Advanced Tarot Thread

This thread is for people more well versed with tarot. This is more of a fun thread where people can ask a question everyone can do a spread for. Everyone shares the spread they get and share the meaning they got from it. Then compare and contrast.

Or can even just pull out random cards from the deck and someone ask ‘what does this spread mean’ and everyone what they believe it could entail.

This is a fun thread for exploration and even challenging ourselves to go deeper into the tarot.


So it finally arrived! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:

Here is my first spread with it.

To the question:

“What is the first message from the tarot for me?”

King of Pentacles clarified by the 3 of swords in reverse
The Empress
4 of cups clarifed by the Moon and the Page of Wands.


I already got a very clear message but Welcome to give your opinion ! I want to see what you pick up! :hugs:

@WellBeing @Atreides @VMMS @lilo

And any one else that has some experience in tarot!


I just wanted to read your interpretation. Lol #lazy me I guess.


Ok @Luna you are about to get my roughest reading ever. Sorry. I’m on lunch. Can’t get to my deck. But I can’t resist trying so here we go…

You will overcome negative self talk in order to become financially successful. But you will only do this by becoming more caring towards others.

And yet even this above process will only be able to happen if you receive daily inspiration from your subconscious by spending time in meditation listening to your innermost self.

I’m a little surprised by the reading because you’re probably one of the most caring people around here. And yet, sometimes you know… I think you can become harsh to someone you perceive as less caring. Which is a funny kind of mobius of caring if you think about it. And something we all do. But maybe now is a time where this will open up some door for you.


Thank you man!

Ill wait and see if the rest would want to interpret them before i share mine!


Ok, here goes…

Scenario 1: King of Pentacles (A business man?) cuts his losses and either divorces his highborn wife, breaks with a highly esteemed employee or decides to sell/separate from a profitable branch of business or abandons a creative (& lucrative) endeavor

Scenario 2: However, a hunch about a new opportunity suddenly looms (drifting in, seemingly out of no where) for a passion project with much more potential (and likely will pay off soon).

So much depends on context…:woman_shrugging:


looks like you really want out of that job, lol


Wow wow haha

Well the context is really what was the 1st message the tarot wanted to give me, so it could be just anything

But amazing how different everybody read this

Thank you lady!


oh wow the cards are gorgeous. I’m sure you heard very clearly the message that you needed dear Luna. So probably just as an addendum:

Whenever someone needed it, you were always quick to give abundantly to your friends and family or co-workers, whether it was your time, or actual physical resources, and most especially your love and caring. And it gave you a sense of pride and accomplishment. But I wonder if in some cases, because of your strong empathy and sense of responsibility, you took on or internalized other people’s problems or issues to the extent that it was starting to drain you. I’m getting Enneagram 2 vibes. because of all this outflow of energy, there was some important healing of your own that was stalled or set aside. So you possibly started to feel like you were a rut, or exhausted, because you weren’t tending to your own matters first. If you pause for a moment from entertaining other people’s business, setting stronger boundaries, and focus fully on you, The Moon, La Luna, then the spark, the fire, will come back, and you’ll feel re-energized so you can start that exciting new personal project you were dreaming about.:blush:


@lilo omg, your interpretation just clicks, you spell it out so well! :heart_eyes:


Haha this is so exciting because all 3 interpretations have been a little different but they tell me other messages i needed to hear, from different perspectives, yet mine is different because its my perspective or on what my heart needed to hear first!

Thank you so much all 3 of you.

This goes to show, how real this world is (tarot deck) and we are simply like in the real world connected and seeing situations unfolding in front of us or far away from us, and what we read about others is how we perceive their reality, their experience from the point we are at.

And just will let you ponder…

To read your interpretation of my spread again and see how much it resonates to your current situation :wink:

And im sure youll find that the message was maybe for you or that you share the sentiment and thats what is was picked up.

Because at the end of the day, We are all in this together.

Thank you all!!

Also i have a suggestion, how about we throw some cards to read like public figures or situations and see what we all perceive, thatd be pretty cool too!!


I also wonder if the ones that have this tarot deck were to display these same cards i drew, would sense and feel something different?


I mean, still thinking of me and the question but seeing if by having the cards close to you, the message would be different


Yes I do believe the same, any reading we do for others, a part of it is also meant for us to hear.:blush: