YAY! Thank you :smiley:

ANNNNNYBODY having issues lately sending from Coinbase to Venly USDC?

I’ve done it before, and I am confident that I used the right wallet address (Venly has a copy to dashboard function and Coinbase shows the right address in my transaction history). The money left Coinbase an hour and a half ago and is no where to be found in my Venly/Arkane wallet.

I had a problem with Venly today.
Usually when you cancel an NFT sales, it would go back to your wallet in 1-2 minutes. Today it took half an hour.
Maybe some bugs on Venly side.
You can try message Venly using the chat box.

It’s literally just movement of money from Coinbase to Venly. And it shows up on the Coinbase side. so that I can hopefully buy something soon. It’s a fair amount of money so I’m a little unnerved at this point.

Hello, so to clarify the “one owner” rule, spouses with joint accounts have to each make a wallet and cannot share a wallet?

Yes no sharing, only one nft per owner. You can transfer back and fourth but no two or more people can benefit at once

I dunno if this is the right place to ask

But any one ever purchased with after pay before on teespring? Does it work?

For some reason, i have a faint memory of some one saying they weren’t successful buying their NFT with after pay, i hope I’m just tripping haha

Not an expert here, but after pay itself works for Spring releases in general. If you’re talking about buying group NFT releases on the day of drop, the after pay option is usually not offered.

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Nooo damn :(

Yeah i was asking about the day of the NFT drop… Damn

Okay thank you Rosechalice! … i will find a way!

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such a frustrating thing to deal with venly. why cant we come up with something better. so high gas fee, so much confusion.

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Am pretty sure that it checks your subconscious to see if u own it.


I was talking about the NFT i have no clue about the subscriptions

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Anybody knows what it means that I have these random “matic art” things in my wallet ? There becoming more and more


Yeah I noticed that. I had just one, now I have 7. No wait - today it’s 11.


I seen a chat on Phantom Reddit someone saying their a scam or something and that they should be sent to a BIN wallet although I wouldn’t do anything that I don’t know and contact venly see what they say.


Ok ,will do. Thanks!

Another question: do the NFTS we listed for sale still work for us as long as they’re not sold? because as soon as you list them they disappear from your “inventory”.

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As long as you are the owner, they work.


I have these in my wallet. no idea where they come from


The weird things out of left field (like that) are what make me dislike crypto.

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Same thing happened to me just this morning. At first I thought it was cool. Just for a second. Like it could amount to free money somehow though I doubt it’s worth much or it wouldn’t just appear into my account.

But then I got a little paranoid. Because of the name. I wonder if someone could stick something illegal to own into your wallet and you be held accountable for possessing it.

I can’t see an image but does that mean there is none, and how can venly have imageless cryptos?

So, Phantom is a scam? How so? Venly is the one demanding a selfie of me to let me deposit money. Scam or not I feel like Venly is an invasive creep.

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