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I`ve just reached the video “Crystal Energy Use” and I want to thank you so much. It feels like a big treasure which is given to me with this course, it is so overwhelming what we all can learn and get, what we get for ourselves but also for the people and aninmals we can help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Your videos are so clear and the way you talk as well. As beeing German I had been wondering if I would be able to follow the course. I am so glad that I did it!


Muy buen día a todos los de esta hermosa comunidad, el curso es sólo en inglés? o se puede traducir al español? Muchas gracias y disculpen la simplicidad de la pregunta.


Buenos días hermano, los videos están en inglés pero hay archivos de transcripción y artículos, podría utilizar el traductor de Google o algo similar. Que tengan un muy bien dia!


Muchad gracias @uial por ese increĂ­ble soporte! En serio agradezco la gentileza de tomarte un tiempo para responder, un abrazo mi querido hermano! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


Video content, because there are text teaching materials, so it can be translated into Chinese control. Otherwise, my English level can not fully understand the video. Ha-ha-ha.
In fact, in China, you have to buy a VPN that can disguise Ip and a VPN that can access the Internet, so you can browse some websites and download and share audio.
As a result, there are often sites that don’t open. It’s a lot of tweaking, setting things up. And you can’t use anything but your computer. Because cell phones have more restrictions on accessing foreign countries.


Hey Sammy, I am not able to access my energy awakening course as I lost my password but I have tried many times to retrieve it but it’s not happening, what should I do