Hi friends.

This is a place to ask all question about the new world of NFT rare items, audios, mandalas, portals etc being released which buying and selling processes are done using crypto coins/wallets platforms.


There are 2 platforms on where the NFTs are released.

1st read through this to understand what an NFT is

Rarible and some understanding about NFTs



(the NFTs get sold on Teespring first then once you buy them they are added to your wallet on Venly and then you can resell it on the Venly Market to other people, you can also gift it and transfer it)

If you type on google “venly”

This will show up


The 3 things pointed out are the 3 pages where you would be in and out in all processes.

#1 to know about what is Venly and how it works
#2 go there and follow the instructions to create your wallet (which is the place where the NFTs that you buy get added)
#3 where you go to re sell your NFTs (if you want) or buy other NFTs listed or to be nosy lol and see what Sapien Medicine NFTs are being up for offers etc

When you see here in the forum a NFT announcement about a future release its usually finally posted on Teespring max 2 days later so check and read well about date and releasing time so you wont miss it.
On the day and time its finally released, Captain posts the link to Teespring under the same announcement post made days prior. So you wanna keep your page opened on that post like 10 mins before haha and pay attention when you see Captain typing :relieved::smirk:

(Make sure your paypal is correctly connected to your credit car or the credit card directly, and also clear the cache on your phone and or computer, laptop etc, also that you dont have anything in the Teespring shopping cart, you want that cart empty before the release)

Remember the NFTs last 1 minute or 2 the most lol
Because being rarities there wont be many of them to buy and they wont come back EVER to be sold, so of course everyone is there trying to buy thus it goes out of stock that fast.

If you are lucky to have bought one, then as a normal purchase on Teespring, youll get an email confirmation.

The NFT takes a few days up to 2 weeks to land in your Venly wallet however, when the NFT is a mandala or tarot card you can open the little picture attached to the email you got from Teespring and open it with whatever program you want to make it bigger and then you can print it or use it as wall paper etc, so you dont have to wait until it lands in your venly wallet to start enjoying its benefits!! :partying_face:

If you dont have computer or laptop then the little picture might not look that great when expanded to use on your phone, in that case you can message Captain with a ss proof of your Teespring purchase confirmation and he will send you the bigger picture.

When its an audio, Captain can also send it to you in the mean time.

DISCLAIMER: NFTs ONLY work for the owner, it doesnt even apply for parents, spouse, children. No. ONLY the owner gets the benefits.


CRYPTO (it doesnt mean all crypto coins, no, the name if this platform ill talk about is just that crypto . com )

Screenshot_20211028-125514_Chrome obvious main product is the crypto currency but we will focus on the NFT part of this platform

Follow the instruction to create your account.

I personally found it easier to be done through the crypto app

You would need to download the crypto app

Screenshot_20211028-130001_One UI Home

And this one because at a step in the creation process they ask you to verify it using it

Screenshot_20211028-130326_Google Play Store

And when you have to use it make sure you have pen and paper at hand because it shows you a code that lasts only one minute and you have to go back to the crypto app to type it so u dont want to forget it otherwise youd have to go back and get a new code again

Once you have your crypto wallet set up you wont need the authenticator app anymore so you can delete it.

Crypto is still getting around implementing the best ways for better processes, you gotta be patient while you get a handle on the process, please put the effort to learn, but mostly to be PATIENT because yes i know… it gets annoying at times, but just focus on the fun and the excitement from this opportunity we are given.

FYI Crypto . Com wants its NFTs to be super super rare so they dont allow a creator to sell more than 10 pieces x art and they want creators with high reputation and well known business or crew of followers, so inviting Captain to join its business was a big step on his endeavors, so please dont complain about why is he selling NFTs on that platform if is complicated etc.

He was offered that and he took the opportunity because on that platform the value of the NFTs can grow big time over time…

So embrace the challenge with gratitude.

The easiest and fastest way to buy on this platform is by having 2 devices :woman_shrugging:t2: yep

Telling you straight up how it is:

keep your “profile” / account open on your computer- laptop
Keep open your email opened on another page

The New Release Boot has only posted about 1 NFT posted on crypto, hopefully it will do every time in the future, mean time tho you just gotta keep checking Sapien Medicine’s profile Crypto

Process through the browser even if you already have your password saved


As you can see it last 1 min so if you want to access your email inbox to get the code through your phone and then come back to type it … guess what? You gotta go through the same verification process haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (i know, its a pain) so thats why you better have 2 devices at hand so you dont have to leave that signing in page

From the app is way more simple, you only type the password you created when you set the app and thats it you are in.

But then, when buying, again, easiest way to pay tho stil requires you 2 steps through the app

Lets say you see a drop on Sapiens crypto profile you go all the way to pay and choose (either paying directly with your credit card, tho a lot of people has had error when checking out and i kinda think its because they want us all to get the app eventually, because it works paying directly only the first 2 transactions or so then never lol) so set up the app and then when buying choose the option crypto pay, then you choose again crypto then it opens a QR code for you to scan WITH YOUR PHONE USING THE APP :slight_smile:

(Im gonna show you the 2 steps on your phones app once you see the QR code on the others device buying screen, because i cant show you the QR process now since it only shows when you are actually going to buy)


Then you scan the QR shown on the other devices screen

It captures it then you follow the process on the phone, which is easy, it simply asks you to choose “pay” and “done” and then the screen on the other device will show :white_check_mark: and thats it, you bought your NFT :partying_face:

Wait a couple of minutes then go on your crypto profile “my nfts” and then you should see its there.

You also get an email confirmation

This is it for now


I know some of you (including mi self) dont like to keep money (as crypto) in your account because you know it can go up but it can also go down, if you are going to buy using the app (pay-scan QR) you gotta have crypto coins in it before buying. So far… the portals price have been $55usd and 1of them (captured moonlight) was $165usd the whatever “makers” have been $220usd

So if you want to have a chance to buy, you are gonna want to keep at least $250usd there :woman_shrugging:t2: from time to time. As I said, hopefully Captain will want to announce at least a day before that he will upload NFTs on crypto so we can just take the risk to buy crypto for a day. (This is if you are only interested in buying NFTs)

Process to buy crypto coins from your app (directly paying with credit card -unfortunately paypal to buy is not an option at least yet- ) those who already have coins from other crypto wallets will see the option to convert on the website or app.



You type the amount of CRO (crypto coins) you want, see it shows above in the little rectangle ‘usd’ ? It moves up and down as you change the amount of crypto (where it says 1,000) so you stop when you get the amount of usd you want to buy, if you want to buy coins because your offer (ill explain this next) was accepted then dont put the exact amount in usd, there are always fees to buy crypto so put like extra 20usd (not saying 20usd is the fee, i cant tell u how much they are because it changes depending on your currency etc, but what ive noticed its around 2 to 4%)

Then thats it, click on buy and follow the steps (in my çase it opens a window from my bank asking me to put my phone number so they can send a code to verify its me buying the coins, so i type it in then write down the code and type it) once its done it directs you to the home page where you can see the money as crypto coins so then you click pay and scan then scan the QR code on the other device and pay.

You can also do this process on your computer (buying crypto)


What does this mean?


Reserved for me to add info later lol

Relevant info that will be the first thing to read instead of getting buried within comments


How much Matic does it cost to transfer an NFT?
How much Matic do you get when you buy an NFT?


I have been using the crypto NFT site on my pc, but have the crypto app. Can you see the same things (Sapien NFTs) on the app that you can on the website?

So far I can only see that they offer buying cryptocurrency on the app, but don’t see how to get to the NFT list to buy or put an offer in on SM NFTs. Thanks!


Also, for those having trouble with completing a sale through Crypto, can buying currency help? I’m guessing yes, so which currency (theirs?), and how do you figure out the exchange rate? Perhaps $1USD is equal to 1 of their currency. Thanks, again. I tried reading their FAQs but they leave a lot to the imagination, lol.


Yes i forgot this part.

Im gonna edit the 1st comment

Edited @Rosechalice

Regarding the exchanges fee,
If you dont find the exact answer which i think is hard because they are different variables at play, you can always ask them on help center.

Ive noticed an average between 2 to 4% fee


Thanks for taking on this project Luna. Very much appreciated! and I can’t resist, lol.
thanks so much


Omg thx so much for creating this. The other day i thought about a streamlined thread and here it is…


Dang, lady! @anon46520955 You wrote a dissertation! Just awesome - thanks, again. :star_struck:


You can open a page on browser from your phone and log in and see everything and do everything.

The app is to pay only for now, it does have where to look for a collectors profile but since our Capi is still new on the platform is not coming up yet when you type on searching bar :)


Oh that explains a lot!


When you get one NFT you get 1 Matic
When you transfer is just cents but i dont know exactly

Will add more info when i get replied from help center

:boom: Unless someone else here already knows :boom:


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The last time I transferred, it only cost 0. 0017211 MATIC ~ 0.004$
So for now you don’t have to worry about the transfer fee. It might change if they see there’s a noticeable amount of transferring transactions lol


Sorry to butt in, just to correct this. Actually a creator can sell as “many” editions as he wants, of course they won’t do too many because of the demand and things but still.


Perhaps when you are just starting as a creator on that platform and it opens more spaces as you advance


Holaa, pues no se si quedé IGUAL o PEOR :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1::+1::+1: