Acts of Kindness

Have you done an act of kindness towards someone you don’t know or a loved one?

Have you seen an act of kindness you’d love to share?

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As i was driving to work i noticed a homeless soul sitting by the corner with their sign. I wanted to offer them something, but i was on the other side and too far to get their attention.

The light turned green and no one was moving. I was about to beep to alert the cars in front of me when i realized the homeless soul was limping towards the car a few yards ahead.

It warmed my heart and gave me a bit of a boost in energy to take with me to work!


When I already signed my contract abroad, but was still broke in eastern Europe, living at a bad part of the capital (not bad by US standards, just more homeless ppl and gypsies lol), I did a shopping round for someone.

I was walking home by a square and a gypsy woman in her 20s came up to me and was going to ask me for money and since in that area that happens a couple of times a day I just ignored her initially. But then when she looked away I just saw such deep and honest desperation in her eyes I turned around and went after her.
I’m not sure how but I ended up going to a shop with her and bought her quite a lot of things, worth maybe what I would spend on food in an entire week in that period.
She told me she had a fight with her ex who kicked her out in the night a few days ago with her stuff in a small bag, she went to a shelter but it was horrible, and one day she slept with the homeless outside and they gave her booze… she said she had some family but she would be homeless rather than all them for help.
Initially she asked for food but then when she saw I was ok with it she asked if she could get toothpaste… shower gel, baby wipes, and hair dye.

She was very greatful and actually wanted to stick with me… I told her I was going to see a friend (I was going home actually), she asked if she could come up… I said no. She asked if she could take my number, I said no. I took hers but I knew I was moving abroad and was not going to keep that phone. She asked me to call her many times, shouting after me.
Then we went our way.
Overa I still don’t know how I feel about it but I still think about her sometimes.i hope she is doing all right but to be honest I don’t think so.


Thank you for sharing!

I was visualizing my image of her and its pulling on my heartstrings.

Wishing her well wherever she is!!!

:cry: :heart: