Charge Back Black List

I will start making a list here of the all the people who initiate massive charge backs
and file paypal cases and reports.

People should be wary of these people purchasing anything at any point in time.
(NFTS) etc
Check these names when selling any product.

List will added to as we slowly ride out the end

Keith Bolding

Asma Abakhay


Ugh. Sorry you’re dealing with this boss.


Sorry that you have to do this but it’s better for you and the forum members to know this info. Hopefully, this stops the frauds.


Get’em sir


probably wont,
but at least you can look out for names.

Will update as they come, and seems likely that a lot are coming soon.

I will consider also password protecting the sapien shop store and restricting access highly.
Sign a pre contract for it etc.

Most of the gumroad store is already gone, matter of time really.


Time to send bad apples to trash!


Victory will soon be yours!! :crossed_swords::shield:



Those gumroad audios gonna be moved over cap?

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they are likely discontinued


Aw man. How long black by 3 gonna stay up boss
It cant be moved over to spring

the ones there will remain.

the ones medical are gone


Oh no. Kenn, can you have your father know the truth? It would be great if he can call back and tell them that.

Well Kenn this is a good lesson for you. I know you’re very young but remember,
Our lies implicate others. We ought to be vigilant

Please let your father know regardless.

Even if he says no, I encourage you you to send over whatever the rest of total amount is, it can be rectified if not totality, at least a little.


I am glad you recognize this. Good job :+1:t3:
In that case,
Reach out to the credit card calling place directly to let them know so they can reverse the claim.

I also encourage you to directly reach out to Mr. Weaver and Sam if you’ve not already :)

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I have refunded it all.
Its fine,
But i shall continue the proper legal actions etc.


Is there any specific reason to take them down especially If they still in demand?

It seems kind of odd to remove recently uploaded fields like, arms, legs, etc. or are there some other underlying issues concerning those fields?

Cheers, everyone!


The paypal/payment disputes are the source of the problem ^

If someone does the whole chargeback thing, the fields get removed as a form of damage control.

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I think EU wise etc

lots of new laws and any medical sound stuff is a no go.

why i think its general, because some of the other sellers audios were flagged by paypal itself as being against TOS. (on sound weave, not the ones i listed)

The charge back thing is a larger compounded problem, as this wasnt a charge back per say, but a few months of orders disputed.

I am not sure that people understand that this is fraud, being that we live in an amazon replace all world, people assume they are always entitled to some larger standard in that the everyday person selling is also made of unlimited resources and can simply return months of sales on the whim and fancy of the purchaser.


Heavens guys!
Why are we not more supportive of the Captain? I am very sorry that he is going through all this and that his work is affected, I have lost the great opportunity to acquire super powerful audio, however, none of this is as important as the fact that our captain is calm in sight that several people apparently trying to take advantage of his kindness. I hope it is resolved and that it can be uploaded on other platforms, please, it is so precious to have your work among us, I would be willing to sign any contract, renouncing the fact of paying without refunds, I would not have any problem. May everything be resolved wholeheartedly dear @Dreamweaver !!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:


Correct me if I am wrong, but certain fields will no longer work if the purchaser claims a refund eg Muscle Beyond Limits, St Biceps and most recently Black Order 3.

Why not apply this to all audios? so that they have no incentive to file a charge back.