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  1. Learn the basics of NFTs and how they work, even securing them by any or all means necessary, before doing anything with NFTs such as making deals or transactions (consider transaction fees) and starting public or private community projects.
  2. Sapien Medicine NFTs may include any or all of the following:
  • Morphic fields (fielded audios), mandalas (fielded images), servitors.
  • NFTs always come with mandalas but may sometimes have audio
  • Levels of detail in description may vary depending on the NFT project hosts. You can try to ask for more information from them if you own the NFT
  • The file size, audio length, how it sounds (implying audio sample rather than theme / mood / genre) are info that is not needed when doing transactions and the field having an effect for you. When bought originally from our official websites, this is not something to be concerned about, so it is irrelevant.
    • Anyone asking for any information like this is practicing suspicious behavior and almost always wants to steal the product or trying to mine for information for pirated content. If they ask for any info to ‘try it out’ it’s likely pirating or manipulating behavior. Don’t fall for it.
  1. Be sure it is an NFT before posting. Do not to confuse NFTs with Non-NFTs when posting on
  2. NFT Buying Selling Thread Rules
  • Post on 3rd day
    • Delete older / finished posts
      • 1 Member
      • 1 Post
    • Negotiate prices in personal / private messages
    • Since people are only allowed 1 post for this thread, we are more lenient on the formats of the posts.
  1. Group Rules: Be sure you know and respect the NFT group rules before any form of selling, trading, mentioning, etc.
  1. Scams: Please report such behaviors.
  • This includes requests of audios and images which are not NFTs. It must have a valid token address (Anti-scam guide? WIP feel free to volunteer on making a guide for this)
  • It is good practice to make deals with trusted people and be much more cautious with newer users.

Important Threads

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  1. NFTs may only be traded/sold/bought if it is officially owned by you / the person
  • Officially = You / they bought / traded for it themselves legitimately and the NFT is in your / their own wallet
  • The fields ownership is linked, with protection, to the owner’s NFToken with its address, in their own wallet, to the owner’s subconscious mind. This is the reality of how the fielded NFTs work to protect the creator(s) and keep it fair for supporters.
    • You can help close relatives, friend(s), family, kids, who may be new, by doing the following:
      • Make a wallet under their name(s) for them to have ownership of the wallet.
      • Transfer the NFT(s) to their wallet. They will have full field effects without worry.
    • Exceptions may apply by Dream for specific NFTs.
  • Even the content creators of the NFT(s) must buy their own copy of the NFT(s) due to how NFTs work in regards to the ownership system of the NFTokens. Tokens: The ownership certificate on the blockchain.
  1. Confirm legitimacy of NFT before sending / receiving: Use a blockchain explorer such as Solscan (Solana) or Polygonscan (Matic)
  2. Transfers: once the NFT(s) get transferred to the new wallet
    • New owner: All of the effects will be applied to the new owner
    • Previous owner: All effects removed
  3. Private project NFTs can only be bought from / traded by the members involved in the group project(s) or in Those involved in the private group project can post there.
  4. Do not sell / trade / give an NFT ‘copy’ that is not yours. Ie. Selling other members NFT copies when you are only allowed 1 copy.
  5. We are not responsible for any loss experienced due to negligence on your part (lost wallet, lost NFT due to scams, lost pass code etc). Please be mindful about how you handle your NFTs as many of them are limited-editions. Common mistake is to keep your wallet pass in an insecure unreliable place, like on your device or on cloud storage. Write on a physical medium, stored in a safe, accessible, memorable place.


  1. New forum members will likely have to send their NFT and / or funds first due to their level of trust and lack of track record. They should have the least problems doing deals with trusted members.**
  2. Do not promote or ask for any NFTs in dedicated NFT threads. Make your requests or posts in the
  3. It is a free market for Sapien Med NFTs. Anyone can set their own desired pricing for their own NFTs. With some caveats.
  4. Avoid Black-market or underhand sales / trades / public uploads for your sanity.
    • The people doing such things don’t authentically own the token in their wallet. They may have the NFT, but the energy of the field embedded into the files will not work for them since it is not an honest transaction to begin with.
    • The field effects are nonexistent with these types of illegitimate ‘deals’ / ‘distributions’ due to the nature of the protection in place.
    • If you are involved in such things, you are wasting your time, energy, and money. You will not have results, especially for the desired long term or permanence. Due to this, it is one of the most common reasons why fields do not work.
  5. Do not accept trades / sales / transactions on any standalone audios or images which aren’t NFTs. They must be owned; as an NFT; in an honest manner; in their own wallet.
  6. Do not to do transactions anywhere outside of the forum unless both parties are trusted forum community members / people. **
  7. Refunds and returns cannot be done. Even for the case of they ‘do not work’ Especially when it’s pirated / stolen / not honestly bought. Please be sure that what you’re buying is legitimate and you’ve done your due diligence to reflect and research.

Other Threads

Other Basic Explanations
Fun NFT Topics

Exceptions or changes can be made and informed by any of the admins through their own accord only. This post may update accordingly. If there’s anything wrong / needs more improvement, just let me know by private messaging me.

** = noted to change

Might edit a few sections later for brevity

:warning: Please leave personal, individual, private, 1 on 1 complaints / arguements in the Disputes Thread or in private messages, only inviting @moderators if they are needed to solve the problem.


What happened?

Did you store your Secret Recovery Phrase digitally on your computer or smart phone and got spied by malware / key loggers / fake phantom app?


No i was going to download either the app or the extension on my laptop because my app on my phone was super slow and i was selling an NFT
So i doenloaded what it seems like Phantom but it wasnt and its when i started seeing my NFTs count going down that i realized. 18 NFts stolen fk sakes. :frowning: luckily i reacted eventually and downloaded the app on my other phone and transferred the 7 i had left


It’s really unfair what happened to you man :confused:.

I know this is not the section to come up with NFT ideas :pray: (I will delete it later if requested) .

@Dreamweaver sorry to bother you for this but it seems important to me to mention this . there will be more and more problems like this .Would it be possible to create a protective NFT? An intelligent servitor that detects if there is an NFT theft, medicine sapiens account hacker. Whoever stole will have a curse or the “justice” effect against him :facepunch:.


Agreed.:100: This is

what a legit owner would see if they saved the page.


That’s only for those who got their nft-s from thesapienshop.
Anyone who bought it from the trading thread has to ask around for the audio. Since they have no access to the claim nft page.


Oh okay, I forgot about the trading.

It seems to me that we can follow the transfers of the nft of each person having possessed it.

I think that for security reasons you should note the number of your NFT. If there is a theft, report it on a dedicated discussion file and indicate the number of the nft stolen.

Pay attention to new members.


Yes but my warning was specifically for new members asking for audios. How did they trade for an NFT when they just opened a profile? :thinking:

I dont wanna hijack this thread answering things maybe @Divine_Lotus can open a new thread about warnings in general when trading etc and move these comments there? 😮‍💨 thank you


Oh im sorry i am not a bad person who wants to steal, i brought the nft but i think the app to save it has a password and i don’t remember what password i used. I had other nfts too. I don’t know too much about Nfts neither the rules at 100%. If nobody wants to send the audio don’t worry.
I deleted with a mistake the email attached, i am very ghost on the internet since i don’t want to be seen too much online, but when i knew sapien made an audio of this one i created this account just to ask for it, sorry if it seemed weird

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hey guys, i am really feeling bad for lossing the transcipt of prestige and grandeur, i spend a lot of money on it but deleted the email of the transcript by a mistake, i have the image since long time ago, I am just very disorganized and lost the transcript. What can i do? If nobody wants to send the audio of fear of people misusng it? like stealing it or having it without paying? I will never take others nfts because since i heard it doesn’t even work if you didn’t paid for it

the nft is not in your wallet?


I have to put a phrase of recuperation on phantom, and i can’t have access to it. I can give you my email used to buy it, like the app tells me to put a phrase of recuperation but i don’t remember, i can give you my email used to but it, i don’t know if that’s possible. Also, i will dm you to ask a personal question both related to the NFTs and the forum as a past user.
We can follow the conversation in the private message if you are ok with it
I already messaged you. Thank you very much, hope you can help me solve this 2 problems

Amazing thread @Divine_Lotus


Updated with more clarity of the NFT sell trade rules. Will do more updates later


So how can I download max heal potion to my phantom wallet. I just downloaded it from the link I got will it still work? Also if I want to trade an NFT do I need to use phantom wallet or can I just send the picture other ways?

With permission from @Tee

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you must link the NFT to your wallet. In this case, you become the owner of the NFT. Through the wallet, you can sell, transfer or exchange the NFT to another person.

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How do I link it ?

create/register a phantom wallet. Buy NFT. You receive an email with a link (claim your NFT). Go through it, choose which platform your wallet is on. and you send the NFT to your wallet. After sending, you will have the opportunity to download the NFT in its original size and the audio file. The NFT should appear in your wallet, from now on you are the owner of this NFT1