The Achiyalabopa - Rainbow Guide (Sapien Medicine Group Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Descriptions (from the words of the creator himself)

The legendary Achiyalabopa created to help guide the owner towards achieving another legend, the rainbow body.
It is built with the energy of the process of achieving the rainbow body and the intelligences along with connections to the masters who have achieved it.
You will be led in your earnest attempts, by this guide through the roads and pathways towards becoming something more and far more universal than human existence.
An intelligence and guide built with the collective information of the history and knowledge of the the rainbow body.
A rare and highly sought after path towards an enlightenment that transforms you into a being of light.

and well a lot more lol

Thank you so much @Dreamweaver for the legendary gift you granted us.


Turned out beautifully :heart_eyes:

Thank you @Peace @Dreamweaver and everyone else involved!


Such an immense blessing.

Thank you to @Peace and @Dreamweaver!

I can feel the presence of the Masters distinctly already…

:innocent: :person_in_lotus_position:


A truly beautiful and magnificent work! What a wonderful idea and spiritual blessing. Congratulations to your group. :slight_smile: It’s awesome.


Whaatttt :pleading_face:

Congratulations to all the owners! This is so cool!!



The first few minutes after seeing the picture, I felt this soft and smooth yet strong energy permeating all of body… Outside in… Inside out
I perceived the energy like clear greyish a bit dense substance…
Look like this but a little bit more greyish
images (9)
It’s very calming and quieting.

At midnight, I tried to sleep, but just found myself lying in bed feeling fresh and awake… It took more than an hour to finally fall asleep… Usually it takes less than 2 minutes to fall asleep :joy:
Woke up fresh after just 3 hours of sleep.
As usual, I am very sensitive to cold weather. This morning I woke up at 4 a.m. feeling cold… Then, I just told the bird I feel cold… I was hoping the bird to blast me with a heat wave lol… Nope no heat at all.
But instead, the cold I felt slowly faded away and replaced with the clear greyish substance feeling again.

By now, I still feel this pool of clear greyish energy permeating my body… But this time it seems less dense and less greyish…
I feel like this pool of energy always try to pull my attention to my body where it feels strong…
Suddenly I realized how my perception of my body has changed… I used to can feel my skin, muscles, bones with clear distinction… But now I just feel a homogeneous clear greyish a bit dense substance. I tried to feel my body like I use to… But, for some reason, it’s very hard…all I feel is this homogeneous substance. Then, instinctively, I know what I can use it for … Seems like I need to perceive my body in a new way… Perceive the body as clear greyish light… Just like I perceived the energy.

Sometimes the energy becomes less dense and less greyish… Other times, it’s back to more dense and more greyish…

I hope this short subjective experience of mine is informative for you. I won’t share further… It’s just something that each person has to experience for him/herself.
P. S. When I said my perception of my body has changed (caused by the field), it’s just the perception that’s changed, not the actual body changed.


Congratulations on this project, folks! The design is so colorful and beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Amazing @Dreamweaver!


@pranic_climber @Peace

Does this mean you have to meditate with this NFT to work towards this rainbow body? or does this work on you as you go about your day?


We need to do our part (well the owner has to got the intention to achieve it)… The bird will do its part automatically.


Quite a field hope it takes all its owners far !
here’s a pretty informative article about the rainbow body ( well at least seems informative )

" is the persistent cutting through the psychic karmic debris that obscures the primordial awareness within all of us; resistance, resentment, arrogance, pride, vanity, discursive thoughts of judgment and disapproval, delusion, jealousy, and hatred. "
" their common motivation is a profound commitment to the freedom and happiness of all beings. Any merit gained by the dissolution of karma is dedicated to the benefit of the “other” rather than the self. "
" “Miraculous” activities, such as passing through walls, leaving foot and handprints in stone, reviving the dead, and appearing in multiple locations at the same moment, are considered mere “by-products” of accomplishment; they are not the point, only signs along the way. "


The moment I got the bird I felt a really really really delightful energy around me. But similar to what others have been reported, I have felt the presence of the bird ever since I got to see the sneak preview that Captain showed us. She’s been alive since then.
I have noticed now that I got the bird, I’m breathing slower and slower now, deep inhale and exhale, with each breath, my whole body is vibrating nicely. The vibration is similar to when I meditate with the OM mantra in mind, but it’s a lot more refined. She’s guiding me with the technique towards the rainbow body from now on I believe.
My mind is also being very calm and at peace. I have to admit, with these project NFTs going on, I’ve been chasing and being obsessive with them for quite a long time. Not very healthy! But now I don’t feel like I need as many, maybe just a few that I really like. And I love her a lot, like an old friend of mine.
More cool things to say in the upcoming days!
Shout out to @Peace for your brilliant idea and the effort you put into this.
Thank you @Dreamweaver for granting us this invaluable gift!


Totally agree with you. My mind feels very empty and at peace. Similar to Exalted States, but even stronger.

I have also noticed deeper breathing and an increase in energy sensitivity :slight_smile:

Seems to put the user in an immediate state of bliss

What a lovely gift this is, a true treasure :relaxed:


Here is also a good page about the rainbow body :slight_smile:


I hope below gives you more concrete examples.

The field (doind it’s job) creates strong energy on my body to pull my attention to my body…
My job is to put my awareness to my body…
If the field is doing its job, but instead of directing my awareness to it, and just busy with other stuffs… Then I am not making effort to walk the path it is trying to lead me.


For those who have major BoP… Try it with Achiyalabopa… Wow… New experience for me…


Do you mean with rainbow the being or turning your physical body into light?

It takes a lot effort to archieve rainbow body, i don’t think it will happen from alone.


Still enjoying so much peace with the bird since yesterday. I printed out a little image to stick in my wallet. Feeling much more in the present moment, less time on my phone/ more with the people I love. Mindfulness :arrow_up: 🧘‍♂

My wants have greatly decreased and I am feeling much more grateful for what I have in my life


That’s a good question for the NFT owners. :thinking:




After what I experienced today, it feels more than an old friend to me… :blush:… After that, it reminded me in one of your chat with me you said
“I’ll keep 1 for myself. That one’s not going anywhere”

As we engage more and more with it, seems like there are more cool stuffs to be discovered.