A Blueprint of Power (Major) Testimonials

Wow, this field sounds incredible! It seems like I need to visit this place more often! I had no idea this was even going on :rofl:

Anyway, not to derail this thread or anything, but those of you who have both this, and the Minor Blueprint of Power…What are the differences? Is this field just a much stronger version of the Minor Blueprint? Or is that too simple of an explanation? I appreciate any feedback :smiley:


First Review

I have listened to about 30 hours give or take (more on the give side) of this field…

I’m ready to talk about it.

First thing I’ll account my initial experience:

The moment I put on the field I was rushed with a cold breeze from within and I had to take a few fast deep breaths. A massive smile came over me and it was clear that it was allowing me to experience power or a new sense of power I’ve never had. Compared to my cycles with MBoP, this one is otherworldly, literally I guess (Quasi and all).

The only thing that came to mind was this scene from DBZ I watched as a kid. “Unlocking Dormant Powers”


Soon after the second listen, an intense deep feeling of satisfaction and blessed came over me. I can only imagine that this is what would feel like to achieve your highest and grandest dreams. Meaning that if this field is providing this, it’s an extremely high vibration and will make manifesting a joke aside the power implications itself.

The Cycle of BoP:

This is one field I was able to perceive how Smart it actually is. Systematically working it’s concepts in me at the right time and right pace. So let’s talk about that…

First - Blockage remover:

It didn’t play games… went straight for the blocks I’ve been trying to eliminate for quite some time now. I felt the area light up with what I am guessing is Plasma since it was like cold fire.


Second - Energy charging :

Took me a little bit to pin point it but I knew I had felt that recently and after paying attention it was a similar motion to what’s on MBoP but multiplied/amplified. The area that was blocked is suddenly being filled with the energy almost like in layers. The motion of the energy filling is a bit warmer and gentle, I can describe it know as if you just entered a party and you have to hug all your friends. It’s the same action but in constant movement. The main difference here is that the energy came from within so this would be the implosion effect.


Third - Increase in Vibration and Crystallization:

giphy (1)

For every cycle of blockage removing and energy implosion, it’s like it’s being used to then upgrade your vibration. What started as a buzzing effect (in no means was it subtle from the start btw), became a soothing static throughout my whole body. The higher my vibration went up the more I get to experience Clair-senses I didn’t have as a “forte”.

Example, I’m clairsentient, hence these reviews, but then the feeling all of a sudden had a sound (clairaudience) which I can only describe as hundred of glass needles falling on a surface. More cycles later, for the first time ever I’m starting to experience clairvoyance, without thought, just looking into the center of the darkness I started to see colors and patterns.

Now on crystallization, our physical thinking might make us thing of something that is harden or like a stone of sort but the opposite is true. The energy centers actually get lighter in feeling when crystallized. I can feel the difference in structures but it also feels completely different from before. Anything I focus on the chakras that feels has had the most progress in crystalizing the energy doesn’t need a build up anymore, it’s just THERE.

This I suspect is one of the multiple benefits of the Time Crystal effects. We’ll talk about that later…

The Effects of BoP:


I’m not going to talk about specifics but the Quasi crystal effect is extremely obvious specifically the repatterning effect.

While looping with this on and sleeping, I’ve become really lucid in my dreams something I’ve only experienced a handful of times in the past. The funny thing is that the things the field is bringing up are not “cute” to put it lightly. It’s like the exacerbated version of what you have to work on but the magic happens, you get a glimpse of the situation, a hint of the feeling, and them it explodes and continues to work.

I’ve had some extremely weird dreams that I cannot remember other than the feeling of the absence of that heaviness. This is something I experience in all my release work. My ultimate confirmation is that I can’t remember what I just released seconds after so in essence this field is even helping me release at a pace I didn’t know possible. More to that, bringing stuff up that would have probably taken me years to find.


Time Crystal effect is something I was honestly most excited about and it didn’t disappoint.

When I isolated what it felt like, there’s only one description I was given to make sense of this. As a kid I used to play games both in console and on my computer with something called Emulators (they emulate the consoles).

Games have their own game save system but emulators also have a saving mechanism called Save State. It allowed you to save the game at any given time, never losing any progress or wasting time having to wait for the in game saving function. In essence if the game is the “physical” world, the emulator was the quantum world.

This is the same, all your “progress” is saved in a quantum state so as I’m still amazed at noticing… not only do you not lose any progress of the vibration you’ve risen into but you have constant and immediate access to it all the time. There’s no build up. No matter where I’ve gone (party last night for example), I was able to access the feeling of the vibration without any focus. It’s just there!

giphy (2)

Lastly, DNA Repair… Look there’s not much I can say about this as we might need to wait for the natural cycles of cells and the fact you get a new body every year depending on the type of cells your DNA is expressing.

This is what I can say, I feel lively, robust, healthy. If my thinking is right, “Extreme DNA Repair” with life force and negentropy. We might see extreme de-aging and maintaining optimal levels of health in an unheard of manner. This one we would have to wait.

All in all, I feel nothing but blessed to have this field. It was definitely what I was looking for and it is fast tracking me towards all my ideals in physical, mental, and spiritual progress.

Let’s see what the next few weeks has in store, MBoP alone changed my life dramatically.

@Captain_Nemo Thank you man. Can’t express it enough.


A Gohan fan I see

Haha Dolphin Emulators all the way bro


I do really love your reviews and this field is unbelievably awesome :blush:
Once i start i dont want to stop listening its to much to be put into words by me at the moment.


[quote=“Angelgome, post:42, topic:19892”]
This is the same, all your “progress” is saved in a quantum state so as I’m still amazed at noticing… not only do you not lose any progress of the vibration you’ve risen into but you have constant and immediate access to it all the time.

I was already feeling this alone with KQ but this field takes it to even sleeping times.

I noticed the dreams similar to lucid dreaming as i said in my previous comment, they have all the elements but i wasnt sure it wasnt lucid dreaming because i felt i was not in control of what was happening, but now with your comment it hit Me!

It is a higher level of lucid dreaming because tho i apparently wasnt in control of the dreams i was clearly witnessing observing with detachement, and those dreams have been about me doing things i hadnt because of whatever reason, specially seeing myself in past situations taking different and better decisions, etc

So my conclusion is that this field is so powerful is even reversing and changing things from my past in a higher plane through my higher self while i witness all of that in the dreams… holy!

And further… that joy ive been waking up feeling is an old awaiting one from the things i didnt get to live and always longed for :hushed:

And then… by changing things from my past that still weight heavy on me (my back) … my reality in this present moment is rapidly changing… and its really happening.

I even told Captain about something regarding this that i didnt want to post if i wasnt sure or clear about it but now i fully understand what is happening.

Wowwwww this is crazy.

I cant wait for other reviews from you @anon22855873 nd @Maoshan_Wanderer and 1st from @_OM already no?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol


Meh. kinda dislike giving reviews on fields like these nowadays…but been waiting so I can just copy paste others experiences that I’ve also witnessed.

From Mao:

From Bronyraur

From Lunamoon:

My description of the above

From Angelgome:

Sorry, but trying to put this field into words instantly puts me into “Beyond Words/Nothingness”
Hence the absolute lack of desire to explain what it is doing…


I remember feeling this.

In fact in my way home from work the first time i didnt want to talk at all and i thought i was going to be shut quiet for some days. Because you just feel there… suspended… witnessing rapidly things unfolding slowly while slowly seeing things rapidly unfolding theres not a desire to talk.


Can attest to the feelings of bliss and stillness so far with this field. Having lots of nostalgia. Seeing The Creators beauty in everything and everyone.

What a feeling.

Can’t wait to dive deeper.


Yah I already have trouble expressing what I “feel” from any fields and it’s like that with this one, but to the extreme. Silence. Pure Beingness. Pure consciousness. Pure power. But a calm, silent power. Pure awareness. Pure flow state. That’s the best I can come up with.

And I want to say full as well. My energy body feels condensed with each field I have played, but simultaneously lighter at the same time. I guess the word I’m looking for is integrated. I can isolate and tap into each field I played that day that’s in my aura, bring it front and center to my awareness, abide in it and then switch to another as i please. I was already able to do that but now with even more ease and precision.


Exactly that :slight_smile:


Actually dislike the whole series but that scene perfectly resembled what happened :slight_smile:

More like SNES emulator :upside_down_face:

My pleasure bro, it’s fun for me to uncover these details honestly.

:pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4:


Day 1.5:

I looped this last night and tried to sleep with it:

I felt having something like a rotating crystal in my third eye chakra and that the crystal was somehow accumulating and storing energy for that particular chakra. And when I focussed on this chakra it was using this collected energy from the crystal and metnal pictures started flashing there.

I remember this feeling from when returning from an OBE back to my body, my third eye was pulsating heavily in the same way with all types of images and scenes flashing in front of it, each about 0.7 seconds long but still able to grasp consciously/conceptually.

So when the description says “Chakras are enhanced with crystalline storage ability”, from my current understanding the chakras are extended with crystals (which we know are storages for energy and information), and this saved up energy can then later be released when one focuses/uses a particular chakra. In my case I wanted to see stuff and focused on the third eye and it felt like the necesary energy for this came from the storage crystal in that third eye chakra.

Day 2:

Today I listened to this field for ca. 3 hours while being out for a walk.
It seems this time the blockage removal parts kicked in. It kicked in with fully force :boom:
A lot of negative old feelings, triggers and stuff came up to be resolved. Repressed feelings of being lonely, not worthy enough, completely on my own etc. came up with full force.
I consciously told the field to catch every single piece of this trauma energy and release it completely from my body. The field kept pushing and I went rather quickly from emotional pain back to a neutral state.

I was intuitively advised (by the field?) to listen to Emotional and Mental Supporter upon returing home to easen the symptoms of the blockage removal process as well to Muscle Massage to release body tensions for support of free energy flow through the body.
After returning home I listened to both each for an hour and now feel fine and motivated for the future again. My Higher Self told me to not get mentally stuck and confused by all of these short-term emotions coming up as they will all soon be gone. What appears like an eternity while going through the trauma emotion is just the illusion that pains creates.

“Just give it time, listen daily, trust the process and after 1 month the changes will be otherwordly. I’ve got your back. :heart:

As I am writing this I am listening to the field again.
It feels like Ascension tag on super ultra alien steroids.
It is an intense process of cleaning out your own soul towards a fully positive and sovereign experience of existence, but I love it and raising vibration is my new addiction :grin:

:white_heart: ETERNALY GRATEFUL :white_heart:


:arrow_up: :+1:


:+1: :muscle: :muscle:


I want to remain silent about this but ok, brief addendum anyway:

  1. The music is magnificent like it’s not even allowed. Magnificent. Moves me almost to tears every time. This is most subjective stuff of course but it sounds like a promise by itself.

  2. The field became the first one of all my stacks. Amplifying the effects of the others, etc. Tremendously and obviously.

  3. Today I meditated on Flower of Life right after. I use Flower of Life mostly as a “map” that shows me more precisely what is going on when I’m incapable of pinpointing it. Aka “sense maker” field (I guess there are others doing it as well, I should re-read the thread some time). It was definitely a good bet. Maybe slightly too intense as a combo (for the following 1 hour) but now some details of the Major Blueprint are less abstract, more tangible, and localized for me.

And extra written like from me for some of the great reviews in here.


I hear you… I have my own…

It truly feels like a Marvel/Anime coming to power scene.

At some point, maybe it was quasi crystal breaking pattern but suddenly I can create a focus so strong into a single point that it vibrates everything in me and around.

But I will say that before that, I went through a weird purging. I had to run to the bathroom to vomit and while nothing came out since I was fasting, “something” did come out.

Anytime I can make the focus thing happen on command now.


You have found the perfect tool for your advanced wizardness, huh? Fascinating feedback as usual with you…

I’ve been a regular user of the very first Quasi Crystal field for 1 year or so. It was really the one that always made me feel that depatterning/repatterning cycle in the most visible way. Other fields have contributed of course, but with the Quasi Crystal v1, the awareness of it was simultaneous with the listening moment. Some might find it too spacey and it has indeed that aspect but… precisely, you get reconstructed while floating in space lol (space in a larger sense). Instead of getting confusingly mixed.

Now I feel as if it was a scale model of this one, you know. A prototype or appetizer for this new field. That’s maybe why the latter has fit like a glow + thanks to a few other supporting fields/practices (because honestly, I thought that I would have been knocked out by such a power during the first days, with difficulties to “digest”, etc.).

I love the analogy :)

The coolest part, isn’t it? I’ll be following in your footsteps. Juniorly of course :))


Mini update:

Body feels healthier. I had some pain in knuckle of my pinky toes (been walking on stones), that’s gone. More energy and mental clarity than usual. Muscles feel denser.

A strong motivation to get things done

Inner body is in a constant vibration, feel like I have multiple gyroscopes constantly, stronger than the MBoP effect.

Fields are more effective. Lucky horseshoe is one of my daily and I got an instant effect the moment I put it on. Feels like I have use less of the field for the full effect.

Did enough loops of BoP and do not feel any resistance to the field so I’m bringing it down to 3x morning and night now.

Mental focus or power to direct thoughts is completely different and it definitely does feel like I morphed into something I’ll understand in a few weeks.



How I feel playing Major Blueprint of Power


Definitely. And I have not been able to use each other field for than 1x each. Also, my stack has significantly shortened. I don’t feel I need certain fields anymore. I feel on top of the world!

Full Body Negentropic Coherence
= Perfect equanimity and power