because a portion of our house used to be a temple for the community to use- just mentioning that because ik it sounds random as heck otherwise lol)

Or maybe I’m just insane idk
either or theory works.
Hoping it’s the former!

Could it be coming from the field’s torus affect?


I think this echo effect/afterimage happens with a lot of powerful experiences.


:’) thank you for confirming
I’d like it to be known then:
Those two instance I regarded, were due to years of earnest hard work; time. The man spent years. The hours were nearly 24/7 in my house, for years.
This is just a ten minute audio which brings about such- with a snap of its fingers
So essentially, this, on its own, reaps it for you.

Very profound. :slight_smile:

(This reminds me of LOS in a way then. Or any field honestly- another person - with permission from Above of course- was permitted to create this- & not only that- but, share it with us- let that sink in)


My guess is that the field acted as a memory trigger. Sort of how a hint of a perfume or the taste of food can transport a person back in time. Think Proust. The field’s energy or how it made you feel in a moment lined up with an early moment and made the memory a living thing. Given the spiritual nature of the field and the memory, there might have also been a cascade effect/the scales falling from your eyes moment, as well.


I went back to looping this field for 1 hour every day.

I think the scaling effects with this one are unlimited and one can go on forever and the field will improve one further and further…

So grateful to have this :pray: :heart:


This is probably the ONLY audio that energizes me to the point I cannot sleep, if I do it more than 3-4 times. Packs a big punch.


What is NFT, how do i buy this ,why it say it cost 2,888 ? Is this give you superpowers or something in the end result ?

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You have joined this forum 2 years ago. If you still don’t know what a NFT is, then I fear I cannot help you…


Thanks for nothing…