Ayur (South Asian Community Project) NFT: Testimonials

Close your eyes and imagine being in the presence of a gigantic consciousness with the accumulated knowledge of all the Gods, Goddesses, Siddhas, Yogis, Saints, Gurus and many others from Ancient South Asia. As you stare in awe of this magificient energy, it grants you the access to not only gain the knowledge of these divine entities, but also receive their pure energy as well. Do you need healing? Maybe you require divine protection? Have the thirst of expanding your knowledge? This consciousness has an infinite possibility, so you literally can have anything you will need, want, AND desire in your life.

Note: This consciousness is extremely powerful and large, the knowledge it possesses could give you lifetimes worth of knowledge. Ayur is one which requires commitment, dedication and a desire to be consistent in understanding how to use it to the best of your abilities.



My face whenever i see a new NFT description^

Mannn i hope you guys got a lot of copies! Haha, knowledge is priceless… I’d love to one day get a hold of this one, to me, this one is an instant must have! That being said… Congratulations to those who’ve been blessed with it!!! May you learn everything you need to know and loads more :)

Theres no “doing” with out some “knowing”!




That sounds absolutely awesome!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


I had been having disturbed sleep even when Ayur was ready but not released.
Now, i have been asking help during healing sessions, to make them more effective, and I feel a strong inner knowing that everything will turn out fine .
So blessed to have this in my life.


This is so powerful, as soon as bought it, and in just 2 mins a different rush of energy through my body/mind…Till now ‘Ask it is given’ type experience. I am trying it in many varied ways right now… experimenting is on :+1: :mechanical_arm:
unleash the benefits


Looks amazing !
It looks like you guys put a lot of time and dedication into this wow !

Proud of all of you and @Dreamweaver you guys have truly out done your selves :pray:t4::rose::nazar_amulet:


I wrote this in the group chat, but l’m extremely grateful and proud of our group!! Everyone was working hard, many great ideas, and we had a big dream (without revealing anything, Ayur wasn’t our original plan) but Captain graciously worked with us to create the marvelous result that we presented!!


Ah! This is amazing. I wish I had this NFT. :clap: :clap:


My initial impressions of our dear Ayur is that it has an extremely high vibrational energy. OK, I know, that’s vague, but it’s still early in our relationship. I can only look at the image for a couple of minutes before I’m overwhelmed with energy. As others have said, I believe intention setting is essential with Ayur and the more defined the better. I haven’t felt this kind of energy tsunami with any other audio or NFT that I’ve used.
The initial physiological reaction has been similar to a detox reaction. I didn’t set my intention the first two times I used it, so this is probably why.
We have an extremely powerful NFT here. I’m already convinced. I’ll give updates going forward and I’m interested to hear about your personal experiences as well.


My initial experiences -

When Ayur was first released, I felt pretty overwhelmed and had to go take a nap. The energy was and is pretty strong.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to work better with this energy. Ayur is not a servitor but a vast collection of intelligent consciousness. As others have noted, having an intention helps and will work better. I’ve been combining Ayur with my Faravahar with my physical healing and it’s been working pretty well. I feel that Faravahar is able to manage the Ayur energy and not let it overwhelm me.

Will keep experimenting.


Has anyone noticed a feeling of total satisfaction after working with Ayur? It’s not something I asked for, more like an unintended “side effect”. I put that in quotes because it’s not minor. It’s an Effect with a big E.

So, I had been feeling a little put out because I was not active on the forum when the Captain started creating these awesome NFTs, then missed a few key ones (MBoP) because they sold out within seconds. Since the start of my relationship with Ayur, my desire for any other NFT has decreased to the point where now when I go onto Crypto or Venly, I find myself completely disinterested. I don’t need anything else.

This is different from being able to have anything you need, want, AND desire. But the result is similar:



me too!! l have since stopped messaging people asking to trade NFT’s with me, and l’m feeling content with the few that l have


:joy::rofl: idk why but this is funny


Can see OM image in the centre


Actually yes. A feeling of contentment


No, but I just played The Essence of Mantras together with it and

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Don’t forget the yagnas


Link please?

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