A Blueprint of Power (Major) Testimonials

A place to leave testimonials from A Blueprint of Power NFT.


I will say after 5 uses it’s a super duper Soul Restorator! And I’m not merely referring to the actions of Soul Restoration series but rather energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment to the highest level beyond what even that series provides! I will update more in the coming days! :pray:


One thing I noticed (@anon46520955 hinted at this on Quasi Crystal thread) - I need to listen to the audios, not more than once, thanks to this field. For example, 3 rounds of Leg Workout audio, and I would feel the nice burn in my legs. Now, midway between the first round of listening, I already feel the effects of the audio.

It feels like this field is creating the optimal state, in time (!?) and space, to get to the best morphic resonance at that instant to experience and integrate the energy of the fields.


Definitely observed this as well. Makes sense due to the Quasi Crystal’s “impossible” pattern and sequence. Creates the ability to be more dynamic with the field orders, amount of uses per field, and enhanced integration! Just like the I think Luna’s observation (unless I’m remembering wrong)- you sort of become the crystal therefore taking on it’s characteristics.


Also the insulation provides a buffering, which helps you also withstand a lot more weathering.
which means it is harder to ‘lose’ energy.
Of course a finer function in how it is created is; to work towards an ordered state rather than the normal natural entropic decay.
So the states in ‘you’ and energy/fields usage would benefit in this addition to help preserve it.


So now I can finally say … I was playing this field when I then played Excalibur
hence my overwhelming feeling of invincibility in that thread. :)

Still holding back testimonials to not overly influence anyone. Sorry @Captain_Nemo


Don’t mind if I borrow this


Innfluence please



Stands to reason any testimonial would be judged by the same reasoning.
But a testimonial is your opinion.
add a disclaimer below, but i think most would take it that testimonials are highly subjective to the reviewer.


Electrify my heart :heartbeat: :zap:


Mini review:

The past 3 days have been really heavy in terms of the energy absorbed through the fields
The last ones are so strong its not a joke and taking into consideration that ive been using daily KQ they have been further enhanced :crazy_face:

I felt this morning i even wanted to take a 2 days break to settle down all those energies it was too much haha and then sit again and design a plan schedule stacks or singles oh what ill be using working on from today.

When i got the field from Captain after buying it i even asked him if i should wait a couple of days to play it until i was feeling ready for it haha

He said… play it ;)

So i did, a couple of times and maaan. Immediately fixed everything. It felt like a dominoes efect up and down then outwards, fully recovered, fully nurtured, and so empowered i dont even know how to put it in words tbh. Im just barely scratching the surface of it.

I as usual will focus only on this one for at least a week then i see what else id want or how many of the others etc. But phew… this is a whole new world im in now.

Thank you so much for this creation. :heartpulse:


:ok_hand: :teddy_bear: and :banana: (that one is between you and me, hehe… Banana Republic Café).

“Implosion” was a term often used by my History/Geography teacher in high school to describe the “destiny” of some countries. She pronounced it in French though. A word that I always found ultra poetic. The sound of it.

The science-y material is to be found in _OM’s posts (in the notification thread). I won’t go into that (and can’t anyway lol… I’ve always been a literary dudess). Speaking of his posts… I was having a certain experience of the Minor Blueprint of Power for the last couple of months… but without the field itself. Rather thanks to another daily practice. _OM has hinted at it very recently in another thread but it won’t be revealed openly. Not by me either. Because a careful reading of his posts (including quite old ones) already contain a goldmine of info. Provided that one “watches closely” (The Prestige quote).

Why am I mentioning this, other than for the sake of promoting _OM? Because I feel as if I accumulated the beginning of a fuel stock (?) thanks to it. Making me more prompt to receive the implosive goodies of Major Blueprint.

Did you say Fission and Fusion? I feel both. I’m fissured, crumbled, and melt within my own self at every listen. “When mountains crumble to the sea (…)” says my favorite band. That’s EXACTLY it. Nothing less or more. Exploded inside, unlike with other fields that tend to radiate much more to the outside (because they deal with different levels, needs, etc., that goes without saying).

So yes, this one is a very intimate, private one. Somewhat related to the silence reported by Maoshan. Or should I rather say quietness. Black hole-wise. But no need to mention the potential hidden in black holes, on the other hand.

Every time I keep crumbling in my inner sea, there’s immediately something else replacing it straight away with this field. Some sort of accelerated growth at an unprecedented speed. Unprecedented, yet strangely familiar. As if saying “in fact, this is how you are supposed to be since ever”. Hence the Blueprint.

Dreamweaver, this post was in fact just an excuse to give you a public hug once again. God bless once again all the calamities that have led me to your channel. Yes, now I finally fully believe that the Universe knows best. I tell you again: you are the source of every good damn thing that’s happening in my life for the last couple of years. This includes Dearest _OM. Sometimes we may be hitting the wall because of language barriers or me playing my badass but when it comes to feelings… those are and can’t never be ruined by anything.

You may be tired to hear/read it but: thank you…


Been looking at this for an hour
/Patiently waiting on @Eli’s novel or for him to close the other browser window :sweat_smile:/


It removed all my emotional " masks " / poker faces ( am completely neutral,.not laughing, not happy )
Which is probably why im open to practicing sincere meditation with myself after listening to BoP major. I just tried an heart meditation ( tried to feel gratitude ), didn’t manage to open up yet. oof. But a few cries. Not the fountain that needs to be released yet. While listening to the field, and also during the mediation, it triggered massive blockage around heart and throat. I also had my face kind of contracted / convulsed in a very sad expression
I feel very emotional on the verge of crying
Also just like Luna I was both exhausted and overstimulated ( worst combo ) and it fixed it, felt perfectly balanced ( and still am 3-4 hours later and about to sleep . ).
also felt all 3 Dan tian intensively

ahah this is a bit uncomfortable.
So, thank you :heart:… ( will probably give more sincere thanks as time goes by, I hope so )


ahah :sweat_smile:
I wasn’t so sure
simplified it overtime x)


Wow this even has decreased the amount of Virus Disruption plays I need and can even handle. Not sure why but I didn’t expect it to apply to that field as much as others. 2 plays and it was completely and tightly integrated. Normally I’ve been looping it for a good hour a day to get rid of this stubborn lingering covid. The insulation-buffer effect is working beautifully.


Beautiful field and energy. Thank you so much Dream. I’ll be back with a testimonial in a few weeks! :sparkles:going to do the same as @anon46520955 and really focus solely on this.


Ahh yeah i forgot this gif.

Yep thats exactly how it felt when i said dominoes effect up and down back and forth

Ok phew. Wow.

This keeps expanding. Throughout the day.

The initial effect this morning had subsided a few hours later

Got home like 2 hours ago, and ive been literally laying in bed relaxing NOT playing anything at all.

And suddenly the effects started again bigger, wider, deeper :flushed: this is literally what ive been feeling the past 15 minutes:


Again… i cant find words!!

This is gonna sound so crazy but i need to compare it with something.

It feels like several kundalini awakenings going on at the same time:

Through the chakras
Through the Dantiens
Through the whole nervous system

Up- Down
Shrinking -Expanding

In order
Then all at the same time


And im just there… suspended in the air, infinite

While grounded at the same time.

My whole body is vibrating. WHOLE.


(Experimental - try at your own risk :smiling_imp:)

The BoP Major, as we have now established, is super strong!

I have been experimenting with different combinations and tried this now:

  • BoL
  • BoP Minor
  • BoP Major

Seems to feel nice, grounded, and balanced to me. Sort of like the three fields are interacting with each other, exchanging information, move energies where needed, and ground as required. The “smartness” is very evident to me in this stack, like the three are talking to each other and with my energy body.

Feels like I have had the essence of Core Restoration, Vibration, Three Treasures series, after listening to this stack. Still thinking what else may go well into this stack - to practically utilize the lovely state of energy and consciousness that this stack creates - Tower of Power? The new Cone field?