A New Way of Approaching Community Projects?

I would like to propose that small groups developing an idea(NFT) then making it widely available to become more common. There are now many people on the forum and 10-20 NFTs are not enough and people have missed out on projects they are passionate about or have great need for.

This either leads to having to acquire it for thousands or asking the Captain to make a host of similar NFTs. Usually, it is the latter option because why pay 8000 for a wealth field or 4000 for health field when you can ask the captain to make yet another variation on the same thing?

This is hugely inefficient.If we can make more projects where a small groups develop an idea then make it widely available I believe we will see an evolution of ideas and create more reasonable secondary marketplace.

The Shielding NFT group have done it and the Bengal Tiger group are doing it. By doing this the Captain will receive far fewer requests for shielding and healing fields freeing him up for more unique field requests.

Can Shielding and Healing fields on the marketplace realistically call thousands when they(Shieding 3.0 and The Tiger) are available or would they have to be more reasonable? What would it be like if we applied this way of doing things to other areas such as Psychic Development, Enlightenment, Wealth, Fitness etc.?

Of course there maybe very small niche subjects where this would not be required but very often a project is proposed in a thread and there are many people interested that cannot join. Therefore, I would like to encourage those leading projects to at least consider this approach.

I would be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts whether you agree or disagree(if so please explain).


Completely agree

Also I sometimes feel FOMO and greed between the lines when checking the NFT section, which I do not feel is a nice thing.
I do believe allowing for more copies to be sold would solve this and the issues @amarnath listed for a large part.

Now I understand that some projects should not be made available at a large scale, so I’m not proposing to just have 4400 copies minted for every project.
However I think that minting a number that would make it likely that (most of) the people that are active on the forum around the time of release of the project, and who really want it, are able to purchase it. Depending on the project I feel this number would be something like 50 - 200 today, and could organically grow with the forum.

I believe this would dissuade people from jumping on mostly to make a quick buck, and would help connecting people and energy that actually work well together.

Now this approach will still retain the benefits of using NFT’s:

  • If the product and you are not a good fit, you could resell it to someone else, as opposed to just accepting the loss as would be the case with a regular release.

  • It is still a limited collectible. A little bit more long term this could definitely be sold for a profit. Bonus: with more people using the product, it is likely that there is a far greater testimony of its utility, thus possibly increasing the perceived value of the NFT.

@amarnath Thanks for making this post. I have had this feeling about the NFT situation on the forum for a while now, but never really got around to posting about it. Your post prompted me to actually take a little time and type out some of those thoughts.


There is nothing stopping any of you from making projects with 20-50-200-1,000,000 copies as it is.

You guys are free to do that right now and could have done it a while ago

I’m not sure what it’s about, maybe I need to read again

Literally, instead of making a thread asking other people to make projects with more copies.

You can ask what you want… what you “need so badly” and make as many copies as you want.

You would have saved time on the discussion

Somebody will have to explain the situation to me, I just don’t get it.

It’s like there is a sensitive or controversial issue, I don’t see it.
We can make what we want


@amarnath it’s important that you understand this:
well, you have groups where you have people who work on that, ideally ofc, and many times these people put tens of hours for the project creation, so I think it’s only fair that these people will then get a right to sell it at whatever price they consider fit. After all, you have economy for appreciation of effort, not just greedy greed, even tho that theoretically might be a part of it, but take into account that it’s also the “greed” what helps the society to move forward, innovate, etc.

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The issue isn’t the copies. I think members have the right to form projects and make the amount they want to distribute. Captain has an area where his releases are unlimited. If someone comes up with an original idea and finds the members to work on it and support it, that’s a limited group and a very special project. The amount of copies and limited availability reflect that.

To keep the ideas fresh, individuals that make up the groups should make sure they are using original concepts and ideas and aren’t borrowing and/or absorbing ideas from one effort and putting it into others. This is happening with one person in multiple groups and then sharing ideas freely with or without the other groups knowledge. Not everyone is doing this, but some are.

It’s the same people rushing to be first on every project even though they’re already in a project… they don’t even care, some of them just want the Intel so they can use it for themselves. I know what inspired this thread and I’m telling you what the issue is and some of the culprits



Couldn’t resist


I remember the first discussions that were a year ago about NFTs. The main emphasis was on rarity and exclusivity, a small number of copies, a comparison with collectible coins - for some reason I remember it well.
A little later the emphasis was that it is a great way to combat piracy.

from personal experience, I can say that community projects are more designer items which involve interesting alchemy

Nevertheless, there are more " general" concepts that cover different areas. If the Captain agrees - I’m happy to offer them for everyone. We have enough of these projects

And don’t forget that the Captain has plenty of fully accessible products that cover everything most people need (in paid and free versions)
Health - Plasma Flaunt, mental development: Psychic Functioning, Animal Telepathy; Wealth - the new series - Woven Worlds and so on

thanks for this thread :)


You can.
I guess what I want is for other people to want a more harmonious and content community

Lead by example :slight_smile:

It’s doable

Some people were not sure on how to make their projects, I provided help and guidance, I see that they make many projects now.

If you have questions me or someone else will help you to make your million copy project

lol, rainbow land, maybe an idea for the next community project :rofl:


That’s desire I would say. Greed is desire turned sour

You got the point, didn’t you? That’s why I put into “”. And often times it’s relative, everybody measures stuff a little bit differently. For someone greed, for someone desire, for someone desperation, for someone an effort to achieve something.

This is just toxic man

U interpret it that way but it isnt rly


I offered to help you make your project genuinely

But I guess I’m toxic.
Toxic like complaining that people don’t do something that would show harmony… and refusing to do it myself even though I can. Sure

I must be bad in the head

Many people would accept to help you do your thing but… whatever

See myself out


Not saying you are toxic. Please don’t take it as such. I quoted the part that I find carries toxicity.

The rest of the post was actually nice. I could have maybe mentioned that too.

What I am getting from your argument is that u want Community projects to be more available, but this only depends on project leader and the members. Each group can decide if they want it to be limited for wider public.

Now imagine that u have spent a lot of time, like months drafting the document and submitting to Captain, u hold this project/nft close to ur heart without it even being made yet.

U start feeling the magic as Captain works on the project. U decide to make it a public release.

U can bet people will bulk buy copies in order to resell and make profit on your and Captain`s efforts. Now lets add to that u use ur hard earned money and big percentage of it in each copy u get for urself, so u have to be carefull with money until next payment is due.

Now while u are going through all that, someone is selling ur copies and turning profit.

U can look at this from a higher perspective and be like: Let them do what they want, many of them will buy the NFT because they will desire it for personal use. This is true thank God.

In the end, I think that after u read all this, u will be able to realize why it isnt fair to ask groups to make their projects commercially available.


Man ok. I actually meant well.
Oh well, back to work for me now. Putting in those hours so I can buy shielding 3.0 in a bit lol


Some of you need to read the post to the end, I simply asked project leaders to simply CONSIDER it. I know it won’t be feasible for every project but some it would hence the discussion.

There aren’t many ‘new’ concepts being released most are a slightly different variations to achieve the same thing.

Should we have to ask the Captain to do it over and over again for every 10 or so people who couldn’t join a project? My idea was to reduce that repetition.

A lot of people want to be involved and contribute but unless you practically live on the forum then when a a project is proposed it is quickly closed off. The solution proposed here seems to be is every single person to create a ‘similar but different’ project. Have I got that right?

Whoever “said greed helps society moves forward”, I’m not sure the Captain and Sammy had greed as the quality to grow this community on. To play devils advocate this greed is probably largely responsible for the insane amount of field piracy. Also consider the nature of NFTs outside of fields and what its purpose is, it would be naive to think that mentality has not seeped in here. The nature and focus of the forum has significantly shifted since the introduction of NFTs.

Whoever spoke about fresh/new ideas or “borrowing and/or absorbing” from other projects, most NFTs are an amalgamation of previous fields plus research done by others in different areas of study. Nothing has been completely original. If a project is limited to 10 how could it not be repeated if someone wants to achieve the same/similar goal.

To those justifying exorbitant sell on prices, did the Captain charge you anything like that? Did you put more work and effort into it than him to charge 10-100s of times more than he did for it? There is nothing wrong with making a profit on an NFT but we all know what the huge mark ups are about.

A few of you have proved yourself incapable of a civilized discussion but the rest I commend you for stating your opposing views in a polite and well reasoned manner. When I have another chance I will respond to the genuine responses.


To me, the NFTs should be a creative endeavor where people are enthusiastic about the ideas they are working with and will be happy to share those ideas (and resultant fields) with anyone else that shares their enthusiasm and outlook.

Maybe a change of format would be better? Instead of having projects completely behind the scenes, we could have a sort of unveiling that is done before the mint number is established. And, once that is done, we could have a posting area where the ideas are displayed and then people can sign up to get an NFT copy at the original price.

That way, each group would have ownership of their NFT ideas (and the overall shape of the project) but not restrictive ownership of the NFTs. This would put the focus on making the best ideas possible for general purpose things or by getting something perfect for a small cross-section of the forum. --But, most importantly, it would take the scarcity out of the equation. If people see something they like, they could jump for it without having a huge financial hit.