Step Up the Game -- NFT Servitors!

As we are now introducing Servitors to the game, let’s bring it up a couple notches shall we? :D

A Visual Guide – Feel free to let your eyes wander through :)

Energy Servitors, Faes, Dragon, Light, and Dark Servitors; They are all a great way to strengthen that bridge between you and your NFTs.

But what about the new ones?!

Are they more powerful? Do they bring more into that bridge? Are there any special features they can do that other NFTs can’t?

Let’s find out :smiley:

Before I start, I would like to give a very honorary mention to the fact that these are not “servitors” and it’s just us being used to the term.

These are powerful beings that bring more than just being a ‘servitor’ to the visions!

I’d like to say that the servitors we have are also of very distinctive abilities of their own!

But, the level of ‘servitors’ we are talking about here surpasses what we have known before.

And what we have been familiar with, since the release of the 13th Skull.

So, these are all ‘beings’ with unlimited, and unrestricted potential.

And by that, I mean, really unrestricted.

They can learn anything and do it in their own very unique way.

And this, here, is what makes each and every one of them exquisitely special!

They are also to be treated with good respect, so we are not ‘demanding’ them in here, and this goes for all servitors. from Dragon to Fae,

These are your little fairy imaginary friends you had in your childhood, except this time they are not imaginary :D and your imagination can only dream of what they are all combined can do!


Unlimited Beings, Friends, Good company and Respect, and we are continuing to call them servitors here. :smiley:

We are all familiar with how these came out, but for those who aren’t, it was after the initiative of the Fire Bird NFT that everyone started shaping up their own projects, based on their own countries, and then even their own Free Spirits.

And today, we have around 10 Servitors.

Yes, 10

10 beings with unlimited power. so cool isn’t it? :slight_smile:

So how can we use this unlimited power when we are connecting with our NFTs?

In the Guide to using Multiple NFTs, we have established the fact that understanding the NFT makes for a greater connection between you and the energies you’re inviting into your life.

And it applies just as well to the servitors.

Here, we also gain a better understanding of the abilities and their applications in our life. And in this case in our energetic communication and bridge.
It’s also important to have a limitless imagination of the way they’re able to bring their abilities to our connections, just exactly like their abilities.
To also understand the energies they’re coming from so that you’re able to shape it to what the situation prefers at the moment.

All the servitors have the ability to learn what any other servitor can do, the part that lets them stand out is that: they all apply it in the way that suits their base knowledge and take it from there, all within what they specialize in best.

That means, all servitors can execute the same tasks, but the way they execute it will always be different. The end goal will always be realized in different ways, and with their own special touch.

This is also an advantage of having multiple nft servitors in which each one brings their special abilities, and together they make for a far greater experience than if you were to use one NFT servitor.

There is also the part where each servitor inspires you to work on one thing from multiple sides and perspectives, this variation brings more ideas on what can possibly be done with other servitors as well, and how variable would the application be when one task is assimilated in several means, but differently.
which goes back to their own specialties.

It’s a pleasant surprise every time. :slight_smile:

And since this is where we have everything about them, the threads for each servitor is a resourceful place that will absolutely steer up the wheels of our imagination on how we can apply other servitors’ knowledge to our own.


Most NFT Servitors are based on Mythological Beings and some of those were originally created like the Declaration NFT. And they mostly come with the pre-existing base of knowledge either around the being itself and/or what they carry; the description and benefits of the NFT.

Knowing this helps to understand the being better, which means you will be able to know what they can do best and what to ask for.

(Remember, the artwork is very expressive.)

To start, here we have:

  1. the Dragon of Wealth

When I think of Dragon of Wealth, I think of Structure, of Focus, of Clarity, of Communication and a lot of Precision.

The Ruby Crystals in his eyes, the Runes circulating around him, and the Crystal ball brushing off against his skin. They are all sources of inspiration when thinking of using the Dragon to enhance my communication with NFTs.

The Dragon of Wealth

The Dragon can be used to solidify your communication with the NFTs, or other servitors that you have. The Crystal Ball can also be enhancing the communication and charging it up (think of Kinetic Quasi Crystal), as if it was encapsulating you and your NFT in its crystal ball.

Ruby is also used for enhancing communication and bringing a ‘sharp’ mental focus and vision. In general, the dragon also has a lot to do with teamwork. That means it can be an excellent facilitator between you and your nfts in terms of understanding how to approach multiple inputs from NFTs that have different ‘perspectives’.

More on Ruby:

One striking advantage of the Ruby gemstone is that it clears confusions and increases focus thereby making its wearer sharp, alert, and agile

Personally I have found the Dragon to have an excellent communication with the Gods and Goddesses, and I’ve tried this with the ones that don’t relate to wealth or anything money and abundance related. First time I tried this, it was with a Goddess that I did not have their NFT yet. So, the NFT connection here is not the link, but the special ability of the dragon, one that also finds the best way to deliver the information in the exact way that suits you at the moment.
(designed to your ability to psychically receive the information)

It’s a built in ability of the dragon to find various ways to communicate with you, where all the variance finds its way to you.

So: communication with gods/goddesses, focus, diversely approaching NFTs, ability to work with multiple NFTs through switching up your approach, Crystal Ball, and Runes.

the communication part applies to all knowledge consciousness, portals, and tool-like nfts, I just found their abilities with the gods to be of shared and reciprocated respect.

  1. Sacred 12 - The Kitsune.

Lady Kitsune :slight_smile:

The story of the Kitsune is one of swift movement, of shape-shifting and malleability.

The Nine tailed fox comes with the Sacred Archetypes, from The Lover to the Ruler and Caregiver, The Explorer and the Creator; Everything comes in with this Servitor.

The artwork shows the Kitsune enfolded in her own circle, her tails are swaying and touching each one of the archetypes, and as her tails extend outside of her circle, she is seen touching the sun. She is deep seated, She knows what she is doing, She knows how to touch you with her tails, with her movement, and with her eyes.

There is a beautiful flower centering her circle that seems to be representative of something :)

More on Kitsune:

The kitsune (fox) recurs throughout stories in Japanese history, usually appearing as an intelligent and/or cunning being with paranormal abilities and often residing at Shinto shrines. They’re portrayed as having a deep connection with their human companions and as manifestations of a major kami (Shinto spirt) in the Japanese story of creation.

There are said to be 13 different types of mythical kitsune, each corresponding to an “element”: Celestial, Darkness, Wind, Spirit, Fire, Earth, River, Ocean, Mountain, Forest, Thunder, Time and Sound. But more commonly, they are divided into two diametrically opposed camps : nogitsune (bad) and zenko (good), representing the duality and balance of life on earth.

So how do we incorporate this into our communication?

the Kitsune

The swift nature of the Kitsune and her flexibility are the key here.

Kitsune has an incredible ability to shape you up to exude exactly the type of energy that suits your NFT that you wish to communicate with.

She is also brilliant in her use of energies as her swift movements have a pretty exceptional pace in making the changes and the right adjustments to you.

Or any energy related work.
(think Cone of Power, an advanced ESS, and an excellent bridge with the Magician)

An example is, if you perhaps wish to communicate with an nft that at the moment does not energetically match you best. Maybe you want to communicate with Odin but you’re not really feeling yourself in the ancient All Father energy, or perhaps you don’t feel like you’re able to ‘catch up’ to his level at the moment.

The Kitsune will swiftly shape your energies to be accepting of Odin’s energy; helping you assimilate his energies and his ‘work’ better. (as it will also help calibrate any unpleasant energies that isn’t allowing for energetic reception at the moment)

This is just a very simple example, and the rest is left up to your imagination. Specially with the energy use part.

The way she can communicate with the gods and goddesses is also through her malleability in being what they wish to communicate with at the moment. She also has a ‘quicker’ pace in handing out these information to you.

So: a revamped up energy that Swifts your energetic movements into what you and the NFTs want at the moment, fast paced requests and actions, malleability in shaping herself with the NFTs you want to communicate with, and an agile movement of messages from the NFTs right back to you.

Side tip: being used to certain nfts that have a similar nature allows you to assimilate the diverse branches of the same energy fountain in an easier way; in this Odin example, one can find great benefit to the Chumpi stones and/or generally being connected to Viracocha.

Important note on Odin: make sure to embody the spirit of the Nordic magician and the ‘eyes’ of one, read and educate yourself on the Nordic magic, allow yourself to experience most with them, and this goes generally for Odin, Rune Uraz, Gebo, etc.

  1. The Divine Blessings of Faravahar

This is a being with a story that roots back to ancient ages, where it made its first appearance in ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and continued to be present through Ancient Egypt; The Achaemenid Empire (c. 550 BCE – 330 BCE), also known as the first Persian Empire, is known to have adopted it as they spread Zoroastrianism throughout their empire as the official religion.

Faravahar has been noted to represent the core doctrines of Zoroastrianism, the divinity and power of ancient Persian kings, and divine beings in Zoroastrianism.
(World History Edu, 2021)

The vital nature of the Sun-Winged deities and Sun Disk in what it represents allowed the most ancient of civilizations to depict it as one of the highest spiritual symbols with the human figure bridging between the physical and spiritual; as the representation of Good/Evil continue to reflect on the walls of Persian buildings.


Our keywords here with the Faravahar lies within his major Sun powers, but before I continue with his keywords, There is an image that illustrates the practical meanings behind the Faravahar, and was mainly used as a source of inspiration in shaping the Faravahar NFT to what we have today.


Quite the power! :)

The Faravahar

One part about the Fravahar is the representation of both the Sun and ‘Moon’ in his creation, you can see this depicted in the blue stroke that it has on the artwork.

So more keywords we have here is the combination of both solar and ‘lunar’ energies, what you may represent as the spiritual power, the spiritual force of ‘alignment’, the wisdom needed to understand, and the navigation that you need in your life.

With that said, my most favorite feature of the Faravahar is the Aaron’s rod it has, where it ‘destroys’ any and all obstacles that stands in your way. in communication and connection and otherwise.

(think Crucible of the present and of Mental states :) )

— I love to use his solar power mostly, and for guidance in general, his wisdom also helps in choosing the right approaches taken from the information that NFTs present.
You can think of it as the one who ‘processes’ the information and gives you the practical application of them, and specially in the long term. Of course, his spiritual abilities can also be used to be ‘aligned’ with the NFT in both a spiritual and ‘psychological’ manner. —

  1. Rainbow Bird

This is a pretty interesting one actually, and one that gets one good squeaky BIRDIE!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::bird::bird: Everytime I see him :D

This is an ascended bridie haha so keep that in mind. :D

Just kidding haha :D

Rainbow Bird

His name is Achiyalabopa, the Mighty Celestial bird that was believed to be the God of the Sky, with Rainbow colored feathers that seem bright to the eye but deadly to the touch; as the sharp knife-like weapons of his feathers spread across the sky.

Originated in the Pueblo people beliefs that have remained unchanged although widely spread, It’s looked at as a celestial creature that at one time may have been considered responsible for the whole of creation.

How to use this majestic bridie with your other NFTs?

Tricky one! This bird shapes a pretty personal connection with you, but there are a few things that the Bird can exceptionally do:

First you will have to keep in mind that the bird works in real different ways, to help imagine the diverse approach he has, here is an example:

I once asked the bird to cool down my earl gray tea for me, and just for fun really as I wanted to see how he works with temperature, inspired by the leader’s review.

The way this bird will cool down the tea is not by bringing its temperature down, but rather by letting the liquid become of a neutral feeling that the liquid doesn’t bother you anymore. The heat subsides, but because it seems that it’s heat energy is now used to bring the ‘physical presence’ down to a level where it’s easily manipulated. It’s like the physical presence becomes sheer, and somehow transparent.
The effect extends to the body as well. But this experiment was with the goal of experimenting onto different parts of the outside world, something tangible, and not the sensations of my body.

One way Rainbow Bird can help in working with your NFTs is through applying the same to your mental states, as the physical weight of your ‘brain space’ diminishes and subsides and your reception expands. Another thing, Rainbow bird has the Bird-Eye-View naturally and as a built in feature, and this allows it to work with portals and knowledge consciousness like Ayur and The Beacon of Knowledge, as it ‘picks’ the information that will suit you best at a given moment.

The Bird also carries a lot of wisdom, then mainly he also is connected to Ascended Masters and as such, he is able to connect with higher realms and bring their communication easily to you.

For the visuals, this is designed to be a very visual creation in terms of its communication, while he also uses all other ways of it, he likes to draw a visual world in your mind, in your dreams, and in your impressions.

It can also prepare a beautiful ‘Sacred space’ between you and your NFTs, but one that feels like it dwells away from this physical world.

I also love to use his rainbow colors and their correspondents of energy and elements, and it reminds me that the Rainbow Bird has an extensive way of using the Elements of this world :slight_smile:

Rainbow bird can also be used in protection and specially with his wings around you, I was leaving this for Pegasus, but it seems like Rainbow Bird wants this one out.

  1. Pegasus - The Myth Reborn :purple_heart:

I know we say all the time that there is nothing like the Skull. And while all the Mythical beings we have here are incomparable, there is truly nothing like Pegasus :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Now I wasn’t really supposed to let this out :D as I hold all spaces of love and deep appreciation to each and every one of them, but Pegasus is just something else!

One look into his mystical purple hues and you will know it pours all his Otherworldly love from his realm and right into you, and all what you do.

This is a very transcendental energy of Love as well which is my favorite ‘version’ of all the Love energies. The mystical, the transcendental, the Otherworldly, all are words I fully reserve to Pegasus :) :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Allow his wings to surround you and fly into his space and into his realms.

As his hoof extends into Space and his body is bouncing to fly, he is able to bring you into a journey of the astral and energetic world of your choice. Surrounding you with his wings into a space of a deep connection.

I use Pegasus in so many ways when it comes to NFTs, but one thing I like to do most with him is to:

’fly me into the portal of the energetic realm of a specific NFT’

Pegasus creates the most mystical of portals between you and the NFT.

In the Guide to using Multiple NFTs I also spoke about creating these portals and energetic spaces between the NFT and you-- While this portal for me is created by all NFTs combined (including non-servitor ones), I always use Pegasus for it.

Pegasus helps with being totally encapsulated in this portal as well, as he draws his mystical vibes into it, there is some ‘color’ added to it with his existence. :)

Pegasus also shares this feature with Dragon of Wealth in using your own abilities to psychically receive information and have it tailored for you, while both are the same in words, the way Pegasus makes this happen is through a deeper understanding, making you encompassed into this information. Dragon of Wealth would make you more ‘alert’ and fills more of your mental spaces with this information and its understanding.

By the way, Pegasus has an ability to ‘make everything right’ in your physical body, healing on mental and spiritual levels. and it also goes for all Life situations just as well.

  1. The Declaration NFT.

Lady Liberty and the consciousness of Freedom :)

I will keep saying it but give this incredible servitor some love! and some rounds of applause! :clap:

This is a very futuristic creation-- I would like to quote an impression from the thread here :)

Be sure to allow yourself to be inspired with her Torch of Enlightenment as you embody more of the Eagle Spirit, and as she guides you into the skills you want to acquire to live through your best self. :blue_heart:

So what’s one superpower to this Lady here?

Lady Liberty

She has an exceptional ability to become your bridge of the 5D and into the 3D-- and in other words, she has the ability to bring your future and your best one into everything you can understand.

Being a futuristic NFT, she has the power to give you an eye into the future, and helps you create it in your present–through being connected to your future.

She boosts your creativity to match it with your skills and the effort you put into it-- but one that has no large weight really. Is it because of her future link or because of her opening up the ways and specially the mental ones?

This is for you to find out.

One way I like to use her is through communicating with beings of higher dimensions, like Arc Light for example or Extraterrestrial beings in general. Also, being a pool of knowledge that is connected to this Earth with perhaps some more specific place and ‘extended’ but specific time, She has the most knowledge of people. humans. the general consensus of human beings and their communication, their skills, etc.

Tip: you can also use her torch of enlightenment to help expand your mind with other NFTs.

  1. The Scorpion

the Mythical Creature sits on the bright stone, rich in history and appeal, as it stares with its cunning look into your eyes. A scene that instantly portrays the cunning power of this creature and what it can do.

The Scorpion

The Scorpion has interesting stories in Mythology, it is said that Libra created his claws, and his rest of his body is in the sky, which is why he has his claws spread out.


“Scorpio. This sign is divided into two parts on account of the great spread of the claws. One part of it our writers have called the Balance (Libra). But the whole was put in the sky, its is said, for the following reason : Orion, since he used to hunt, and felt confident that he was most skilled of all in that pursuit, said even to Diana [Artemis] and Latona [Leto] that he was able to kill anything the earth produced. Tellus (Earth) [Gaia], angered at this, sent the Scorpion which is said to have killed him. Jove [Zeus], however, admiring the courage of both, put the Scorpion among the stars, as a lesson to men not to be too self-confident. Diana [Artemis], then, because of her affection for Orion, asked Jove to show to her request the same favour he had given of his own accord to Tellus [Gaia]. And so the constellation was established in such a way that when Scorpion rises, Orion sets.”

Together with the bright Amber, the Scorpion impersonates the cunning wit of himself, as well as your own.

This is a feature you can use in the scorpion actually, in which your own cunning abilities are also brought to a certain level that brings more understanding of your own.

and from there, to your NFTs.

The deep intuitive knowledge of the Scorpion is also something you can use for yourself-- Then you can take a look at his claws, they must be able to do something, perhaps?

Amber stones comes with a lot of vivid qualities, and specially to the mental space. the stone comes with many mythical stories and properties, but it is more known to carry the soul of the courage, and its solar attributes.

More on Amber:

Amber is an exceptional tool for soaking up heavy moods and bad vibes. It cleans your emotional house by sweeping out negative energy and replacing it with positivity, a sense of empowerment, and a balanced and flexible attitude too. Empowerment is essential to our daily wellbeing as this relates to everything from our sense of self-worth in the world and how we engage with the energy of others around us.

  1. The Hearth heater

Yes! This one is a beautiful servitor!

This is a pretty intricate NFT actually, and one that I have found to have a heart of gold. She is also very communicative and loves to understand what she wants to do with you. (this is my personal impression of course)

In my work with this beautiful Hearth heater, I have seen her communicating with people really well. The difference between her and Lady Liberty in their ‘people aspect’ is that she has a specific intelligence, but one that comes from being a golden open heart with a capacity to understand, making her changes accordingly based on matters of the heart and mind connected. While Declaration Lady has a smart ‘airy’ mind to her as she picks up on their mind and acts on a base of knowledge. (it’s like she links their mind to what she knows, and builds up on it.)

The Hearth Heater

Inspired by the artwork, I started working with this NFT to make me a ‘vessel’ of what I wish to become, have, or work on. then I extended this to other NFTs as well, they all do it differently, but this is one of her specialties.

She also has a great networking ability, which means you can also use it with something like Ayur; in which she is able to ‘network’ with the beings and/or information there and specially those of similar nature to her and her base knowledge. :slight_smile:

Of course, the obvious here would be to cleanse your space with her, allow her to perhaps gain more information on a specific energy you need for communication with Higher beings, and generally to have your inner environment ‘feng-shui’d’.

She is one of my favorites actually, and if you’re reading this and you have her, you’re pretty lucky yourself!

I believe she also has a lot of protection abilities independent of the Pixiu pair she has, of course also more tailored to environmental protection, but also in general.

  1. Working with The Oligarch and The Traders

So… these 2 creations are what I have been referring to as ‘tool-like nfts’. Meaning, they are not a servitor in the way that we know and understand, nor they are ‘only’ their pool of consciousness like Pure Influence, Beacon of Knowledge, and Ayur (in this order) But they are also their own very unique creation, in the sense, they’re similar to how both function, they carry a smart interactive base that is similar to a servitor, but also with the consciousness of the product that always accompanies it.

These you can use in any way you wish really, you can interact with it like you were to do with a servitor, you can look at the man and truly see something seeing through you, and starring back at you.

Or you can also interact with the consciousness of the field itself, and the ‘servitor’ with the knowledge will take care of things.
(to be highlighted in the end of the thread)

You might just have more access to specific impressions either if you’re open to all communication in general (in receiving them) or if you address it like a servitor, since the servitor will naturally carry his own pool anyway.

This also applies to any product we will see with a similar nature, I’m choosing to address these two specifically because it seems like they are the only ones of this nature so far.

  1. . Working with other NFTs

I will start by the most important understanding that I wish everyone to see in all of this.

If there is one thing you want to take from this thread, it would be:

Always understand, address, and access the consciousness of the field, no matter which form of creation it comes in

This means, it does not matter as much whether the NFT is a servitor, a mandala, an audio, or anything-- Access the consciousness of the field itself – This is how you build communication, and this is how you get to the very core and interactive part of the field.

This applies for audio fields just as well btw, non-nfts. and personally, I use this with any Sapien Medicine product. This is where all my communication goes to… and it spices things up when the consciousness has a crystal or a servitor tailored to it. But these are just my ‘extras’.

It’s always the consciousness of the field, this is where things happen.

And yes-- it expands to all other parts of the field as well.

So … This is what you wanna use most really…

Take a very alive consciousness like the one in Ayur for example, who is to say you can’t talk to him like your friend?

The difference in here is that when you do… you are addressing a very precise whole, but also a very expanded one.

Likewise goes for the Beacon of Knowledge and Pure Influence, and while Blueprint of Artistry is something of its own, I also like to apply the same principles to it.

So you want to apply this part to all your NFTs, If you want something, just ask. Chances are the energies you are addressing will start to have an immediate effect on you.

The only difference I have found really is having this consciousness carried into a being makes the ‘anchored communication’ a little bit different. but it seems to be more of an impression of mind and human association more than a ‘reality’.

But, that’s about it really. NFTs are pretty understanding in their communication actually and they will all be welcoming this kind of active communication.

(of course, be sure to know your servitors can do this communication with you which is what the thread is mostly about)

  1. The Tarot Card People :)

In honor of the incredible new release we have, the Corpus Spiritus Tarot Deck, it waves a hand to mention these ladies and gentlemen in the tarot world, and sometimes a flowing water and a hand pouring into a cup. :slight_smile:

the Lady of Nine of Pentacles has reassured me in more than one time that all is well, that all is had, all is enjoyed, and all is planned.

The Wise Old Man has poured his knowledge and reassurance with his eyes every time I looked at him, his eyes are full with mastery of solutions. He alchemizes my heart with his gaze.

The Lady on the Star tarot has poured hope and grown my faith out from her lake into my mind, and into my perspectives, as I look back at her and find she had poured all of them into my heart.

And the hands on the Ace of cups, the flowing water, and the cup, they have all presented themselves to me wanting me to hand my heart out to them, and before I knew it, I had given it to them.

This is all to say how much every element of these portraits is very alive, and while yeah you can carry it around, or not, and still reap the benefits, the aliveness in these ones lets you immerse yourself in a never ending awe.

So, enjoy this. :)

  1. Astral portal


It sounds like it might be a known observation or a conclusion to draw, but having the Astral Portal allows you to stay more connected to the energetic information exchanged between you and your NFT.

You can look at it in the same way Rainbow Bird brings your communication with NFT wherein the physical presence is more ‘sheer’ and transparent. and since the best out of this happens on the bridge between the energetic and physical, and because we are already in the physical, the energetic aspect is easily reached when you have something to directly connect you to it.

  1. Bringing it all in! – Mix and Match :slight_smile:

So, you have a few nfts, some are higher beings, some are servitors, some are tools and pools, how would you use all of them together?

This is a question with no one answer, as it doesn’t have a one-size fits all approach, but this is more for you to wonder… Do you think you can’t ask Ayur to help you understand more of Pure influence? Just call on Maha Saraswati :)-- Or you can’t use your Beacon of Knowledge to help you understand what your servitor is saying? Then you also can’t use the servitor to create a link between you and your portal, or better yet, let you dive all the way into it.


think again. :slight_smile:

Then also, who is to say you can’t charge some water with Ayur? Maybe the consciousness can? Maybe the servitor is able to make you a blend and pump it all up in your water? then maybe some more blessings await inside.

Water really keeps you close to your NFTs, and while all of them alike, with their distinctive differences, but specially the gods and goddesses. as it allows you to absorb more of their essence, and as your reaching out to them becomes a ‘blueprint’ that your body knows.

And what about making a water blend? where each god and goddess charge your water up with specific energies of their choice?

Who is to say any other Nft can’t?

Not even with the help of a servitor?

(be careful and don’t cram them up too much tho :D)

I hope this read is informational to you and sparks the seeds of interest into you exploring and experiencing more with your NFTs, and as always, please be inspired to add more, as this is our personal journeys that we have all been lucky to explore and hopefully, truly enjoy.


Reserved just for a minute. :D


This was so helpful, Desiree! Thank You! :point_up_2: :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:


Isn’t Blueprint of Learning a servitor?
Or is it a deity
Or it both


Also omg
Skull!!! Skull is also a servitor :skull:

Ignis Flos = not a servitor
Fire Bird = servitor!


I’d say that Chiron is both: servitor and a Deity


This is a servitor?


I thought it was, but I may very well be wrong

We can ask
@UgniS sir if he happens to know :face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


haha i knew i should add one section just for the blueprints!!

yes he is a servitor and a deity

but i don’t want to give it the official description as that, but in a sense of communication and such yes it’s a servitor and a deity.
This is also similar to the General of the Legends which what I was planning to talk about in the Reserved post!
That, and Arc Light!


So it’s a servitor (for the blueprint part) in conjunction to Chiron (deity part)?


nooooo Ignis Flos is not a servitor.

It is the consciousness of the Fire Flower, Slavic mythology :slight_smile:
and it keeps growing with you. :)

@Violet since it’s the actively growing consciousness I believe it also has the combination of all mythology where it’s mentioned, like Baltic, Estonian, and probably everywhere else where it originates.

And with some added captain’s touch :)


Good (& thank you) because i’ve always wanted to ask
What comes first:
To love, to live, to learn, or power?
Based off of that, I’d make my stack lol

But I’m also weird though because I like the orchestra pieces together, and the bansuris on their own.
But then again since Major So like six months
I’ve listen to it as
Blueprint minor
Blueprint major

And then i’d add a month later exalted states

And then two months later the zircon x quasi prior to the Blueprint series.

But now. After Learning and Love, Now Idk.

And then immutable happiness. And gong. But those aren’t blueprints but still

It got so overwhelming that I’ve just stopped listening to any and just went back to Blueprint Series x Exalted (with zircon x quasi prior) lol

But if I have the focus I try to do conceptual first before all of those (advise given from one of The Elders)

I went off topic, but still

Wait and also Elemental Alchemical Ability feels so relevant to Blueprint of Life so I always believe it should go somewhere in there since we are made up of elements.
But of course, that too I’ve stopped listening to bc
Idk where it goes lol


Yes, the passive and active parts of it make it so. His help and teachings, as well as passive benefits is a servitor, its existence in mythology and its power is a deity. Synergy


@inf1nity explained perfectly ;)


To live and looooooove :D

Blueprint of Love before all my fields haha … builds an incredible base of power actually like the blueprint (minor, and major) but very differently of course… but it builds a nice base of being able to receive the information from all fields.

also remember it has Alchemy of Love so that too alchemizes your body for being in a state to receive, and helps remove any negative thoughts or emotions that might otheriwise stand in the way!


what a wait haha how could you do it? :D !

I find different results really to all combinations,

But I love adding Alchemical Zicron before anything… it’s one of my favorite fields! and it helps me be connected to fields much more, a lot of times I’m just playing my fields in the background,

With Alchemical Zicron I’m always much more in tune with the fields, without doing anything… and the field just ‘sinks in’.

I love this one so much actually :)

It’s like the fields played after instantly know what is the most thing they shall work on, and it’s instantly received by these parts as well.

So that’s why I’d play it before any of that, then the rest is honestly always up to you :smiley:

but because also minor blueprint grounds me and helps spread out fields better for me (side effect lol)

I would do:

Minor blueprint of power
Alchemical Zicron
Blueprint of Love
Major blueprint
Blueprint of Learning 2x (for the portal aspect of it too)
Blueprint of life
Rest of Blueprint of Learning

edit: the playlist have grown much with your edits! :D @Violet


Thank you Prem!! :orange_heart: :orange_heart:


Wait I just realized IgnisFlos & FireBird are two separate ones lol
So is firebird a servitor? I would think so, but I’m not sure
(Asking bc I have to edit that post so i dont spread fake news)



Yes a servitor :smiley:

Then also one that comes with a lot of abilities, something divine and of healing and of inspiring a royal and great success :slight_smile: also knowledge is an important part of it, and in general to the mythical fire bird!


Taa daa @anon72745073

Firebird is so pretty :open_mouth:
I want to hug her
She looks huggable.
Merci beaucoup