A Minor Blueprint of Power

Experience the next level of personal empowerment with A Minor Blueprint of Power, a revolutionary audio field designed to elevate your energy and vitality. This carefully crafted field harnesses deep primal energy patterns, enhancing your life force and bringing you closer to your true potential.

Users have reported immediate and profound effects, including a significant surge in energetic vitality. Each session revitalizes every cell in your body, making you feel more alive and vibrant. The field’s powerful grounding effects ensure you remain balanced and centered, enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability. By activating and harmonizing your three Dantiens, this audio promotes holistic health, supporting overall well-being.

The advanced technology behind A Minor Blueprint of Power utilizes low-grade electrical currents combined with intelligent energy programming. This unique combination stimulates and rejuvenates your body’s energy pathways, leading to enhanced cellular functions, emotional balance, and mental sharpness. Users have noted improved endurance and strength during physical activities, greater patience, and openness in social interactions, and faster recovery from physical and mental fatigue.

One user described the experience as life-changing, noting a remarkable increase in physical performance and a newfound sense of inner peace. Another user shared that they felt a profound shift in their emotional state, with deep-seated traumas and emotional blockages being released, fostering a state of inner tranquility.

One user reported, “I felt an immediate boost in my physical performance, with unparalleled energy surging through me during workouts. My endurance and strength saw a noticeable improvement.” Another said, “The emotional healing was profound. Layers of past trauma dissolved, leaving me with an unprecedented sense of peace and clarity.” A different user mentioned, “Social interactions have become more enjoyable and meaningful. I feel more patient and open, making my engagements richer.”

To get the most out of A Minor Blueprint of Power, it is recommended to listen to the audio 2-3 times initially and observe the immediate effects. For sustained benefits, incorporating this audio into your daily routine is advised.

Choosing A Minor Blueprint of Power means embracing innovative technology that combines ancient wisdom with modern advancements. This comprehensive approach to energy enhancement is tailored to your unique energy patterns, ensuring personalized and effective results. Enjoy the convenience of professional-grade energy therapy from the comfort of your home, and witness the transformation in your energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Real User Experiences

One user felt an immediate boost in physical performance, describing it as an “unparalleled surge of energy” that enhanced their endurance and strength during workouts. Another user experienced profound emotional healing, stating, “I felt layers of past trauma dissolve, leaving me with an unprecedented sense of peace and clarity.” Others have noted improved social interactions, with increased patience and openness, making social engagements more enjoyable and meaningful.

Elevate Your Life Today

Invest in A Minor Blueprint of Power and unlock the limitless potential within you. Experience transformative energy that revitalizes your body, balances your emotions, and sharpens your mind. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your life with this extraordinary tool. Order now and embark on your journey to unparalleled power and vitality!


New_Release_Bot is sleeping on this. Thank goodness we got @Zen!


Sounds familiar …can this also reverse this process done by harmful things ?


So this is it1111


Patter of power; blueprint of power… True unfiltered power…


is that a cell or peacock feather. wonderful art


That artwork is legendary!

reminds me of the visuals for The Star Exercise with an Alex Grey touch!


Great art as always


Maybe this is finally the audio that can make eating food optional. That is huge with the upcoming lockdowns and food shortages. Maybe Dream that give us some insight about this field.


If this field makes eating food optional then it is a must buy.

I see a human with well developed lower dantian


omg… yes you r right :slight_smile:


epic ! thank you Captain.


This epic release sent me back to that awesome comment from Mao:

This feels good: more connected to the body, more present & grounded, feeling more secure.

Re-building the house :house:


This will be a nice addition to my stack of Detoxed plasmatron life + superhuman mutant RNA+. A nice trio


Can somebody of you please illuminate what are the functions, benefits and implications of this field. How would it work with Blueprint of Life? Which fields would you recommand to use with this creation? @_OM @Captain_Nemo @SammyG


Amazing Captain !! :heart_eyes: :dizzy: That sounds so good!
You seriously make me feel like a small kid in the candy store or on Christmas Eve again every time with these unbelievable treasures you release :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much!! :pray: This went straight onto my list :two_hearts:


Just when I am cutting down and making my stack concise…such an intriguing gem drops​:zap: , now gotta figure how to fit this in :grin:


I instantly bought it like so many of Captains awesome fields before used it of course and i always drive to work on my bicycle and i noticed i had such a deep drive i went 150% of my normal power out put the whole way and would have pushed even more if my lungs would be able to support it.
Now i feel just as energetic as before and it also feels like i have more charisma communication feels easier more flawless.

And thats just the surface of what this field does just what I noticed in this short period of time i am hyped about the long term effects of this, bol , Mythic and all other fields i combine with them


That’s great man, yeah I’m tryna figure out as well how to stack it up in order with BOL, Mythic, Ojas, Knight, Navigator, tower of power and even the Yagnas ….am sure this will be a super charged addition, it’s just that I’m tryna counter my fatigue as well from audios…we’ll see how it plays out , am sure it’ll be interesting :grin: