A Minor Blueprint of Power

100% vouch, came down with something I’ve been looping virus 2.0 (can’t give these viruses a break) it’s helped but felt fatigued. This definitely give me some energy and strength. Thanks for pointing this out.


I’m gonna play this bad boy at the gym tonight.


Hey, I haven’t been reading about new releases for quite some time. Can someone explain, do the NFT versions include features the minor fields don’t have? Or is it just that they hold extra value because they are NFTs?

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Minor and Major BoL are 2 totally different fields.

Youd kinda have to read both threads from the start to understand their concept, specially because both have a base more or less everybody feels, but there are a lot more that keeps unfolding in many diverse ways for every one, and what you experience and discover in your journey could be slightly or hugely different than for other people.

Other than these 2 that sound similar for which there is one version to the public and one nft, i dont know what you mean by minor version and NFT.

Everything is different.


i saw posts titled “major” and “minor” that’s why i am asking. thank you


Oh i thought you were talking about these here but also others.

Because you said
NFT VersionS.
Minor fieldS



Yes, I assumed there were others like this. I didn’t know it is just this one. Thank you for clarifying


long have i researched where and how this field will really pack a punch and it showed itself…

i made the following stack with it:

  1. grounding x1
  2. sacral and base chakra (upgraded Version from gumroad) x3
  3. minor blueprint of power x 1
  4. ojas x1 (whichever version you like, paid of course stronger…)
  5. plasma or plasmatron x 1

for people with damaged base from all reasons.


Man this field has grown in strength. Listened to 3x in a row today before my late evening gym session and I feel this ‘power’ building up within me and coming off me


I’ve been massively sleeping on this field. I started using it again ever since I got Major Blueprint of Power back last week. It is exactly what I’ve been lacking, sustenance. A base to generate power from. It’s giving me not only spiritual sustenance and power, but physically as well. As I’m writing this, it dawned on me I think the Golden Elixir might complement this field very nicely.
I was dealing with fatigue for so long, but Solidifier, Major Blueprint, Order by 3, Life Force Tree, and now this as a perfect completion, got me to the point where fatigue is no longer an issue. I am extremely grateful. I don’t think I’ll ever take this off my playlist.


pranayama training one loop after every of the mentioned audios will give you what you need to absorb them and not being drained.

enviromental energy accumulator as a first audio in the morning for two three loops after jindan should give you everything you need for a day perhaps. especially for spiritual puprouses.



Thanks man! Will try.


Is the Major blueprint of power available for purchase?

It’s one of the NFTs. With luck you might be able to find someone willing to sell or trade.


A Minor Blueprint of Power – The Sapien Shop


Let me begin by saying this isn’t minor. THIS ISN’T MINOR AT ALL. Matter of fact, I’m listening to this field right now and I’ll do my best to describe how it feels along with images to help (idk how to gif)

During the first few days of listening, an internal process occured that felt something like this.
It begins with some sort of liquid-like substance being poured into my solar plexus chakra.

Once this liquid settles and my chakra feels full, it flows from my solar plexus to my entire body. When I say my entire body, I mean from my fingertips to my toes.

While it is flowing it gets colder and colder until it begins to frost up all over me. You know the feeling when you stay in an ice cold shower for too long and you still feel the freeze after you are already dressed up? It’s comparable to that.

During this freezing sensation, there also feels like there’s a lot going on around it. Sort of like a snowstorm.

After all this, I then felt a deep sense of connection within. It feels like there are internal roots that are growing and connecting within at a rapid rate.

Apart from this, something else that is interesting to note is the dreams.

Ever since listening to this, I have had several dreams where I display an enormous amount of power. To briefly describe a few, there was a dream where I was boxing with Iron Mike Tyson in his prime and I was actually winning the fight. Furthermore there are other dreams where I challenge some monster dog or take on a crocodile and actually end up overpowering them and winning. These dreams give a serious feeling of empowerment and have made me more confident in my strength and power as an individual.

Ok now let’s talk about some physical real life benefits of this field since that’s probably what you’re reading for in the end

An analogy I feel that represents this is the bullet in Mario Kart. You know when you activate the bullet in Mario Kart and all of sudden, you’re moving way faster and ignoring all the obstacles the map has to offer? This field seems to give some sort of a similar effect, or at least it has for me.

My manifestations have increased drastically. Everything just seems to flow to me. It has gotten to the point where I have to be careful what I wish for. My intention is powerful.

This has so many benefits. Before, my workout drained me pretty bad but now, after my workout I feel neutral as if no energy has been wasted. This has led to increased muscle mass, and increased physical strength. Furthermore this audio makes it so I sleep 2 hours less and feel completely fine.
Apart from the physical benefits, this power drastically increases my focus and discipline. This new power makes it very easy to control yourself from all those urges and desires that you know you shouldn’t be doing.

Apart from the increased charisma + social skills, for some reason males really want to be friends with me now. They will move seats or they will start a conversation to try or some might stare at me lol.

In addition, this field seems to enhance the effects of other fields and is the most unique field I have experienced. It just feels different than the rest.
Lastly, I saw that there were a lot of people in the Major Blueprint Of Power thread who seemed discontent they didn’t get it.
I just want to say that YOU STILL HAVE THIS FIELD!!! This field also offers a blueprint of power and is really amazing! There’s no reason to be discontent!

I really hope this review made sense
Thanks for reading and thanks to Captain.


are these fields the same version when someone bought it from the Teespring Store?

Well ive spent more money than i should on fields this month, so I’m done for awhile lol. This is definitely on my list for next purchase in a few months or whenever it will be.


I’ve only had this field for 3 days and it’s been nothing short of amazing for me. I have always struggled with low energy levels but this field has me feeling like a super saiyan both on a physical level as well as spiritual one. On a side note I feel like people stop and look at me a lot more which didn’t happen before. it’s like my presence is far more noticeable or something. 11/10 unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


Star Exercise while playing MBoP…