Advanced Stuff: Creating a Link to a Field just by Thinking about it

It seems to be, at least in most of the cases, that listening to an audio field, connects one to the respective morphic field behind a particular audio, as does having a dog tag Field being touched by your aura, as does the process of looking at a programmed mandala picture.

In all cases the link between the morphic field and the consciousness/aura energy body, takes please via a ‘physical something’, like an audio, a tag or a mandala picture. (This intermediary connector has to be physical, since we are in the physical dimension and physical stuff is the only stuff that 99.9% of people can perceive and focus upon).

Now here comes the question for the expert wizards (@_OM, @Maoshan_Wanderer, @SorcerySupreme):

I wonder, whether thinking about, recalling from one’s memory and singing the melody and sound from a particular Audio Field would be enough to create an active link to the morphic field behind that particular audio?
Is the information from one’s memory about the audio/mandala/picture enough to create the link to the morphic field and activate it?

If yes, then one could just memorize the sound and look of one’s favorite audio fields, mandalas and dog tag pictures and recall them whenever needed.

Furthermore, the recall process could be anchored into the subconscious mind with triggers, e.g. everytime someone sees a tree, the subconscious mind is automatically instructed to recall the full melody/sound of the “Attract Love” audio.

If the answer to the above question is yes, then the possibilities are endless!

Hope you guys can share some of your wisdom on this. Thanks in advance.


Absolutely, and I do this intentionally all the time.


Well I remember when I started my new job the other day I had the grounding song on repeat mentally for hours so if that’s the case I must’ve been grounded af

Jk but I’ve wondered the same thing. If so (which I hope that’s the case if SorcerySupreme is right) I wonder if just having the song or whatever in mind is enough or if you have to really consciously “link up” with the field.

A really interesting and exciting concept regardless!


Thanks for your input guys.
We also have to keep in mind that most audio fields have a music component and a slightly lower volume sound frequency component underneath. On the one hand one would need to recall and mentally sing the whole audio with all its components, on the other hand, the subconscious mind remembers the complete audio file 100% perfectly which makes this actually workable :-)


You only have to capture the concept of the field. What does it feel like?


I knew it !
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it !

This is also happening when creating The new NFTs we literally feel them before they are made in NFT form.

@JAAJ im not sure if you’ve read the kinetic quasi crystal thread but this effect is also amplified (for the audios) when you listen to it :fire::fire::star_struck:


Thank you Bro, I will finally check this out. Has been on my to-read list for a long time now.