Official NFT Guidelines & Discussion - Update

The NFT Guidelines are undergoing an update.

Dr_Manhattan 3d

Hello Everyone,

We’re pausing the acceptance of new NFT submissions.
We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity you’ve shown through your submissions. Now, it’s time for us to dedicate our efforts to give each existing project the attention it deserves.

Please note:

  • No new NFT submissions will be accepted for the time being.
  • We will be working through the current queue of submissions.
  • We’ll keep you informed about future opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding and continued participation in the community projects.

It’s been a year and our procedures have changed! Many thanks to Divine_Lotus for her past diligent work on this topic.

  1. New users have to prove to the mods that they own an NFT before being allowed to post their first trade offer. Non compliance will be sanctioned. That’s a reportable offense.
  2. While trading with a new user either: A. They send first. OR B. Mods or Trusted Traders will assist as intermediaries.

New guidelines will be published.


[quote=“SammyG, post:1, topic:23640”]
NFT Trading Decree :

  1. Learn the basics of NFTs and how they work before making deals, transactions or starting public or private community projects.
  2. Sapien Medicine NFTs may include any or all of the following:
  • Morphic fields (fielded audios), mandalas (fielded images), servitors.
  • NFTs are in the form of a mandala and may also have audio
  • Levels of detail in NFT description may vary for public testimonials. You may ask for more information from a group leader if you own the NFT
  • Do not request file size or audio length
    • This is considered suspicious behavior, as is asking to try the audio before purchase.
  1. Be sure it is an NFT before posting
  2. Scams: Please Report
  • Scams may also involve audios and images which are not NFTs
  • Best practice is to make deals with members bearing the Trusted Trader badge
  • Post NFTs for trade or sale ONLY every three (3) days
    • Older posts must be deleted before a new one may be shared
    • Negotiate prices only in private messages
Important Threads
  1. NFTs may only be traded/sold/bought if it is officially owned by you / the person
  • Officially = You / they bought / traded for it themselves legitimately and the NFT is in your / their own wallet
  • The fields ownership is linked, with protection, to the owner’s NFToken with its address, in their own wallet, to the owner’s subconscious mind. This is the reality of how the fielded NFTs work to protect the creator(s) and keep it fair for supporters.
    • You can help close relatives, friend(s), family, kids, who may be new, by doing the following:
      • Make a wallet under their name(s) for them to have ownership of the wallet.
      • Transfer the NFT(s) to their wallet. They will have full field effects without worry.
    • Exceptions may apply by Dream for specific NFTs.
  • Even the content creators of the NFT(s) must buy their own copy of the NFT(s) due to how NFTs work in regards to the ownership system of the NFTokens. Tokens: The ownership certificate on the blockchain.
  1. Confirm legitimacy of NFT before sending / receiving: Use a blockchain explorer such as Solscan (Solana) or Polygonscan (Matic)
  2. Transfers: once the NFT(s) get transferred to the new wallet
    • New owner: All of the effects will be applied to the new owner
    • Previous owner: All effects removed
  3. Private project NFTs can only be bought from / traded by the members involved in the group project(s) or in Those involved in the private group project can post there.
  4. Do not sell / trade / give an NFT ‘copy’ that is not yours. Ie. Selling other members NFT copies when you are only allowed 1 copy.
  5. We are not responsible for any loss experienced due to negligence on your part (lost wallet, lost NFT due to scams, lost pass code etc). Please be mindful about how you handle your NFTs as many of them are limited-editions. Common mistake is to keep your wallet pass in an insecure unreliable place, like on your device or on cloud storage. Write on a physical medium, stored in a safe, accessible, memorable place.
  1. New forum members will likely have to send their NFT and / or funds first due to their level of trust and lack of track record. They should have the least problems doing deals with trusted members.**
  2. Do not promote or ask for any NFTs in dedicated NFT threads. Make your requests or posts in the
  3. It is a free market for Sapien Med NFTs. Anyone can set their own desired pricing for their own NFTs. With some caveats.
  4. Avoid Black-market or underhand sales / trades / public uploads for your sanity.
    • The people doing such things don’t authentically own the token in their wallet. They may have the NFT, but the energy of the field embedded into the files will not work for them since it is not an honest transaction to begin with.
    • The field effects are nonexistent with these types of illegitimate ‘deals’ / ‘distributions’ due to the nature of the protection in place.
    • If you are involved in such things, you are wasting your time, energy, and money. You will not have results, especially for the desired long term or permanence. Due to this, it is one of the most common reasons why fields do not work.
  5. Do not accept trades / sales / transactions on any standalone audios or images which aren’t NFTs. They must be owned; as an NFT; in an honest manner; in their own wallet.
  6. Do not to do transactions anywhere outside of the forum unless both parties are trusted forum community members / people. **
  7. Refunds and returns cannot be done. Even for the case of they ‘do not work’ Especially when it’s pirated / stolen / not honestly bought. Please be sure that what you’re buying is legitimate and you’ve done your due diligence to reflect and research.
Other Basic Explanations

Some time ago I proposed an idea about protecting NFT purchases and sales. I hadn’t developed enough.

By reading the recent sales and purchase regulations nft the idea my income.

Creates an “identification badge ” NFT (example name) which will be produced in very large numbers and downloadable like a classic NFT. Of course for the creation of this special nft there will be a price set.

This NFT “identification badge” will be additional security or another type of security for the sale and purchase of nft.

The idea is that each person who wishes to sell or buy an NFT on the dedicated discussion thread presents the number of their NFT “identification badge” each sale and purchase.

This NFT “identification badge” could also have other functions such as protecting one’s personal NFT collection ,be attracted to honest buyers/sellers and repel those who are dishonest and other ideas that can be discussed and developed.

What could be interesting is that this NFT “identification badge” could give energy information about the owner. That is to say an energy signature specific to each owner which could be consulted by caring people with developed psychic abilities.

In addition, this “identification badge” NFT will be able to communicate with other “identification badge” NFTs.

Tell me what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are many people on the forum who are selling/offering NFTs on behalf of others. Because these others are either banned from the forum or want to stay anonymous or don’t have a “Trusted Trader” badge or too lazy to offer it themselves.

The only way to verify whether one is actually receiving a NFT from the same person that advertised it, is to know in advance which wallet belongs to this person. This can be evaluated by the trading partners when they trade and BEFORE anyone sends anything to each other. So maybe this practice of checking wallets through a blockchain explorer should be incorporated as step 2.5 (between Step 2 and Step 3 in the Ownership).


Does this mean people can receive the effects of NFT fields remotely, without having to consciously work with them? (Listening to audios, staring at mandalas)


Well everyone is different. I talk to mine with no mandala on me and no audio playing, and I receive answers, so that would indicate that it’s possible remotely. When I’m working I have the mandala all around me, but I might not necessarily actively work with one but still communicate. Don’t know if that even “remotely” answers your question. :joy:


Hmm, interesting. This changes things for me a bit. Gonna try experimenting a little lol


Yes absolutely you can :ok_hand:
Sammy mentioned often that, for instance, as you continue to listen to audios, your body will memorize them and their effects.

So what happens for me is, when i would whistle blueprint of life in the shower or outside, i would notice some effects. Some audios i can think of in my mind and play them in my mind as well. Obviously it’s not 100% the same effect. I would say it depends on how familiar you are with the field. In other words, how much you worked with and through it.

Also with certain NFTs, i can simply picture the mandala in my mind and meditate with it, without carrying it. Arc light is an example of that.

So yeah yeah, definitely remote actions are possible. Einstein would love it. He’d call them spooky actions at a distance. We’ll call it quantum entanglement with our NFTs via morphic field technology ;)


I received a NTF in phantom but its together with another NFT now. Does anybody know how to separate them? Many thanks!

They’re separated, it’s just the Phantom UI that shows it like that, no worries

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thank you but is it possible to show them separated in the app?

select the one you want to see
the one on the left is probably the beginnings of a collection

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and how do I select it?

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click on it
if there is more than one, the collection will open
at any rate you should be able to open it
so that it appears alone

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and can I put the other one out of the collection, so that they are both shown in the overview?

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not to my knowledge
it is showing the NFTs by collection
to see them separately
keep selecting

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I’m sure this is already answered somewhere but: if you lose password/code to a wallet that has NFT’s in it they still work right? I could’nt get back in my original Phantom and had to get another wallet.

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Yes, they still work since you are owner.


Thanks so much! i was a little worried.

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